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  1. Most Crushing Disappointment as a Sports Fan?

    Oh, that was SO sad. Especially considering how they got there. Really heartbreaking.
  2. Who Are You Rooting For To "Go All The Way"

    Texas. I'd love to see Texas and the Yankees in the ALCS. Just to stick it to Arod.
  3. 2010 ALDS & NLDS Predictions

    My predictions are based on absolutely nothing. Texas over the Rays Yankees over the Twins Phillies over the Reds Giants over the Braves Then... Yankees over the Rangers Phillies over the Giants Then... Phillies over the Yankees I'm pulling for Texas, though.
  4. Most Crushing Disappointment as a Sports Fan?

    2003 NL NLCS. Game 6. Wrigley. 5 outs. I don't blame Bartman at all, I didn't then, but I cried very, very hard after that game. Sure they had another game to play, but I knew it was over. It's the Cubs way.

    Have a happy, wonderful birthday, Eric! Thank you for all the beautiful music.
  6. New Target Commercial Features ABM

    I saw it yesterday. Poor lonely sandwich. I have to say, though, the snippet of the song isn't nearly long enough.
  7. Excuse me while I throw up....

    I'm really sorry, Hollies, and any other Cavs fan. It'll be interesting. This whole thing has really played up James' ego. Can he put that aside to play with three other big name guys? I guess we'll see. I'm not optimistic.
  8. Happy 70th Birthday!

    I love Ringo. Happy Birthday to him! Let's all sing "Octopus's Garden".
  9. The 36 Righteous People

    Aw, thanks! I'm sure your daughters feel about you the same way I feel about mine. ::sigh:: Daddies and little girls...there's something really special about it.
  10. Wally Bryson Interview: 2010

    Thanks for posting that. I've not read a whole lot about Wally, so it was fun to read.
  11. The 36 Righteous People

    Wendy - I'm sorry that you cried, but I'm glad it touched you! Every little girl deserves a Daddy as special as ours were. Diane - Thank you! I really hope that I did.
  12. The 36 Righteous People

    I think this is a wonderful topic. This is something I wrote for my father, and I read it at his funeral in March. My father was the most moral and ethical man I've ever known, yet still so funloving and hilarious. He taught me so much of what life should be, including everything I wrote in this little piece. I miss him so much. I'm sorry it's long, but the best way I can think of to honor him is to share what he inspired in me. The night my father died, I couldn't sleep. I kept saying, "Come back, Daddy," even though I knew he couldn't. But I also knew that if he could have, he would have, even if it meant being in pain again. That's the kind of man my father was. He would do anything to help someone who needed it, friend, family, stranger. And he'd do it with a smile and a joke. And then I had a thought - maybe he hasn't really gone, not in the ways that matter the most.Because he existed, we have memories of him, and those memories will always be with us. Maybe they'll come at odd moments and surprise us, or maybe we'll purposefully call them up. Whichever way, they're here. He's here. Then I begged him again to come back, because memories don't seem enough. It's his physical presence that we're missing right now; his smile, laugh, hugs, handshakes, his conversation and sometimes odd sense of humor. We're missing knowing that we can see him whenever we want to. And those things have gone. We'll never get them back. But the best parts of him, the parts he gave to us from inside him, aren't gone. They exist, only inside of us instead of him. His love and loyalty, his dedication and generosity, all the care and concern he's shown to us, his strength; those things are in our hearts and memories. Those are the things we'll remember the most even when the sound of his voice starts to dim and the clarity of his face slowly fades. Death can only take the body; it can't take what made my dad the wonderful man he was. That's a truth. Of course, there's a difference between knowing a truth and believing a truth. Right now, I know that truth. I don't really believe it. Maybe none of you do, either. At some point, probably at different times for each of us, we'll come to believe it, and it will bring us comfort. And I believe that each time one of us reaches that point, Dad will be up there shaking his head and sying, "About time." That, too, is the kind of man my father was. He wants us to go on, to live, to love and enjoy life. And when we do, he'll be relieved. We were all so blessed to have this man in our lives, especially my sister and me. To have a father who was so loving and involved in our lives, who truly valued our happiness above his own, is something we'll remember and cherish the rest of our lives. Dad thought he was invincible, and in a way, he was right. Because death can't beat him, not as long as we remember and love him. So let's do that, remember and love him, with less sadness and more joy as time goes by. He'd do the same for us. I truly believe that. So thank you, Daddy, for staying with me, even though your body was tired and had to go. You're at peace, and we will be, too.
  13. Another graduation, my niece. (video too)

    "Aunt" in Lithuanian, Wendy said. Or I might have just imagined that.
  14. WMMS: The Buzzard

    My favorite is the first photo. I love the smile! Lucky cigarette, indeed. And not too many men can make me appreciate suspenders. Just sayin'.
  15. Another graduation, my niece. (video too)

    How absolutely beautiful, Wendy. Beautiful song, video, niece and Teta. And such a wonderful present to her. Congratulations to Katharyn! You've inspired me to do something....not sure what yet...for my nine-year old niece. I don't see her often, but think of her all the time, and she should definitely know that. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Lovely, lovely post, Elle. Happy Father's Day to all the dads! I hope you all get to spend time with your kids. Enjoy your day!
  17. Who Writes What?

    Oh, I think so too. I didn't mean to imply that I thought otherwise. I forget that "tone" doesn't always quite come across on the internet, even with cute emoticons.
  18. Who Writes What?

    Good thing you can play the piano so well, then. Interesting about Kevin Cronin. That's one of my all time favorite songs. The past few times I've listened to "Starting Over", at the chorus I get a vague sense of REO Speedwagon. Maybe it's just a quirk of my ear, but something about it reminds me of them. I'm not sure why...I'm going to have to figure it out before it drives me crazy.
  19. Was the death of Eric's aunt posted last year?

    She sounds like a wonderful lady. I hope everyone here is blessed to have someone who is that type of inspiration and support. Thank you for sharing that with us, Eric. It's so nice to hear about great people. Not enough of that nowadays.
  20. Who's On First?

    Exactly. That would be asking far too much.
  21. Who's On First?

    Great story! Even better photo! Thanks for posting it, Bernie. Although, I'm sitting in an office with a broken A/C and it's already in the 80s outside...yeah, this picture doesn't really help.
  22. Any Requests?

    Now that's a disturbing image. Let's see. Desperate Fools, The Way We Used to Be, Boats, NGFILA...um...everything? My mother taught me to not be greedy. I fail.
  23. Sharing good music is fun...

    One good deed done for the day. I pointed a friend in the direction of "Boats Against the Current". She immediately got on You Tube and looked for Eric's stuff and fell in love with "I Was Born To Love You." It's kind of goofy, but I feel very satisfied for leading her to such wonderful music. Happy Wednesday!
  24. Sgt. Pepper

    This. Although "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" wasn't the best. But I love "Because" and "Something" and the medley and "Come Together". Also, Rubber Soul. Love that one.
  25. Sharing good music is fun...

    Heh. Taxman is my favorite villan.