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  1. Original RAM review in Rolling Stone

    Paul is in the discussion re best song writer of the century, John is not. That's.the point. PS I may go with Richard Rodgers, cuz it's in the end, about the melody...or else we'd be posting on CarlSandberg.com. : ) James
  2. Stephen Bishop "Thank You"

    This was probably my favorite song from the early 80s:
  3. Original RAM review in Rolling Stone

    I´m not a huge Beatles fan, and I´m not familiar with much of their album cuts, so I´m speaking with some ignorance here, but I´ll take this stab anyway: Without Paul McCartney there is no Beatles. Without John Lennon, the Beatles still thrive. ( I speak of music talent only, not band evolution or leadership skills etc.) James
  4. Original RAM review in Rolling Stone

    Even if you allow for the RAM review, look how this guy writes about Paul´s contributions to the Beatles., his list of "rockers" and what he doesn´t list as rockers , the nose looking down at quality stuff etc. Music reviewers have a lot of asshole in them, not cuz I disagree with their reviews, just cuz they do. p.s. They haven´t changed, their bad reviews keep coming, ie: see their review of President Trump in 2020. : )

    This is the balls version of this song. TRNR is in the middle of the pack of Eric penned songs for my taste (which means it´s a very very good song)...but this live version from the Midnight Special is in my top 5. P.S. no lip from you Kirk!! ; )
  6. My Eric Carmen Medley

    Bravo man!!!....a very enjoyable 10 minutes listening to that medley. You bring great fire power to the piano...love your piano sound. And it was really cool seeing you really feel it, especially during "Boats.......". Thanks for sharing it here. James
  7. Well, I read many of the responses. Those responses, paradoxically, are evidence of why it was important that Eric stand up and take a stand. Very proud of him. More of us need to do the same. James
  8. Motown got the pub..

    ....but for my tastes, the Philadelphia sound / camp was superior, much so. Lou Rawls, The Spinners, The Sylistics, The O´Jays and many more. So great, and the dudes Huff and Gamble should go down as as great as any from the rock era. Those guys did it all. Here´s a great one, ""When will I see you again", The Three Degrees. I loved it when it was on the radio in 1974, and I love it now. These chicks can sing and entertain. They got it going on. The song starts at 28:50:
  9. Prayers for Wally

    I started to get arthritis in both thumb joints, about 4 years ago. Was concerned cuz I´m pretty young (physically) and could project it getting very bad through the years. So I started taking a natural product called Cats Claw that many say works for inflammation, including arthritis, ...and the arthritis is much better than it was at the start. Hopefully Wally is aware of this stuff. James
  10. Motown got the pub..

    P.S. Diana Ross and the Supremes can kiss these girls´ ass. : )
  11. Motown got the pub..

    This one is awesome. Intense and driving, different for the soul genre, at least different from what you heard on the radio. I´d have produced it a little differently, mainly I would have had added at the end a 75 second explosive climax with electric guitars, but still this thing is powerful:
  12. High Holiday...

    ...for the James Harem February 14th. And for James it's a lot like Christmas is for Santa Claus.......ie a LOT of work "delivering". Anyway, so, in honor of this high holiday, a poem, from me, to all of you: Roses are red, Valentines Day is a pain, Being born James, Has been my great bane. James, 2020
  13. What’s wrong with Wally

    Don´t know anything, haven´t heard anything, but I´ll pray for Wally. James
  14. High Holiday...

    No, like other great artists, these poems flow from somewhere deep inside. No work involved. Just natural talent coming to the surface, kinda like a geyser. God is the creator, I´m just the conduit. : )
  15. Att: Lew, and other...

    ...am listening to "Temple Bar"...not a weak song on the album. Need more listens, but potentially could enter my favorite albums of all time list. Wish he wrote some of the songs himself so I could isolate his writing talent, but in those songs he co-wrote, you can hear some very similar strains in the music among the various songs, which leads me to believe he was probably the stronger force of the writers. Or maybe he wrote the music and the other guys wrote the words? Anyway, fine album, look forward to listening more to it. James
  16. Att: Lew, and other...

    ..John Waite fans. I will be purchasing some of his music, and would like you to give me insight into his stuff. I´d like you to provide a ranking of all his albums, solo, with the Babys and with Bad English. Just ONE ranking that lists in order from best to worse, every album he´s been involved in, please. Thanks in advance!
  17. Eric got slammed on this site

    Like driving a car with shaded windows, the anonymity of posting on the internet exposes the true hearts of people, and often it's not pretty. Really makes you wonder if the human race is much more depraved than we (I) have always assumed. James
  18. Boat's piano

  19. Eric: How Bad Have You Got It?

    It´s just me, but if I was a musician, I´d want to create music, practice my art......regardless of the economics. In the end it´s about creating cool stuff, and sharing it with as many as possible, and hopefully making some (or a bunch of) money. Even without the $s, I´d think there´s probably not too many thrills greater than writing a song, and then constructing it into a great recorded song, sharing it, and leaving it for posterity. Having said that I do have musician friends, who have written great songs, but who also stay away from it when it´s just not in their gut to do it. I completely understand that.. James
  20. Jim Backus should be way higher, just on the basis of Thurston Howell and Mr. MgGoo. Cool list Lew. I´m from Ohio and didn´t know a lot of those stars were from our state.
  21. Apex of...

    ...the rock music art form. I saw these guys several times, one was Fall of 1977 in Ft. Worth, Texas, first semester freshman year of college. The album this song was on (Farewell to Kings) was not out, but was soon to be out.....they played this song, though I´d never heard it I knew it was the real deal, and it was. Next to "2112" this is probably their best piece of work. I think there might be consensus on this, though many fans would argue against me vehemently. Here it is, live from 1981: youtube.com/watch?v=VuHS-gjMiVw
  22. Eric announcing he´ll be on Greg Gutfeld´s podcast. For fans interested in tuning in:

    My guess: the other 3 would do it for financial reasons. Eric Carmen would do it to ensure the other 3 get their million each.
  24. Att: Lew, and other...

    Not yet Craig, but I ordered and received "Temple Bar"...just need to get into it, then I´ll be in position to report back. Thanks again for you guys´ input. I´ll likely order more of Waite´s music in the future and will base my buying decisions on your posts. James