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  1. Lemons to Lemonade

    Love the cover!. And Kirk, thanks, I´m ordering the cd from your link. James
  2. Lemons to Lemonade

    Went to buy a copy, but only sell digital copies. I only buy cds or vinyl. Anyway, thanks for the heads up Kirk. Nice song, great sound, we need more music like that! P.S. I will buy a kindle version of one of his Kiss books. James
  3. Ed King (Lynyrd Skynyrd) dies

    ...then they go into the subsection "Heaven Can Wait". :-) P.S. "Don´t want to say goodbye" might work also.
  4. Ed King (Lynyrd Skynyrd) dies

    Thanks Matt, I appreciate your posts as I don´t hear about a lot of these. P.S. Maybe we could have a separate section for these RIP notices, called "I Reach for the Light" ..?...or some other of Eric´s songs might work too. James
  5. I´d love to see it too. Good set lists. Hmmmmm......my home is on the beach (Pacific Ocean) here in Panamá. Maybe if I dive in the ocean today, I can make it to Japan for next year´s show??? :-) Anyway, thanks Naeko, and if any video is available, we´d love to see them!! James
  6. Paul McCartney "Fuh You"

    That 45 record looks SO cool,... grainy, shiny....I almost want to eat it!
  7. Paul McCartney "Fuh You"

    I know purists probably don´t like "With a little Luck" either, but I like it. A lot. Mainly the long album version with the long instrumental interlude, when listening to it proper - loud in a quiet place. Man!. I love good pop melodies from the least cool bands in the land (Bobby Goldsboro, Archies etc.) to the coolest of bands (Beatles etc.) in the land, and to me "With a Little Luck" is graced with a pretty great pop melody. James
  8. Paul McCartney "Fuh You"

    "Silly Love Songs" is a classicly great pop song. If we take off our "Cool" hats, and try to forget the song was overplayed to death in 1976, it´s really a gem of a pop song. I was bored by it back in the day as it was overplayed, but as the dust has settled over time I see it as pretty great. A great response to Lennon´s cynicism, great melody, killer bass, nice vocal " Linda and Paul harmonizing nicely against each other, ....just perfect Paul letting another exquisite melody that was in him flow out into record-ville so we all could enjoy it. "Let Him In".....not horrible, but for me a little boring and I normally skip it. "Beware My Love" - maybe his most underrated song? It´s my favorite of his. Good to see a post from Susie! Please carry-on. :-)
  9. Paul McCartney "Fuh You"

    It was kinda sad listening to that song. James
  10. Long window of brilliance

    "Hell Yeah" is one of those songs that is great in the studio, but great x 3 live, as can be seen from the above video. So awesome.
  11. Long window of brilliance

    Here it is, so so great:
  12. I´ve bought about 200 new cds this year, just expanding the collection. One I bought was Neil Diamond´s "Hot August Night, New York City", a live album recorded from 4 Madison Square Garden shows he did in 2008. It´s great, but one of the highlights, if not THE highlight, was "Hell Yeah" a song from his album "12 Songs" that came out in 2005. He closed with this song. And it was a stunning closer. He was not just giving charity to one of his newer songs. This song belonged as the closer! What came to mind, is how cool is it, that a man who has one of the most prestigious and prodigious catalogs of all time, a catalog he created over about 50 years.......how cool is it that this guy in his 60s (then) was still producing songs so strong that one of them warranted being a closer at his live shows. And that song was not an anomaly,...the full album "12 Songs" was very good. And the two albums that came after were even better! Anyway, just a quick thought, please carry-on. :-)
  13. Top Down Summer (2018)

    Neat, like it!...if the re-worked album is going to be released, I look forward to buying it. Thanks Señor Tommy Allen. James
  14. Eric's solo rankings

    ..also surprised EC Arista is averaging out at only #2.5....I always considered that quintessential Eric Carmen, his best effort by far regarding quality melodies...pure genius melodies, greatness wall to wall.
  15. Eric's solo rankings

    I´m kinda shocked Winter Dreams and Geffen are getting as much love as they are. They´re both good albums, but I always considered both a few steps below the first 4. But what the heck do I know?? :-)