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  1. Overlooked again...

    The rock n roll hall of fame reminds me of the League of Nations. As an instituiton in my opinion a complete failure. The only good thing about it is it's location. Cleveland Rocks.
  2. Has it....

    Does anyone remember Beatles cards? I still have some. There old and faded now. They still bring back that feeling of looking at them when you were supposed to be sleeping and in bed. The White Album when it came out. I remember my sister bringing it home and the lyrics pamphet;the 4 pictures of them in the jacket. Playing it backward on the turntable. There was between Blackbird and the next song;and the begining of Revolution #9 that said stuff about Paul being dead.PAUL IS ADEAD MAN MISSEM. Hey Bungalow Bill.
  3. Jazz Chords?

    The A7 played on the 5th with the G on the 5th string;7th fret (pinky) is a great chord. This position up and down the fret board I call a Full Major 7th. EG; John Lennon's E7th in many a song. 1st fret third string G# 2nd fret 5th string B and 3rd fret 5th string D. He also plays a C7th in the first position full adding the 7th Bb on the third fret and will just go third pos D7 and 5th pos E7. But there are no major 7ths in IWBWY. The riff is in sus2nds and 4ths. The 6th E has to stay open to ring. Remember there is two guitars here. Wally may look like he is playing a bar chord on the 4th fret but he is arching so that the open E comes through. The finger swap is between the 4th and 6th frets on the E,B,G strings only. Try that. Eric only comes in on the 1st beat until he goes to the E chord when the verse begins.
  4. Has it....

    John Lennon was my idol. From the first time I saw him on the Ed Sullivan Show on that Febuary night I knew he had something I wanted growing up. The guitar; the boots;the Beatles haircut I had to have it. My older sister would get me Beatles 45's to play on this portable phonograph to keep me from telling she had boys in the house babysitting. Hell they were listing too. I was 7 perfect. When my godparents took me to see A Hard Days Night at the drive-in it was magical. I was at Capt"n Johns here in Lowell watching Monday Night Football with Marty Meehan and Bob Kennedy when Howard Kosell first said he had been shot. I believe that he was the one that also pronunced him dead a short time later. don't remember. What I do remember is just being numb. I walked back to my apartment and never even felt the cold of that early December night. Just thinking WHY. Who would want to take the life of one the best people on the planet. Anger,rage, disbelief, all just overwhelmed me. So fuckinsenseless.
  5. A Chat With Wally Bryson

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Wally is the lead guitarist in the band. When I think of riffs I think "lead guitarist". From all I've seen and heard Wally's guitar is the sound of the Raspberries. Eric's rythm guitar is great. He plays real well and moves well with the axe. He is comfortable,well rehearsed,and always on time. Wally's Double neck SG? He owns it. "Tonight" with the sus 2nd and 4ths and the clear difference between the two necks. Riffs are written on the piano; "FOR" "Lead Guitarist's".
  6. Jazz Chords?

    The Dm7th was one of the first chords I got down. The real simple version,bar the 1st & 2nd with the index and the A on the 2nd with the middle finger. Add the F on the 3rd fret and you have an F. Bar chords on my Aria copy of a Hummingbird were tough. Especially on the first fret. I had a Bob Dylan song book and learned the old folk chords. Ab strech from the first to the 4th. Bb with two fingers or all four. Db and Eb just moving a D either way and getting the pinky in on the 4th string. After starting on a Carl Rubbelo nylon string the steel strings seemed like high tension wires. I stuck it out and when I got my first Gibson SR with my first tax return magic happened. Bar chords,slides,progressions with the pinky; here was rock. The begining of "I want ta be with you" in the video it appears to me that Wally plays bars on the 4th and 5th fret. Eric the same. The E on the first has to be open and ring. I play this with just my 3rd and 4th fingers on the 2nd and third strings. Just them three strings. Any thoughts?
  7. Eric on Bass

    Sweet Jane was one. Just couldn't get it right for the longest time. Talk about your left brain in conflict with the right. I finally figured out that the song is in your right(strum hand). The verse is an Orbison type strum; full,against the grain where the chorus is more stuccao(for lack of better term)in sync. Not easy at all.
  8. Jazz Chords?

    The majors are what gives rock it's power. These are the get all the string's involved. Slam,strum pick em, hold em. 99% of the time Pete Townsend is windmilling he is playing a major chord. A guitar chord is just that. A chord and thankfully RAP doesn't use them.
  9. Jazz Chords?

    If I might comment on the jazz chords: Steely Dan used a whole bunch of "jazz chords" in there music. Jazz chords like Bb9th dim5th non root have their place in the jazz world. Not so much in the rock world. The Raspberries had no need for these. Their music is mostly written in the majors. There was not a chord that Wally or Eric could not play and nail. Just did not need jazz chords for their sound. The big thing is when they played live they sounded better than the record. Don't remember Steely Dan touring much back then?
  10. Coming Back...

    Eric: Good Day: I see that you have a Rick 325E-3 Lennon in a photo. I'm thinking about getting one for #55. Birthday that is. What ya think?
  11. Who's On First?

    Yea; sound's like Keith. I mean the incoherant part. Fuckin Bloody Rocker. RIP
  12. An Awesome 'Berries Rarity

    Pete Towsend ranted today about the "bloodsuckers on the net" Not doing anything at all to promote nor support artists and the industry. Just lining thier pockets with every download. Right on Pete! As a guitarist (and not the greatest) I learned by buying the album,hopefully the chord book and figuring it out. I'm pretty sure this is how the Raspberries did it also. We had no tuners back then. Just needed a 440A. Eric talks about that night in Febuary of 1964 that changed everything. Thank god for older sisters for that night changed mine. LONG LIVE ROCK
  13. An Awesome 'Berries Rarity

    Alright let's wake up dudes. Got Mott on now. Dig Ian Hunter. Great sound. Roxy was big back in the Raspy days. 70-74 So many great bands. The age of the supergroups. Real musicians who could play. Not ripping of the public to see them. Vinal was king. Album cover's were studied as you listened to the album for the first time. People just listened. Grooved!! Listen to how tight;the dynamics the Rasp's have. Sam Andrew's;Barnie's Beanery??Anyone?? The Beatles were gone but not forgotten. Something about Ohio? Chrissy Hines,Ben Orr,Rick Ocasek,Tracy Chapman,The O'Jays.The Raspberries!! If they ever get back together they had better do Boston. Trust me we are waiting.
  14. An Awesome 'Berries Rarity

    I give it a 10. Wally is all over the 12 string side of that double SG. Less than the sunset strip video. The only other person I know of that could carry and play a double most of the night was John McGlaughin and I watched him do it. I do not remember the Raspberries ever coming to this area although I am sure they did. Man I got guitar fever. The Rick and the double SG I want em both for the big 55 next year. Any guitarists out there that can give me a hand here?