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  1. Elton John Top 10 Albums

    Yeah LC, in the early 90s I´d been out of the music mode, hadn´t bought any albums in years, didn´t even know what was going on in the biz. ......when a guy I was doing business with told me about the Australia Live album, and then gave me a copy. It´s tremendous, and brings to life some of those very early Elton songs better than the studio versions did. I learned to appreciate the greatness of the song "Greatest Discovery" from Australia live 1987. I had Goodbye Yellow Brick Road on my list, must have inadvertently deleted it. It´s down in the bottom half of my top 10. Re: "Here and There".....that album for me had the quintessential version of "Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding". But agree, way to short given the material available. Kinda like Foghat´s live album, for me.
  2. Best covers

    Mine: 1. Up on a Roof, James Taylor 2. The Fendertones - all their Beach Boys covers, my favorite is "Let Him Run Wild" 3. Bye Bye Johnny, Status Quo - they generally write their own stuff, but this one live is awesome. 4. Stand By Me, Mickey Gilley 5. If not for you, Olivia Newton-John....she takes it to new heights compared to Dillon´s version and George Harrison´s version (which was pretty great itself) 6. Dude looks like a lady, Shakira live.....you guys should check this out....a Latina lady, who writes/sings/performs Latina type music, rock & rolls this song..she shreds it! 7. Roll over Beethoven, ELO 8. Little Queenie, REO Speedwagon....3rd Chuck Berry tune on my list. 9. Elton John, Pinball Wizard - for me, he blows away the WHO´s version 10.Blinded by the light, Manfred Mann - don´t love this song, but I like it a lot, and I appreciate the creativity that went into making this cover so different from the original. I know I´m forgetting a bunch, but that´s my list for now. You guys?
  3. Elton John Top 10 Albums

    For me Elton John was pretty consistent through 1976 (Blue Moves), after which he changed, left me a little, but still put out a lot of music the people loved. So there really isn´t one album, or 2, that stick out for me. Virtually all his stuff between 1969 and 1976 was very good / great. Having said that, here´s my top 10: 1. Blue Moves - I look at this double album as a single album, ....if I delete the worse half, I´m left with my favorite Elton John album....at least for today....I´m sure I did not list this as #1 on past EJ threads. The songs I love: One Horse Town, Chameleon, Tonight preceded by Your Starter For...that´s side 1...I also loved Sorry Seems to be the hardest word, Bite your lip and Out of the Blue. 2. Captain Fantastic - a couple clunkers, but the strong songs carry this album to greatness. 3. Honky Chateau - normally I list as my favorite album, but not today. 4. Don´t Shoot Me - along with Eric´s first solo and the BeeGees´ Maincourse, I consider this to be a melodic masterpiece. Maybe should be #1 on my list. 5. Empty Sky - this often is my #1, but not today. 6. Rock of the Westies - this album gets no love, but I like those hard driving funky songs that are unique to this album. Also Grow Some Funk and Robert Ford are stellar. 7. Elton John - I don´t like some of the songs, but the strong ones make this a brilliant album. 8.Tumbleweed Connection - this is the favorite of many, "Where to now St. Peter" is one of my favorite Elton John songs. 9. Madman across the water 10. Caribou , #10 , but still a high quality album.
  4. Best covers

    Some more good ones: I´ll always love you, Whitney Houston covering Dolly´s tune Sloop John B, Beach Boys.....LC listed this, I should have also On Broadway, Eric Carmen - he did good on this one Tracy Ullman, They Don´t Know....probably my favorite song from the 80s, perfect pop song, up there with "Love Grows" Deep Purple, Donny & Marie.....another pure pop genius song, they did good with this one
  5. The Greatest Books of All Time

    RE: Hemingway, he´s great (to me) if only for "The Old Man and the Sea".....I also got into "The Sun Also Rises".
  6. The Greatest Books of All Time

    Susie´s read all but 5, I´ve read just 6. That´s why she´s The Renaissance Woman! I do have a bunch of those books in my Kindle to read one day,...I think the one I most want to read is Dante´s Divine Comedy. Did you read that Susie?....if so how was it? I´m pretty shocked "Atlas Shrugged" is not on the list. "Shogun" was also pretty epic and I´d think would deserve a spot. I read a lot (spend too much time reading probably) but there are a lot of great books and other forms of written word fiction I know I´ll never have time to read, so I´ve tried to buy the film versions of those books, so at least I can get some of the greatness from them.
  7. Ok, cool guys, ABBA...

