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  1. Wake up time!

    Its a great LP James It has How can you mend a Broken heart and another good one is Maurice Gibb very Beatleish with the guitar going thru the Leslie like Badge check out Just the way.....I think you like it...I loved all their stuff pre disco..Main Course though was great... Sorry I didn't want to make this a Bee Gee Thread but your song was excellent and made me think of them.... thanks for starting the thread
  2. Wake up time!

    That is an excellent one James,....its one of my favorite LPs and a great tune on that LP....thanks for posting Ill stick to the Bee Gees theme From the LP 2 Years On Back Home..... great bass, nice rock guitar second would be this from Trafalgar
  3. Never Say Die!

    Thanks for that Bernie, that's why you are a nice guy doing stuff like this..... What kind of guitar were you playing? What era was that song written ? Thank You