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  1. Eric interview

    Wow! When will we see this?
  2. I Wanna Take Forever Tonight cover by ME!!!

    Great honor to hear that. Thank you B ♡
  3. I Wanna Take Forever Tonight (cover) It's me, Aventurine! (^_-)-☆ Enjoy! Vocal : Aventurine Piano : Second Moon Chorus : Teruko
  4. Happy Birthday Mrs.Carmen!

    Happy Birthday Amy Carmen!!! Eric seems very happy. We are so happy you make him happy. Would you please bring him back here? It's about time to meet him here. (^_-)-☆ You are the only one who can do it!
  5. Wow!

    Thank you Kirk! This Video is very good image resolution quality!!!! I've never seen such a clear vision! I remind the day of Yamaha song festival. Stations, street wall, department stores, recored shops, Yamaha shops are all covered with Eric's posters at that time. And Eric's songs were on the TV and radio every day, every time!!!!
  6. I and our freind secondmoon tryed to cover "I'm Through With Love" on Eric's birthday Aug.11th. Vocal : Aventurine Piano : secondmoon Well, well.....I couldn't pronounce "Though" .......enjoy ! (^_-)-☆
  7. Moderator Kirk!!!

    I just noticed that Kirk became moderator! He is one of the best person to do the great mission! We are counting on you, Kirk!!!
  8. Eric Carmen Birthday Week Project

    Japanese Eric Carmen Cover Band "Vichyssoise boom boom" performed "Tonight" The pianist is our freind Second Moon!!!
  9. 1976 DEMOS

    Oh, why do only 30 people listen to those gems?
  10. Happy Birthday Kazumi

    So sweet!
  11. Foreign Language Versions of EC Songs?

    Mai Yamane is singing "Foolin' Myself" in Japanese
  12. Eric Carmen Birthday Live 2017 Vol.1 & Vol.2

    It was exciting live performance by Hiroyuki Izuta. 1st day was one man live and 2nd day was Izuta with chorus. He did Eric Carmen tribute live on every Eric's Birthday in Tokyo Japan!!! He had met Eric in Jan.1998 in Tokyo coz Izuta is hugh fan of Eric's. So some a record company producer made a chance to see Eric.
  13. Eric Carmen Birthday Live 2017 Vol.1 & Vol.2

    Eric Carmen Birthday Live 2017 Vol.2 Vocal & Piano・Keyboard & guitar : Hiroyuki Izuta (伊豆田洋之) Guest: Mai & Maru (Chorus)      Date: Aug.12/2017 At CRAWFISH AKASAKA ~2017 set list~  First Stage 《Pf》 1. Sunrise 2. Love Is All That Matters 3. You Took Me All The Way 4. All By Myself 5. Someday(with Mai & Maru) 6. Make Me Lose Control(with Mai & Maru)*  《Ag》 7. Go All The Way(with Mai & Maru) 《Pf》 8. Change Of Heart(with Mai & Maru) 9. Let's Pretend(with Mai & Maru) 10. Starting Over Second Stage 《Pf》 1. Desperate Fools 2. Haven't We Come A Long Way 3. Overnight Sensation(Hit Record) 4. I Wanna Be With You(with Mai & Maru) 《Key》 5. Almost Paradise(Duet with Mai) 6. Hungry Eyes(with Mai) 《Ag》 7. That's Rock'n'Roll(with Mai & Maru) 《Pf》 8. My Girl(with Mai & Maru) 9. Hey Deanie (with Mai & Maru) Encore1 《Pf》 10. Boats Against The Current 11. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again (with Mai & Maru) Encore2 12. She Did It
  14. Eric Carmen Birthday Live 2017 Vol.1  Vocal & piano & guitar :Hiroyuki Izuta (伊豆田洋之)  Date: Aug.11/2017  At Piano Bar & Live McCartney ~2017 set list~  First Stage 《Pf》 1. Sunrise 2. Heaven Can Wait 3. My Girl 4. Someday 5. I'm Through With Love 6. You Took Me All The Way  《Ag》 7. Nobody Knows 8. Cartoon World 9. If You Change Your Mind 10. That's Rock'n'Roll 《Pf》 11. Starting Over  Second Stage 《Ag》 1. Inside Story 2. Drivin’ Around 3. Ecstasy 4. Go All The Way 《Pf》 5. Desperate Fools 6. Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) 7. Hungry Eyes  8. Foolin' Myself 9. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again 10. Cruisin' Music Encore 《Pf》 11. Boats Against The Current 12. Hey Deanie 13. She Did It
  15. Eric Carmen Birthday Live 2017 Vol.1 Vol.2

    Yes, Kirk!!! I was there, both of them!!! It was amazing! Anyway I have to re-post That's Rock'n'roll forum!!!!