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  1. Starting Over... A New Album Collection

    1) Boston 2) Boston Don't Look Back 3) Boston Third Stage 4) Boston Walk On 5) Boston Corporate America, Boston Life, Love & Hope, Boston Greatest Hits, Boston (any future album)
  2. My bad. It makes sense now. I never noticed it before until I heard it on The Essentials CD.
  3. For what it's worth, at the end of Overnight Sensation, you can hear a faint intro to Go All The Way. I've heard the same thing, if I remember correctly, on the same song on The Essentials CD. If it was "Mastered Impeccably", why wouldn't that error be removed? I'd be surprised if he used the Capital Records tapes. The LP still sounds pretty good though.
  4. https://fridaymusic.com/product/FMLP291/raspberries-raspberries-greatest-hits-180-gram-audiophile-raspberry-vinyllimited-editiongatefold-cover?cp=80419_81671_104992 Just came across this. Friday Music is taking pre-orders for Raspberries Greatest Hits LP in raspberry colored vinyl. Ships on 7/02/19.
  5. Top Down Summer (2018)

    Anyone notice who played guitar on I Could Really Love You? I smell a Raspberries reunion in the near future! Click on Personnel to the right of the new songs. BTW - They sound great. I always skipped over Top Down Summer from the Winter Dreams album. I just never liked it that much. I really like the new version.
  6. Marathon Man book

    Matthew C. Clark banned from the Eric Carmen.com forum in 4..........3............2............1.........
  7. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    Mine came in the mail today. The return address on the shipping label was some guy with an address in Hillsborough, NC. The packing slip was from 11Spot though. I also received an email a couple of days ago from endicia that an item was shipped. I assumed it must be the Raspberries vinyl but there was no indication of who sent it or what was being shipped. Sheesh! At least we are getting them now. It was packed properly and no seam splits.
  8. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    I know you're not asking me but I ordered mine on 11/29/17 and haven't received it either. I sent an email a couple of days ago and this was the response: We have received your order, but we are waiting on stock to arrive. There was a delay in the manufacturing, and so orders are shipping out later than anticipated. As soon as we have stock here, orders will begin shipping out immediately. Sorry for the wait and inconvenience. Let me know if there is anything I can help with. The email came from 11spot.com customer service. It appears that they are a 3rd party that is handling Omnivore's orders. Hopefully we will get the LP's soon.
  9. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    You will actually get a small piece of paper in the package that will give you a code to get a free digital download of the entire album. No need to pay for the 2 bonus tracks, if purchasing the LP's.
  10. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    Hey Bernie, Is that a participation trophy you gave me? I'm not a Millennial!
  11. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    Omnivore has a half off vinyl sale 11/28/17 - 12/01/17. The Raspberries Pop Art Live LP's is included in that sale. Ask me how I know! I'm going to keep this one sealed. $27.49 + tax & shipping. No excuses. Go get it.
  12. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    Ok Bernie. You successfully guilted me into buying this at my "local" record store. I made a list of record stores near me and started calling this morning. Me - "Did you get any Raspberries Pop Art Live LPs for Record Day?" Them - "No, there wasn't much available for any title this year." Next! Them - "No, sorry." Next! Them - "No." Next! Them - "No." Next! Them - "No." Next! Them - "Yes, we have 2 of them." Next! Wait, what? Success! After a 30 minute drive each way and paying much more than buying it online, I have it! That's right, I'm cool! I saved the record store with some love and money.
  13. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    Thanks Dave. Not very fan friendly on the part of Omnivore, especially after originally offering it up for pre-order. I'm not inclined to actually try and find a record store, let alone find one that will have it. I don't need it that bad.
  14. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    I pre-ordered the Pop Art Live LP's several months ago. I just received an email from SoundStageDirect. Apparently, the record company just notified them that Pop Art Live is not available at this time. They wanted to know if I would like to exchange the title for another, or would I prefer a store credit or refund. Not a good sign. Anybody know what is going on or if it will ever be released?