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  1. Happy 21st Anniversary, Kiwi and Muzza!!!

    True, Kiwi and Muzza don't visit our site often enough. But their love is legendary here. How fitting on a site celebrating the love songs of EC! Happy Anniversary!
  2. Hello from Estonia

    Hi Katriina. I'm not a musician but I love music and musicians; love to hear about other parts of this small world we inhabit. So happy you found us.
  3. Happy Birthday Birdy!!!

    Thank you to my EC family: Susie, Tammy, Nancy, Cayenne, Cindy, James, Pretender, Terri, Sue, Anne, and Kirk!!! And to anyone who missed it (like I missed Anne's). Don't worry about it. I still love you.
  4. Happy Birthday Teresa1960

    I miss you and hope you're doing great. Happy Birthday Teresa!!!
  5. Happy Birthday Mary Ellen

    Happy Birthday to one of my favorite gals!!!
  6. Happy Birthday GirlFan!!

    Happy Birthday Tammy!!!
  7. Happy Birthday Raspbernie!!!!!!!!!

    You're one of a kind Bernie! Hope your birthday is too!
  8. Happy Birthday to the three of you!!! Sousa, what a sweetheart you are! That sounds like a wonderful day. Did you like the movie?
  9. Happy Birthday Redd

    So sorry I missed your special day! Happy Belated Birthday dear Gina! And while I'm at it: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
  10. Greetings from Western New York

    Welcome abroad to EC.com. Loved checking out the pics of your island.
  11. Happy Birthday to me! :)

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday and Merry Christmas!!!
  12. Happy Birthday, LC!!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday and Merry Christmas!!!
  13. P FSloan

    Wow, what a powerful song and video. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Happy Birthday, CAcater!!!!

    A grandmother!!! Congrats and a very happy birthday!!!
  15. Happy Birthday Elizabeth4C

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday.
  16. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Happy Birthday Eric! It's wonderful to know you are healthy, happy, and in love. All the best. birdy
  17. Elizabeth4C

    Welcome and glad you found us.
  18. Happy Birthday Sweet Kiwi!

    Happy Belated Birthday Kiwi!
  19. Happy Birthday blackhawkpat!!

    Hope your birthday was as wonderful as you are.

    Sorry I'm late. Happy Birthday Ira!
  21. Happy Birthday Cynthiaalma!

    Better late than never, huh? Happy Birthday and thanks for helping to make EC.com a special place.

    Happy Birthday to the guy who has the best musical tastes on EC.com. How was Morrissey?
  23. Happy Birthday AnneNR!!

    Anne, Thank you so much for caring and being a true friend. So happy to hear you had a great birthday and that you guys got to hang with your fellow pirates. I am no longer locked out of EC.com! Try to get rid of me, HA.
  24. Hi

    Hope your birthday was a blast and welcome to the club!
  25. Happy Birthday Sid!!

    Happy Birthday Sid!!! Real men rock pink!