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  1. Janey Clewer "Only Time Will Tell"

    Eric Carmen is singing the duet with Janey called "Only Time Will Tell". Eric was looking for a duet partner for WINTER DREAMS album. Guitarist Bruce Gaitsh suggested Janey Clewer. She is singer, songwriter, composer and Bruce Gaitsch’s wife. Eric liked Jenny’s singing voice and chose his duet partner. After the recording Eric told Jeney, how much should I pay for you?. Janey asked sing for her album instead of the reward, and "Only Time Will Tell" was born.
  2. Orchestra arrange ABM

    Orchestra version ABM All By Myself by New Symphonic Orchestra from the album "For Your Love" (Music for Valentines Day) Released 2018-02-02
  3. Happy Birthday, Bernie!!!!!

    Happy birthday to our amazing web master, Bernie!!!
  4. IWBWY covered by The Beats

    "I Wanna Be With You" cover by The Beats Pretty good cover by Japanese band The Beats 1982
  5. I create a YT video for BRAND NEW YEAR 2017-2018 ver. Thema on this version is "FAMILY", every various family has own happiness. I believe LOVE for their family will promote world peace. Make love, not war.... Eric mentioned that he intened UNIVERSAL on this song. Love and PEACE is UNIVERSAL. We shold make the world better than yesterday. Happy BRAND NEW YEAR ericcarmen.com freinds!!! Enjoy! Aventurine
  6. Santa Bernie

    Yeah!!! I don't believe in Santa Claus even now, I thought it would never happen. I was wrong. Santa Bernie has come! Thank you sweet Santa Bernie! We are good boys and girls!!!(^_-)-☆
  7. Santa Bernie

    Santa Bernie is making a list and checking it twice. He's gonna find out we are naughty or nice. Unfortunately he judged we are naughty........coz we are not uncooperative((+_+)) Anyway...... Warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy BRAND New Year!!! Aventurine
  8. Al Chan sing TONIGHT in Japan

    Sorry.....how about it?
  9. Al Chan sing TONIGHT at THE RUBINOOS JAPAN TOUR 2017 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js
  10. Happy 13th anniversary of the Reunion http://www.ericcarmen.com/eric-reunion.html
  11. Eric interview

    Wow! When will we see this?
  12. I Wanna Take Forever Tonight cover by ME!!!

    Great honor to hear that. Thank you B ♡
  13. I Wanna Take Forever Tonight (cover) It's me, Aventurine! (^_-)-☆ Enjoy! Vocal : Aventurine Piano : Second Moon Chorus : Teruko
  14. Happy Birthday Mrs.Carmen!

    Happy Birthday Amy Carmen!!! Eric seems very happy. We are so happy you make him happy. Would you please bring him back here? It's about time to meet him here. (^_-)-☆ You are the only one who can do it!
  15. Wow!

    Thank you Kirk! This Video is very good image resolution quality!!!! I've never seen such a clear vision! I remind the day of Yamaha song festival. Stations, street wall, department stores, recored shops, Yamaha shops are all covered with Eric's posters at that time. And Eric's songs were on the TV and radio every day, every time!!!!