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  1. "Brand New Year" Teaser - EC.com Exclusive!

    Looking and sounding mighty good. Belle
  2. "Bugs" Says Happy Easter!!!!

    Those were the days! Adults and kids would go together to a double feature with cartoons added before and between features. I can remember adults laughing out loud at the cartoons. Great therapy for relief from the problems and stresses of their lives. God bless Walt and Warner Brothers. I have to say that Woody Woodpecker and Heckle and Jeckle impressed me as psychos. They always gave me a wierd feeling. Was that just me or did anyone else feel the same way? Of course my giant crush on Mighty Mouse was a little odd so who am I to cast dispursions. Belle
  3. Petition

    me too! Diane Bell
  4. State of the Website

    Ever since I started attending my voice class I wanted to sing some of Eric's songs in class but couldn't find any accompaniment to his songs. Does anyone know of any Carmen music to accompany a singer? I will sing without help if necessary. It would be great to share some of his less known beautiful songs with my classmates. I'm sure everyone knows and loves ABM. I can't help but hope some of the others might be acquainted with his music but don't know about this site. Perhaps sone new folks will be inspired to come online here and share thier insights. Belle
  5. I'm a grandma again!!!

    How wonderful! Congratulations! Belle
  6. How does Dagwood keep his job....

    Thanks a lot Ira! I'm all ready for bed and now I'm hungry! Belle
  7. I'm "Starting Over"

    You're a gem, Ira. Belle
  8. Oh Sandy!

    The news was very bad tonight about the storm. I was hoping all our EC.com friends would check in and reassure us about their safety but then I remembered that the power was out. Duh! Looking forward to hearing good news. Belle
  9. Eric & Rachmaninoff's Concerto No. 2

    Cool! Heard some Rachmaninoff on the car radio on my way home from church this morning. Not Concerto No.2 but I still thought of our Eric. Belle
  10. Andy Williams has died

  11. Make Me Lose Control cover

    Ditto! I love seeing and hearing someone loving what he is singing. Especially when he sounds good too. Belle
  12. GATW

    True. Maybe it's that we're sharing the moment with so many other listeners. Extra exciting. Belle
  13. Looking for some music/song help

    Reg Boz For me it's not only his voice and the songs that make the magic but the keyboard accompaniments seem to be perfect for his sound and styling. Belle
  14. GATW

    Just heard GATW on the radio. It was great! Sometimes I hear it on Trader Joe's background music but of course it's not as clear. What a treat! Diane
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIC ! *Aug 11*

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a terrific day. Belle PS: We miss you.