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  1. "Not Secure"

    Well, then, thanks a ton Kirk!...that's hugely generous of you.
  2. "Not Secure"

    I went to donate via the PayPal link here and they're asking for more info ( national ID card among other things)...than my company asks for from our loan applicants. If there is any other way to pay I'd like to contribute.
  3. "Not Secure"

    I'd love to contribute also. I'm due.
  4. #1 in Milwaukee

    Good stuff, good find Kirk.
  5. Got a cryptic note from Lewisa…

    Also, I need to report and admit back to you guys. One time Lewisa was napping, as old chicks do. But it was weird, not normal. Not normal at all. You see, as she napped she fell into a deep sleep, and started repeating the name "Kirk". She´d say "Kirk, Kirk, where art thou Kirk". (I know I´ve heard that somewhere)..... And then she´d start sweating and making groaning noises. I thought maybe she her legs were cramping up, but that wasn´t it, not sure what it could have been. I don´t think she was dreaming about Kirk Goudy. Come to think of it, she always got excited when she lurked here at ec.com and our own Kirk came on and posted something. Come to think of it, she´d get REAL excited. Hmm.. Hmmmm.......... OMG. TO BE CONTINUED
  6. Mick Rain-Pezband drummer-R.I.P

    Sorry, should have specified which album. I went to listen to their 2nd album (the one Lew recommended) and when I took it out of the sleeve I found the album was severed in half. So the one I listened to was their first eponymous album. I re-ordered the 2nd album. James
  7. Rick Springfield..

    Listening to his live album from 2000. It´s pretty darn good. He rocks and has melody and writes most all his own stuff. I´m surprised he never is mentioned when people are discussing the best of power pop. He should be in that discussion. What do you guys think?
  8. Mick Rain-Pezband drummer-R.I.P

    Good, probably better, need to listen a few more times. The lead singer sounds a lot like Eric Carmen.
  9. Mick Rain-Pezband drummer-R.I.P

    Will be listening today to my new Pezband vinyls. TO BE CONTINUED..
  10. Got a cryptic note from Lewisa…

    Careful Lew. Be careful. Please. Women are dangerous. You see I booted Lewisa from The James Harem. She had been a member for a long time, even though she is over 19, because we had given her an old chick hardship pass. Ok, no problem. We at The James Harem like to help out the less fortunate. But Lewisa committed an infraction recently that we were not able to accept, especially on top of the fact she got a good deal entering based on an exception...the old chick hardship pass thing. Anyway what was her infraction????. I´ll tell you: Lewisa, TWO TIMES, got in the way of the tv set while she was clipping James´ toenails. I´m pretty flexible, and stuff, but that was just too much. She crossed the line. Also when I timed her with a stop watch, her beer fetching times were slowing down. Not good. Not good at all. So we sent her off, with severence pay (her severence pay was allowing her to cease paying James the monthly fee required of all James Harem members). And we wished her well. So that is the back drop. She´s contacting you as she needs the 2nd string, real bad. Though I didn´t know, and I was surprised, she chose you as 2nd string. I figured you to be down the line a bunch more. Maybe 96th string. Actually I figured Lewisa´s 2nd string would be Craig Benfer, as he is a savage, and Lewisa LOVES savage dudes. Anyway, be careful Lew, scorned chicks are more dangerous than Pol Pot, or even more dangerous than Ginger when she´s turning on the heat to get something she wants. Gilligan had no chance, nor do I think you will. Your Friend, James

    I´m sorry for the loss of your dad, Doreen. Sounds like in you guys he had a great family loving him, and caring for him. I´m glad he´s in a better place. James
  12. AM/FM Trivia

    #4 is The Who.
  13. Definition of the Rolling Stones

    Ok, thanks Lew. Send him my/our best, and I´ll pray for him.
  14. Definition of the Rolling Stones

    Listening to this live album....1978 Dallas concert. Listening on head phones while doing mule-ish accounting work. Anyway, this album is wall to wall greatness. For my tastes, this is when they were at their peak, ...every song has strong jangling ripping guitars. I normally don´t like a lot of the Stones´ live versions of their songs, often seem a little hollow with Jagger not respecting melodies etc. But in 1978 they were doing it right and taking studio versions to higher levels. Songs like "Tumbling Dice" that to me are just ok-good....become very good-great with this live performance. Anyway, it would be great if LC were here, always loved his comments on bands like the Rolling Stones.
  15. If there is one song that defines the Rolling Stones for me, it´s this one, especially this live version. Guitars flying all over the place, Jagger is at his best with the lyrics. Ron Wood and Keith Richards sword fighting with their guitars is as good as any rock & roll guitar duo in history, imho: