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    Happy Belated Birthday Bernie!!!
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIC ! *Aug 11*

    Happy Birthday Eric!!!!! Hope u have an awesome day and have lots of fun! Here's a birthday message from David Bowie:
  3. Happy Birthday, Chris Hess !! *June 22*

    Happy Birthday Chris!
  4. Happy Birthday December 25 !! *Dec 25*

    Happy Birthday Suzanne and Merry Christmas!!!!

    Happy Birthday Tim!!!
  6. Happy Birthday Reid C !! *Nov 26*

    Happy Birthday RC!!!
  7. Happy Birthday Angelina !! *Nov 12*

    Happy Birthday John!!!!! Be sure to save me a piece of cake, u can mail it to me! [img:center] Hope u have an awesome day!

    Happy Birthday Robin!!!!! Hope u have a very special day! Be sure to save me a piece of cake, u can mail it to me, LOL!!!

    Ooh, thanxs for the pictures Carol, i luv them!!! And to everyone else, thank u so much for all of the b-day wishes!!!
  10. For Ralyssa

    Awww man!!!! There is no way that i will be able to pay over $4,000.00 for those Nike shoes! And those shoes look so awesome and i want a pair!!! I already looked on eBay and a lot of them already have over 30 to 40 bids on how ever many are being sold.
  11. EC.com CHATROOM

    LOL!!!!! I guess it's totally uncensored so u can say the The Seven Dirty Words that can't be said on television, the radio, or Facebook, ROFL!!! That is if u know the words, if not, look up George Carlin's monologue. I looked on Wikipedia But i recommend not chatting w/ those words.
  12. EC.com CHATROOM

    That is funny!!!! And i also have tried using the chat but it did not work.
  13. Funny Episodes of Family Guy!

    O.K., so in an episode of Family Guy where Peter gets bitten on the arm by Brian, he tells Lois that he hasn't been that scared since the time he got mugged by Gene Shalit! So here's the line from the most funniest scene: Don't "Panic Room." I'm not going to "William Hurt" you. I just want you're "Tango & Cash." So just "Pay It Forward." And we'll all be "Happy Gilmore." And then Peter says: "What"? LOL, that scence cracks me up!!! I just hope everyone else finds this funny!!!
  14. Funny Episodes of Family Guy!

    "I have spoken!!!"
  15. Get Well MissM!

    Awwww, he's so cute!!!! ^_^
  16. Any cat lovers out there?

    Awww, KITTY KITTY!!!! I wanna pet the big kitty! =^.^= She's so adorable! :3 What is her name?
  17. Very old pic of Cyrus Erie..

    I have that picture. On Facebook. I luv Eric's hairstyle!
  18. Miss M. Update.

  19. Funny Episodes of Family Guy!

    Heart monitor: "Zepity zoopity geepity bopity zoopity zigiti zagita boopit bopity ghost dad!" Peter: "I'm singing, i'm singing!"
  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELLE4EC ! *August 19*

    Happy Birthday Elle! Save me some cake.
  21. Funny Episodes of Family Guy!

    "DADADADADADADADAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!­!!!!!!!!!" Peter: "Oh my God. Brian there's a message in my Alpha-Bits. It says ooooooooohhh." Brian: "Peter those are Cheerios." Stewie: "God it's all night w/ this guy. Hey if your gonna leave all those lights on i'm not gonna split the electric bill!"
  22. Funny Episodes of Family Guy!

  23. Get Well MissM!

    Get well soon Miriam.
  24. Funny Episodes of Family Guy!

    Neighbor: "Look at Edison over there with his damn electricity. Hey Edison! How about sharin' some of those lightbulbs, huh?" Edison: "Hey figure it out for yourself man!" Neighbor: "Were freezing our asses off over here! Edison: "Hey man how do you think i feel? You get to look at my great house and i have to look at that dark thing! Huh? What is that a candle?" Neighbor: "Yeah it's a candle! We're freezing over here! No one in my family has taken a bath in over a month, we stink, it stinks over here ya jerk!!!" Edison: "I can't hear u over my central heating. Neighbor: "Hey why don't u go to hell Edison!" Edison: "Hey bite me man! Hey have u guys seen The Office? Oh no i guess u haven't 'cuz u don't have a TV!" Neighbor: "Hey how about i come over and kick yer a$$?!" Edison: "Ooh yeah come on over!" Peter: "You know they say that Chuck Norris is so tough, there's no chin underneath his beard. There is only another fist."
  25. Funny Episodes of Family Guy!