    .....´s top 10. Another group I recently purchased a box set of their studio albums, so I have a lot to explore. I know ABBA isn´t so popular in the cool crowd, but those 2 guys wrote and produced at a sky high level for 10 years or so, and the girls could sing and perform their songs perfectly. Just a great pure pop group. Sometimes when you see the 2 dudes interviewed more recently, they kinda seem ashamed of ABBA. I see that with some other artists, actors etc. when they look back on some of their popular work, movies etc.....for some reason I don´t like when artists do that. Anyway, for now my list: 1. Winner takes it all....one of the best lead vocal jobs of all time, for me 2. Summer Night City....they actually rock hard on this one while not losing their tradition of great melodies 3. The name of the game....haunting harmonies if you listen closely 4. Does your mother know......this song couldn´t be released in today´s hyper uptight environment 5. Knowing Me, Knowing You 6. Dancing Queen 7. Fernando 8. Thank you for the music 9. S.O.S. 10.Waterloo
  8. Hall & Oates

    I don´t know their studio albums enough to rate them, so I´ll stay out here. P.S. I don´t know if there is a band out there that Craig doesn´t have every one of their albums!!....Craig is a music knowledge machine!! PPS when I go into album buying mode again, I´m coming back to these top 10/20/etc threads. You guys have great taste in music, and a lot of knowledge. These threads are a goldmine to someone like me/us. James
  9. Hall & Oates

    Ok: 1. It´s a Laugh 2. She´s Gone 3. The Emptyness.....Oates is pretty strong here, especially live. 4. Rich Girl 5. Sara Smile....some days could be #1, great bluesy but catchy song, their first hit 6. Do what you want, be what you are....one of the highlights live, powerful song. 7. Kiss on my list - really a high level classic pop song, 8. You´ve lost that lovin feeling....thought they nailed it, even much better than The Righteous Brothers´ version. Couldn´t get enough of this song back in the day. 9. Back together again - back in the day I really like this one, would have been higher on my list back then. 10. I´m just a kid, don´t make me feel like a man Vinnie´s video of Todd R and Darryl doing "I saw the light" has been one of my favorite videos since I first saw it. LC, I too was bored by "Sara Smile" when it was on the radio. But soon after, it grew fast on me. It´s a great song. Great minds, again! Their 80s music was not bad, even kinda good, to me. But it became very different than the 70s releases and sound, and wasn´t what I had like about Hall & Oates.
  10. Wally Bryson Top 10 (Plus)

    Thanks LC, but I quit youtube as of this morning, for reasons. But I´ll look for those songs elsewhere. Looking forward to hearing them!
  11. Ok, cool guys, ABBA...

    Lew, you drinkin?? : )
  12. Hindsight is 20/20

    The band should make the name cool, no matter how goofy the name is. We forget how dumb some names are, ie: Beatles, KIss etc.....we forget because the bands have made those names cool by being attached to those names. I actually like Raspberries as a name, and will suspicion it did not hold their commercial success back. Just like the name "James" used to be considered nerdy when it was associated with dudes like James Bond, Jesse James, The James Gang etc. But when I rolled around, the name for some reason garnered a cool aura attached to it. Ok, please carry-on. : ) James
  13. Wally Bryson Top 10 (Plus)

    Just grabbed my one Fotomaker cd, and the disc is missing! Wanted to listen up to be able to rate Wally´s songs. Oh well, I´ll just do his Raspberries stuff. As opposed to Dave´s songs, I like every one Wally did for the group. 1. With you in my life - didn´t like it back in the day, today I see it almost as a pop masterpiece. 2. Might as Well - up there with Eric´s best stuff 3. Party´s Over - probably the most rockin Raspberries´ song, up there with any hard rock band´s stuff. So great. 4. Come around and see me 5. Last Dance - a really great song,..the fact it only comes in at 5 is testimony that Wally could write. 6. Money Down
  14. Top Rolling Stones songs

    Lot of their material I haven´t explored, but here´s mine just the same: 1. When the whip comes down, live version, from Dallas Texas, late 70s....to me it is the most quintessential Rolling Stones song that I´ve heard. 1.5 It´s only rock & roll....I always turn the volume way up when this one comes on. 2. Waiting on a Friend 3. Fool to cry....I love their bluesy sound 4. Just my imagination...they take this song to new and great heights, maybe should be #1 5. Memory Motel 6. She´s so cold.....another quintesential 6. Respectable.....ditto 7. Brown Sugar....one of the first 10 45s I bought as a kid. I remember as a 12 year old not being able to get enough of this tune. 8. Wild Horses 9. Under my Thumb 10. Far Away Eyes
  15. Radio's Most Played Songs Of All Time

