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  1. Natalie Wood

    They have been playing Natalie Wood movies this month, i know. Tomorrow night "West side story" and 'Gypsy" and the aformentioned "Love with the proper stranger" are all on. Also some lesser know "sex and the single girl" and "Cash McCall." Great pics Elle! Cathlyn
  2. Who's On First?

    Yeah Bernie! What she said!

    Good heavens! Tony, i am sooo sorry you thought it was your friend, i didn't mean to worry you. So there's TWO Di's and they're both terrific people?! How lucky are we?! And Mar, thank you for worrying but i was just picking on Tony! I get through what i have to-always have, always will. You guys are all great! Out of some of the worst things come some of the best! I bet Melanie's laughing her head off!

    She does birthdays, anniversaries, sends flowers when ppl are having a bad day and makes gorgeous jewelry, knits afghans, makes dream catchers, draws, paints and any other crafty thing you can think of. I cant believe there would be 2 of her. She's the sweetest, most generous person i know. And she gets pissed when i say so.

    Tony,ya kook, I hope you appreciate that i logged back in JUST to answer your question! Di is from ec.com, so was Melanie. I ignored them when they giggled like little girls and, since i wasn't on ec.com i didn't get a chance to read anything they wrote. They actually told me that you had to be a member to read them, that you guys had a secret Eric Carmen "word of the week" to out non-members and that you all swore an oath of secrecy to Eric Carmen! As to that other thing-I think she DID try to smother me a few times. She said that if i went unconcious she'd get right up and I'd "only" be out for a few minutes. Did i actually call her my best friend? perhaps spiritual adviser is a better moniker.

    Di is the lady who got me sober. I say it that way because she sat on me when i was jonesing. She didn't discuss it because she knew addiction is smarter than most of us. Nope. She sat on me. And she is my best friend and a really uh, booyah Eric Carmen fan. She was trying to help Melanie and her fiance Clay too. She told me that she helped me and now it was my turn to help someone. I guess I suck at it. Well Tony, now that I'm lower than whale shit I'll probably jump out the window-its a good thing I only have 1 floor in my house!

    I DO pray for melanies family but...they want property that I understand belongs to Mr. Carmen. I shouldn't admit it but..I am a horrible bitch in the courtroom, i only take on cases I believe are justified. With age comes wisdom and hopefully, the freedom to discriminate as to what cases you take. Melanie was plagued by the worst alcoholism and addiction I have ever seen, and I have been in recovery myself for 10 years. She would want me to chew them up and spit them out. I'm tempted. They are horrible-they called Di an alcoholic and a bag lady! She never took a drink in her life and she is a lady with the biggest heart anyone ever saw(except, perhaps, missm). I want to take them apart!

    I didn't just mean i was sorry for having to tell you all the ghastly truth, i am also sorry i could not save her. I tried, i really did.

    Her name was Melanie and she drank anti-freeze. I am sorry to be so blunt but there's no kind way to put it. I dont think she meant to kill herself, she had been on the wagon for a while and we had to hide the vanilla, cologne, lysol etc. And no such luck w/that family missm. That is why she signed me up here and yes, she gave me her written instructions in march. Her lovely family told me to go !!!! myself-she was catholic and they were going to do things as such. Well I'm Catholic too and she wanted to be cremated and thats ok w/ the church these days. When i stopped back at the office (it was a small house converted so Mel and her fiance could stay there as they had no where else to go) she was in the bathtub and it sounded like she was snoring. I asked her fool of a man how long she'd been like that. He said 2 hours and he couldn't get her out. Funny, i weigh 100 pounds and i got her out. I don't remember the rest, I jumped on her chest and emts pulled me off.im sorry.

    Well but missm, you started this post! And the story said she called from upstairs and didn't want to go down because she was afraid of the sight of blood and was afraid she would have a seizure. I'm not critical of anything his wife did, who knows how they would act in this kind of an emergency? It's this stupid fighting over the body that makes me want to howl. I didn't actually sign myself up for ec.com. I had an office worker who spent 2 and a half years in the 70's following the raspberries all over the country. She was on this sight constantly and i couldn't get mad at her-I'm a fan too. On may 23rd she died in a horrible way. She was not on good terms w/her family. They did not follow 1 of her wishes. Now they want the memorabalia she kept from the happiest time of her life. She wanted it to go back to Mr. Carmen. I've been wandering around on this sight for a month trying to figure out if I should tell him this major groupie died or just assume he wouldn't know what the hell I'm talking about.

    The story i read said he had a seizure, fell backwards and hit his head. You can hear his wife asking(after the 911 operator does) " why are you standing up? You need to lie down." The article went on to say that his wife said there was "so much blood" and she was afraid for her own health. I really hope the poor man didn't die all alone. I have a feeling it was excrutiatingly difficult to be Gary Coleman.

    I think the part where they want "custody" of his body because they "had wanted to reconcile with their son before his death" is one of those "Duh" situations. No kidding?! You wanted him to go to his grave in peace so you could go to yours the same way? No way!!! We ALL would like to "make peace" with our friends and loved ones. If we wait-sometimes too late. It sucks but thats life.