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  1. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Have a safe and joyous birthday Maestro, and many more! Dr. M
  2. Eric Carmen on Family Guy

    Thank you for the clip Raspbernie. Three cheers for a team effort!!! Dr M
  3. EC Mentioned on Family Guy

    As Homer Simpson would say, DOH!!! You're absolutely right. It was the Family Guy. Actually, I like both shows. Thanks for the correction Ladies. Dr M
  4. EC Mentioned on Family Guy

    I don't know if there are any Simpsons fans out there, but it's one of my guilty pleasures. In any case, on Sunday's episode, baby Stewie made a confession to his teddy bear that he lied about writing a song for him. It was actually an Eric Carmen song! He didn't mention which song it was. Dr M
  5. I posted a review for The Best of Eric Carmen on Amazon.com as well. My intent was to let potential buyers know that while The Best is great, it is better when played in addition to the new Essential release. Dr. M
  6. This is the review I wrote for The Essential Eric Carmen on Amazon.com. I have also written a review for the Raspberries Greatest Hits on Amazon.com as well if you care to read it. There is a laundry list of reasons to purchase The Essential Eric Carmen. The 2-CD set features many of Eric's hits from throughout his career beginning with his early Cyrus Erie days, to the horribly underrated Raspberries, to his fabulous solo artist days to his long awaited comeback. Go All the Way, Boats Against the Current, Change of Heart and Tonight Your Mine are just a few of my favorites. The second reason is that the songs have been beautifully re-mastered. Eric's vocals are sharper and the music is cleaner than on previous productions. This is certainly through no fault of the artist. But you can now hear the full beauty of the music that was there all along. The third reason to purchase the set are the liner notes Eric provided for each of the 30 songs, which range from rock to ballads, providing insight into what he was thinking when he wrote them or how he wanted them to sound. There are also comments from other artists who were (and are) fans including Bruce Springsteen, Paul Stanley (KISS), Slash, Courtney Love and others. There are photos of memorabilia such as concert tickets, song lyrics, and album covers. Finally there is an anthology of color and black and white photos of Eric throughout his career featuring a cover from his first solo album, concert photos, and a candid photo of him recording his enchanting NEW song, A Brand New Year. A Brand New Year alone is enough of a reason for lovers of quality music to purchase this CD set. It's a beautiful story of overcoming adversity and looking forward to...what else...A Brand New Year! Eric interprets the adversity at the beginning of the song with intentional hoarseness followed with a soaring falsetto as he looks forward to better times. His voice is as strong and commanding as ever. Eric's range as an artist is well displayed on The Essential Eric Carmen and I highly recommend adding it to your music collection. Dr M
  7. What Would You Do?

    I don't generally meditate in the typical sense with chimes, chanting, incense or things of that nature. Of course those strategies are great if you like them. I just like time to think, watch shadows on the wall, watch my cat take a bath, look at an old black and white movies or catch up on animated shows like the Simpsons! Cayenne after Feb, you'll be able "bust into dance" with Footloose whenever you like! I'm happy for you. Dr M
  8. What Would You Do?

    Hello ec community, I have a number of years to go before retirement. While I find my work ultimately rewarding, I would gladly forego the frequent meetings, time consuming reports and office politics. In my conversations with others and reading the posts here I find that these are fairly common feelings that span careers and cross geographical boundaries. I work full-time in health and am part-time university faculty as well. Were my time my own, I envision continuing to teach on an adjunct basis and becoming more involved with community development and children's health efforts on a more intimate level. I would also spend more time meditating late into the night and again in the dawn. These quiet times are so peaceful I find that I can think more clearly. But according to R. Burns (1786), The best laid schemes of mice and men... In any case, heartiest congratulations to Ira, Cayennegirl and other ec members who may soon be entering this next phase of life. ENJOY! Dr M
  9. Got Milk? ads

    Congrats Bernie on an extremely effective campaign! Dr. M
  10. By the way, I forgot to mention that I am in full agreement with Eric regarding Whitney Houston. She was one of the very few musically talented and physically beautiful performers that didn't need auto tuning, gimmicky makeup, 20 dancers on stage or a full choir in the background to sell herself. I don't speak to her character in any way, simply the loss of a rare and genuine talent. I feel the same way about the recent death of actor Philip Hoffman. He was a wonderful actor, but the curtain has closed. So many young people seem to 'make it big' in show business and quickly loose their direction. Very sad. Dr. M
  11. Hello, My brother had a similar experience to Eric's when he spent time in Germany. He adores classical music and spent quite a bit of time at the opera. He was impressed that people of all ages attended. There would be a mature couple in formal wear sitting in front of a young person with jeans. He would go to exercise and again there was a good mix of people from different ages. At the time he was in great shape thanks to walking and jogging. He related a story of how he was speed walking at full pace and feeling quite good about his progress. A mature, grandmotherly-type woman passed him by without even breathing hard! He stopped in his tracks and applauded her. She responded by turning towards him, smiling and bowing before continuing her walk. Eric mentioned that there is a recording of his first concert in Japan. I'd love to see it if possible. Bernie do you know the where about of said recording? Dr. M
  12. Tiggsherby, I was also perplexed that I'm Through with Love was omitted. I realize that all Eric's songs couldn't be on the release. It's just such a beautiful song and difficult to find on previous releases. I'm also curious as to why Eric doesn't smile a lot in his photos. Has anyone ever read an interview where this was addressed? Perhaps its just an image thing - trying to look serious so his music would be taken seriously. Dr. M

    A very happy and safe New Year's to all! Dr. M
  14. "Brand New Year" Free Download

    Eric, I understood the meaning of your new song when I first heard it. However, thanks so much for the insight behind your creative process. It is somewhat in the mode of Johnny Nash's I Can See Clearly Now. We all experience those dark clouds at some point in our lives. But it is cathartic and an important part of the healing process to remind ourselves that if we patiently endure the painful times, better times will come. My best to all, Dr. M
  15. "Brand New Year" Free Download

    Hello Eric, Thank you so much for this wonderful gift! I had to listen to the download a half dozen times before commenting on it. It begins with a bit of a melancholy tone, yet perfectly matches the lyrics. It quickly becomes so warm with the beautiful refrain. The song is full-bodied and the harmonizing literally rings in my ears. You sound 24 again in the bridge. The last few seconds round out the song and leaves me feeling like I've enjoyed a complete and balanced musical experience. The song isn't overproduced which works in your favor. Even with simple lyrics and music the message and the feel of the piece is stupendous. I think it takes a significant amount of talent to put so much meaning into a song and make it seem simple and effortless to the public. Simply put, it is just MORE of your BEAUTIFUL music. That shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. That is anyone with taste and an ear for true talent. I hope it won't be another 15 years or even another year before you bring more of your amazing talent to the public. This is a job well done and hopefully will become a standard piece for future New Years' celebrations. Thank you once again. Happy holidays and have a safe and blessed New Year! Dr. M