    In my life, my travels, "Afternoon Delight" was only played a lot it its day....summer 1976 if I recall...and it was played a ton. Outside of 1976/77...I´ve almost never heard the song on radio. And I´ve lived in various places in the USA. So to me it makes sense it´s not on the list. P.S. Agree with Craig on Snowbird, have barely ever heard it on the radio since it was a big hit. BTW, I love both "Snowbird" and "Afternoon Delight". Recently purchased the best of Starland Vocal Band, and it´s wall to wall high quality stuff.
  16. Top Rolling Stones songs

    I came to "Memory Motel" late also. A few years ago. It was one of the crowd favorites live they say. Found this live version of "Gimme Shelter"....very VERY bad ass:
  17. Top Rolling Stones songs

    Gotta now go listen to "Gimme Shelter" after reading your post, LC. Maybe there´s something I´ve missed in that song all these years. "Emotional Rescue" came close to hitting my top 10....love that song. I overlooked "Hang Fire", a song I don´t hear much, but it should have hit my top 10, maybe top 5.
  18. Just learned that many died and were hurt by that explosion in Lebanon. Don´t now think the joke in my above post should stay. So Lew, I deleted it. (Lew reacted with his laugh prior to me deleting my post, so don´t think he´s crazy for reacting to a non post) P.S. you can still think he´s crazy for a lot of other reasons, but not for that. : )
  19. I´m doing this kinda quickly, so I´ll probably amend later. Also I´m just really in the beginning of my movie watching, never been a huge movie guy, so in a year or 2 I´m sure I´ll have watched a some movies for the first time that will enter this list. My list: 1. Ben Hur 2. Pelle the Conqueror 3. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 4. The Sound of Music 5. Romeo & Juliet 6. Love Story 7. Scrooge.....the one with Albert Finney 8. The Mission 9. The Black Robe 10. Sunshine....told the story of the Jews´ experience in Europe brilliantly, had the most difficult scene to watch I´ve ever seen, with Ralph Fiennes.
  20. I like it. Though if I had my druthers, as LC said, I´d prefer a cover to go from Eric Carmen´s version in the opposite direction of bubblegum.
  21. Your Favorite Duets

    "Bulletproof vest".....loved it. Thanks for the heads up LC....not familiar with either of the 2 artists, except for your mentioning Dave Stewart here.
  22. List of Grestest Stand-Up Comediennes...

    I´m no aficionado on stand-up comedians, but the ones that have made me laugh the most: 1. Rodney Dangerfield.....the best, for me, by a mile. I cry when I watch him do his thing on Carson. 2. Steve Martin.....King Tut alone puts him near the top 3. Dana Carvey 4. George Carlin 5. Jack Benny.....his cheapskate schtick can be funny as all hell 6. Eddie Murphy 7. Colin Quinn....kinda like Robin Williams, insanely quick mind, and funny 8. Robin Williams 9. Joan Rivers....never a dud, always entertaining Jim Carey and Chris Rock....hyper talented comedians, but have turned me off over the past years.
  23. Neil Diamond...

    Listening to Hot August Night / NYC....recorded at Madison Square Garden in 2008. It´s awesome. On some levels it´s better than the original Hot August Night, which is one of the best albums of all time. There are some of his "new" songs from the 2000s on this one, and they more than hold their own against the old classic stuff. His band and the back-up singers, and Neil himself, make every song on here better than the original studio version. For example, "Love on the Rocks"...a song I always only kinda liked,....well the live version here is great, stripped down and more organic, but still trumped up with some solos. Just great. Am enjoying this listen as much as I´ve enjoyed any listen to anything over the years. This dude is just so great. An American treasure. Uber talent mixed with total class. James
  24. Neil Diamond...

    ...top 10. I know a good part of his catalog, but still exploring a lot of it, especially the earliest stuff. But at this point in time: 1. Brother Love´s Travelin Salvation Show (live, from Hot August Night)..rocks harder than anything most heavy metal bands have ever done. 2. Hell Yeah (live) 3. Play Me (live, from Hot August Night) 4. If you know what I mean...I´m a sucker for a great Manilow style ballad 5. Be (from Johnathan Livingston Seagull) .....all of them combined 6. Marry Me Now...from his latest album, the album is wall to wall good-great.....the dude was getting better with age. 7. I am, I said....live version is best 8. Heartlight 9. Cracklin Rosie 10. Sweet Caroline