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  1. Happy Birthday, Matthew C. Clark!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Matt! You're one of a kind!
  2. Happy Birthday, Muzza!!!!

    Happy Birthday Muzza! Come back and visit real soon. We want you here. And bring Kiwi with you.

    Happy Birthday to the classy lady with a heart of gold.
  4. Little Struggles!

    Thank goodness, God found the depressives worthy enough to be granted one of His/Her greatest gifts: A sense of humor. A God given survival mechanism.
  5. Happy Birthday Hossy!

    Happy Birthday Hossy! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead. Thanks for sharing your incredible talent and warm personality.
  6. Happy Birthday, Raspathens!

    Happy Birthday!!! Wisdom + Common Sense = Raspathens
  7. Happy Birthday LobsterLvr (Dave)

    Happy Birthday! Hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are.
  8. Please keep Mary Ellen's husband Wayne in your thoughts and prayers as he undergoes surgery.
  9. Happy Birthday Paperdoll!

    Cheryl, Wishing you a Happy Birthday and a wonderful year ahead!
  10. Anxiety/Depression Disorder

    Hey Ira, I'm in that club myself! But we have good company. Think of all of the artistic geniuses that came before us! I wish they could have had SSRIs, maybe they could have stuck around a little longer. Maybe not Robin Williams but Van Gogh maybe? They didn't have anti-depressants, yet they found the energy to get up and create art! What inspirations! Brian Wilson included!
  11. **HAPPY BIRTHDAY** To Foolin Myself!

    Happy Happy Birthday Foolin Myself!!!

    I just found this!
  13. Grammys, run-down please..

    I'd like to see Kanye West pull a stunt like that, storming the stage, and trying to pull an award out of Eminem's hands. The Detroit boy would knock him on his butt.
  14. Happy 20th Anniversary to Kiwi & Muzza!

    Happy Anniversary and many more!!! I'm repeating others, but you are a heart-warming inspiration and a testament to the power of love.
  15. Happy Birthday Kelly McB!

    Happy Birthday Kelly! Wishing you love, music, health, and happiness! You are ALWAYS welcomed here at EC.com. We squabble a bit like any family but never let it discourage you from saying "I'm back!" We will welcome you back with hugs and love!
  16. Happy Birthday, Birdy!

    Thank you Pretender, Tammy, Marlene, Mary Ellen, Cheryl, Teresa, Terri, Nancy, Blackhawkpat, Ira, and Anne!!!!! Susie, Thank you so much! Do you think . . . maybe . . . when thanking me for finding those pesky little typos . . . you could call me Gabrielle and sign it with Xena?

    Happy Birthday Teresa! You are a courageous and wonderful woman! Don't let the dog stand by the fireplace and don't feed him (her?) any beans. 55 on the 5th. Sounds like a winning lottery number! 555 Think I'll play it.
  18. Chat Room

    It's gonna be a helluva party!
  19. Chat Room

    I tried to go in the Chat room tonight and it didn't work! What's with that?

    Let us pray for a peaceful solution in Larisa's homeland of Ukraine and for good health for her and her Dad. (Please refrain from political comments. This is a prayer chain. Thank you.)
  21. What Art Do You Like?

    Thanks Susie. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about artists I don't know. Like many, I enjoy the light in Impressionism, Grant Wood, and Van Gogh's Starry Night. Love Matisse's colors, Seurat's pointillism, and John Sloan of the Ashcan School in NYC. Also enjoy, Hooper who was a friend of Burchfield's. I could go on and on.
  22. What song was #1 when you were born?

    "Hey Paula" by Paul and Paula. Not crazy about the song but my boyfriend's name is Paul.

    Happy Birthday, Mary Ellen! You are a ray of sunshine and an inspiration to me.
  24. Hooked On Dr. Hook

    When You're In Love with a Beautiful Woman!
  25. Hooked On Dr. Hook

    Yes, Ira, I did my homework. I love Sharing the Night Together and Only 16 and remember them both fondly from my childhood. I didn't know they were Dr Hook songs! And thank God, Dennis didn't end up in the Tragic Rockers list.