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  1. Cranberries singer dies

    She was to the Cranberries what Eric Carmen was to the Raspberries. Like him, she had the melody gene in her, her voice was unique, worked great for rocking songs, and worked great for pretty melodies. Along with the Fendertones´ "Let Him Run Wild" cover, this video is one I´ve probably watched more than any other over the last 3 years. So great. RIP Miss Deloris,
  2. David Cassidy dies

    I loved the guy. A great singer, a really underrated actor. "I´ll meet you halfway" is one of my all time favorite songs. He was also really good and funny as Keith Partridge....., his interplay with Danny, Susan Dey, Mom Partridge, Ruben etc was entertaining as heck. Just an extremely likable guy who will be missed. RIP Señor David Cassidy. James
  3. Say No To Radio Edit

    Good thread Craig. I agree re: "All By Myself". Inspired by you guys, I´m going to go listen to the long version of "Wildfire", Here are some songs where, for me, the album version far outshines the 45: "Slow Ride", Foghat "Come Sail Away", Stix and "With a little Luck", McCartney (to a lesser extent) ...and maybe the greatest edit crime of them all: "Layla". James
  4. Tom Petty dies at 66

    "I need to know", "Here comes my girl" and "Runnin Down a Dream" are as good as it gets. His music was real, organic, straight from the Florida soil. Thanks Sr. Tom for your music, it seems like yesterday when I heard you on the radio for the first time, summer of 1977, when WCOL FM in Columbus introduced me to "I Need to Know". RIP; James
  5. Pop Art Live: Reviews

    That´s what I was thinking too Kirk. Truth trumps being cool every time, at least it should. If an album is wall-to-wall good/great, then just say it Señor Music Critic. Anyway, "I Can Remember" is their best song, IMHO. James
  6. The Infamous Sweet vs. Eric Carmen War!

    Lew was at his best (and that´s saying something)...and Bernie´s post with Obama wearing the Free Lew t-shirt was my favorite post of alltime on ec.com. Great GREAT stuff! James
  7. Pardon The Dust...

    The site´s design and layout is looking very clean, crisp and guapo (handsome). The best version to date, IMHO. James
  8. Happy Birthday Susie b

    Happy Birthday Susie! James
  9. EC Songs: Aventurine & Second Moon

    Yes, what Kirk said, and Naeko you look beautiful ... .....and so does 2nd Moon´s pair of hands Really good singing and playing, keep them coming Naeko and 2nd Moon! James
  10. Moderator Kirk!!!

    Viva Kirk!....he´ll be the best! P.S. Gosh, I hope Kirk doesn´t have anything against HAREMS....??..... :-)
  11. By Popular Demand...

    I love it ! Bravo ! ...and she´s got looks and charisma. Keep them coming Naeko. And tell 2nd Moon it was good seeing "her" (hands) again! :-) James
  12. Eric Carmen Birthday Live 2017 Vol.1 Vol.2

    Strong set list !.....several more "obscurish" songs that I love and would personally like to see in any set, but that you wouldn´t expect most bands to play. More evidence that the Japanese "get" Eric Carmen. Thanks Naeko! P.S. When are you going to post some of your own videos of you singing and playing piano? Rumor has it you are very good!! :-) James
  13. Eric'c B-day card

    This site is a high quality, and classy, edifice of Eric Carmen´s music. Where would Eric Carmen´s music be?...and where would the state of EC fandom be if this website had never been created by Bernie? KInd of shocking that of all the Eric Carmen fans still posting on the internet, virtually none stop by here....even once in a while. Out of respect to the work that has been put in here by the site´s founder, I´d think the site´s namesake would pop in......at least here and there. Anyway... Viva Bernie!......a man who is appreciated, but not to the degree he deserves. James
  14. Burton Cummings

    ...sounding as good as ever here last year, pounding the keys and singing the best boogie-woogie song of them all (IMHO). He´s still working hard, touring, bringing his music to his fans. I respect that.
  15. Hear me (Let me) Ou-ooot!

    Same words, but the music is different, so IMHO there is no copying going on. Both are good songs though! Good post Bernie. James