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  1. Ranking The Studio Albums: The Eagles

    Wow, I´d give "Long Run" a B+....the rest would be As - A+s. Also, for me, the Eagles´ brilliance is in their deeper cuts, though the hits are great too. LC, the star songs from "Long Road out of Eden" are the title tune, "Waiting in the Weeds" and "Do Something" ....at least for me. Waiting in the Weeds is probably the best, and really on a higher level than anything they ever did, musically. It reaks of genius and perfection. But I personally like "Do Something" even better. Nice message, and a beautiful melody. My ranking: 1. On the Border...songs like "My Man", "Ole 55" and "Is it true" push it to 1st place for me. 2. Hotel California......has more songs I don´t like so much than any of the other albums (Victim of Love, Life in the Fast Lane, and Wasted Time is just ok)....but its brilliant tunes (Try and love again, Last Resort, New Kid in Town)....more than compensate. 3. Deperado 4. Eagles 5. Long Road out of Eden 6. Long Run..."Those Shoes", "Greeks don´t want no freaks", "Sad Cafe"......my favorites from the album. First 5 are A - A+s. Long Run is a B+.
  2. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    The only 2 songs played a bunch were "Sweet Talkin Woman"...and "Turned to Stone".......I´d never heard any of the others till I played the album yesterday, with the exception of Mr. Blue Sky......I¨d probably heard that 2 or 3 times. You guys are better than Wikipedia!! Thanks for the info and you guys´ cool posts. I´m on a project to listen to ELO´s entire catalog. I´m sure my ratings will change after. I´ll post updated ratings down the road.
  3. Ranking Razzies with Pete Pardo

    James: 1. Side 3 2. Starting Over 3. Raspberries 4. Fresh ....and though Fresh comes in at the bottom, it would be the signature album for 90% of the groups out there.
  4. Wind Machine

    Really nice. Thanks Matt. P.S. Like Lew, my life stuff has a use for nice instrumentals like this. For instance, at the James Harem, during beer fetching trials, the members can get quite frustrated if their times are slower than hoped for. Playing this instrumental could work wonders in keeping them tranquilo, and thus bettering their fetching times. They win, James wins, everybody wins. It´s how I like to do business.
  5. Round Table Discussion In Heaven

    Not sure which post is old, which is current, and Sugarbabi was posting like 15 years ago, not 20 years ago. Having said that, Lew, that was one of the best posts ever!!!....thank you for the laughs!
  6. So cool, so rocking..

    What´s really cool on another level, is that these kids / young adults are "getting" (and enjoying) this song better than even we did back in the day, and they are Russian, and were born 25 years after the song was recorded!!
  7. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    He also arranged strings, and I believe he wrote virtually every song between ELO II and OOTB.
  8. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    My thing with bonus cuts isn´t reallly with the quality as much, although LC is right, there´s a reason they weren´t originally on an album. But my beef is this...even if the bonus cuts are great, they´re not part of the original album ( a piece of art to me ) so don´t throw them on the original album and compromise it. Or something like that. The Mona Lisa is the Mona Lisa, don´t mess with it, even if one thinks they can improve it. P.S. I´m listening to "A New World Record" as I type, and listening to the bonus cuts, and like the good hypocrite that I am, loving the heck out of these bonus cut!! : )
  9. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    Yeah, "Latitude 88 North" is a melodic gem. I hear an even better version with a strong chorus of harmonies, and a stronger pronouncement of that neat jangling guitar. But agree with you LC, this song (and this version) is as good as you stated it to be, at least. Today´s listen to OOTB was my first. And while I like the overall sound of the earlier period a tiny bit better, these songs might be inherently the best collection ELO put out, at least up to this album. It will take a few listens to solidify my opinion, but the album is much better than indicated by the 45s released back in the day. The 45s (Turn to Stone, etc) were good, but the album as a whole is even better, IMHO.
  10. Use of the Comma...

    When someone corrects my Spanish down here (usually when I am making up Spanish words on purpose)....I tell them: "How did the Spanish language get to where it is today?.....by Spanish speakers advancing the language forward. I am doing the same, just that I´m doing it a little better." : )
  11. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    I´d meant to attach LC´s post rating the specific songs on "OOTB". Not the rating of the albums.
  12. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    Really good review LC, reading it as I listen to the album. What comes to mind, is that the transition from vinyl to CD lost something important with respect to album sides, song order, what song opened say side 2 etc. Love how you articulated "Side 3" of this album. Sadly I wouldn´t know that as my CD doesn´t (obviously) have sides. Losing album sides was a bigger cost than most of us realize, I think. The album sides, with their song orders were part of the art that was a compilation of songs we then called an album, now call CD.
  13. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    Listening to "OOTB" as I type, I´m on the 4th song..."Across the border"......anybody else hear "Heroes and Villains" in this song?...p.s. I love it and the other non hit "It´s Over". P.S. the box set I bought has a bunch of text where Jeff Lynne talks about the songs, the music. RE: "One Summer Dream", he says: "I still like 'One Summer Dream'. Even my dad said 'nice chords'.
  14. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    LC, I the video won´t play ...says not eligible in my country. I mentioned I recently purchased ELO´s full catalog in a box set. I´m going to listen to "Out of the Blue" very shortly. My copy has "Latitude 88 North" and the 2 other bonus tracks. P.S. I´m kind of a purist (or dumby maybe) as normally I skip bonus tracks as to me they are a compromise to the integrity of the piece of art that is the original album, its songs, the song order etc. I know, I´m weird, but I will break my rule happily with "Out of the Blue". !!.....and let you know my opinion on the album and the bonus track.
  15. So cool, so rocking..

    ...pretty moving also. Kinda what rock & roll is all about. As good as anything I´ve seen on youtube ever: