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  1. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Happy Birthday Eric!
  2. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Happy Birthday Eric!
  3. Happy Birthday, Eric ! *Aug. 11*

    Happy Birthday Eric!! Wishing you an awesome year and can't wait for the new CD. Thank you for all you have given to us!
  4. Happy Birthday, Blackhawk Pat ! *june 18*

    Happy Birthday Pat!
  5. Happy Birthday Kiwi!

    Happy belated Birthday Kiwi!
  6. My apologies…

    So sorry Diane and I wish you the best!
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISS M !! *March 19*

    Happy Birthday Miss M!
  8. Bi Bi Clive, Bye Bye Happiness?

    Eric, You are such a gracious man and you have been so candid about how the bus actually works. I appreciate and love your comments but at the same time I feel that you have been handed such a raw deal due to this man. It still kind of makes me very angry with him just because I love your voice, music and talent. Thanks for at least coming back here to us!!
  9. Mindy McCready R.I.P.

    I love that song too and the video. Her with the puppies and the one that howles.
  10. Mindy McCready R.I.P.

    In my opinion, she would have followed through without a gun. She had already made up her mind since I think she had OD'd before.
  11. NASCAR Racing Fantasy League

    OK..I am in and picked my team for the next race.
  12. Petition

    Signed, Suzanne Ketner
  13. NASCAR Racing Fantasy League

    Count me in LC. Bring it on! So excited about Danica!
  14. Mindy McCready R.I.P.

    It is very sad. She had a wonderful voice and such a promising career at one point. God bless her!
  15. Can't Wait for Fantasy Baseball 2013...

    What about fantasy NASCAR?