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  1. Condolences

    As a lifelong dog owner, since age 4, I send my heartfelt condolences on the passing of your beloved family member. I have gone through this more times in my life than I care to remember, and it is never easy. The only consolation is in the knowledge that the suffering for the pet is over. All of our dogs lived out their full lifespans, and died of old age. The last months of that are challenging. Our hearts are with you, Eric and family.
  2. Prayers for Wally

    There are different forms of arthritis. Some are of the degenerative, or "wear and tear" type, while others are autoimmune conditions, such as rheumatoid and psoriatic. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential for a good outcome. A board-certified rheumatologist should be the first line of intervention. Good luck, Wally.
  3. Eric got slammed on this site

    Must be something wrong with my eyes, but I watched the entire video and Eric looks damn good to me. And he has always been extremely intelligent in his interviews.
  4. Is This Dissimilar from Wally’s GATW Claim?

    The opening guitar riff on GATW has always sounded to me just like the opening to Free's "All Right Now", but syncopated differently.
  5. Jackie Deshannon´s...

    I remember reading where Eric said he got the name for "Hey Deanie" from the Natalie Wood character in "Splendor in the Grass".
  6. Returnees

    Hi James. I have missed you. Happy New Year, buddy!
  7. I don't know if this has been discussed previously here, but in my opinion, the selection of songs for the movie's soundtrack was outstanding. It truly was synergistic in making the experience more enjoyable. I was happy it won the Golden Globe.
  8. Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood.

    I really enjoyed it. I think you will too. Spoiler alert: Brad Pitt's character, Cliff Booth, drives a blue Karmann Ghia convertible.
  9. Returnees

    She does have powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal women!
  10. Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood.

    Right you are, Matthew! I don't know what made me write "America". This getting old stuff is for the birds, not the bats! I fixed it. Thank you.
  11. Returnees

    I have absolutely no clue as to what you are referring!
  12. Erics House up for Sale

    Beautiful home. In New York, especially Long Island or certain other areas, it would be listed for $2 million.
  13. Don Imus died today at age 79.
  14. Raspberries 180 Gram Vinyl Review

    A big 10-4 on the Starting Over album having a more refined and balanced sound. Sorry for the CB radio lingo!! LOL!
  15. Raspberries 180 Gram Vinyl Review

    Interestingly, I still have an original (mint condition) 1972 45rpm single of GATW which, when played on my high-end audio system, sounds as good as any CD release! This to me is astounding. Not that the 45 had such great sound, but that the recording has so little dynamics, which were most likely lost in compression. Not being an audio engineer, it is only my guess that the original tapes need to be remixed and remastered using 21st century technology in order to get a really "clean" version, but we must be careful what we ask for...the result may sound significantly different than what our brains remember from 1972 AM radio!!! Newer may not actually sound "better" !!! Remember, this was early 1970's Power-Pop, not Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops!!! Not really audiophile criteria! Shades of RCA Red Seal!!!
  16. Monkee Davy Jones has died

    In the Kirschner interview, he extolled the joys of not needing to split as much profit with the comic-strip Archies as with the human Monkees (oxymoron???), and no heated contract negotiating sessions!! If Archie gave him any lip, Don could just put some "Liquid Paper" over his mouth!!! LOL!! These interviews are easily found on the web. Check it out.
  17. Raspberries 180 Gram Vinyl Review

    I remember buying the Japanese import mini-LP CD of the first album, fantasizing about how those finicky Japanese engineers must have cleaned up the masters. When I played it, however, it sounded no different from my Capitol-issue CD of Raspberries greatest hits. I think this is as good as it will ever be. I agree totally with you about the heavy compression, Kirk.
  18. Monkee Davy Jones has died

    There was an interesting show about the history of the formation of the Monkees and their eventual breakup due to internal fighting with Don Kirschner and the shows producers. The gist of the story is that these guys were hired as actors to play the role of a band in a TV show. All their music was written and performed by top writers and studio session players, with the guys doing just the vocals. When Mike Nesmith blew the lid off the truth, Peter Tork joined him in the rebellion. During a heated meeting with Kirschner, Mike told him to go "f--k" himself. Don allowed them to write and perform their own original material, which totally bombed on release. As punishment, Kirschner withheld the next Monkees hit that was in the pipeline, and instead released it as part of a Saturday morning cartoon show...The Archies went to number 1 with "Sugar, Sugar" and reportedly outsold every Monkees single release. Soon after, the Monkees TV show was canceled and the guys went their separate ways. Years later, in several interviews, Mickey Dolenz says he and Davey always took The Monkees as a job, and were perfectly happy to do things the way Kirschner wanted, and Peter Tork has said that in retrospect, he made the blunder of his life in rebelling with Mike. He suffered for many years with substance abuse troubles and still regrets killing the golden goose. Nesmith was independently wealthy from Mommy's Liquid Paper profits, so he could care less. In his later interviews, Kirschner still could not comprehend how guys that he turned into stars from nothing would turn on him and ruin a good thing for a lot of people.
  19. IWBWY from HBO's "Vinyl"

    The sound just isn't there. Raspberries' version jumps out at you from the opening chords, and holds you captive till the end fade.. Eric's vocal is passionate. This sounds more like a karaoke version to me, or perhaps an elevator Muzak version. Just my humble opinion. But, this version would never have charted as high as our guys' fantastic, definitive version.
  20. Happy Birthday, James!!!

    Happy Birthday Oh Master of the Harem!! I don't want to know how you will celibate, er, I mean, celebrate your birthday!! LOL!!
  21. Celine breaks down in Vegas

    While I have never been a Celine fan, I can't imagine the painful emotions that develop within her while singing ABM after losing her husband and brother 2 days apart. She no doubt literally feels all by herself. My prayers go out to her.
  22. My mother dies R.I.P.

    My deepest sympathy for your loss, Matt. May your mother rest in peace.

    I sent Catwoman a lovely arrangement of catnip-laced Godiva chocolates!!!
  24. HBO's Vinyl: Featuring Raspberries!

    I also do not get HBO. I'll have to wait till it is released on DVD.