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    ..Boats Against the Current

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  1. Affirmative LC, I'd love to hear The Fendertines do "My Girl".
  2. Ten Commandments(ec.com style)

    11. When James posts, all females, wherever they may be situated, must curtsy, facing in the direction of Panama. 12. After eating White Castle hamburgers, all members must, likewise, face in the direction of Panama. Ok, who's got #13????
  3. Doing Beach Boys....

    This one is a song I wasn't familiar with until I found these guys a few years ago. It's one of my favorites of their covers:
  4. Nets/Orlando Game...All By Myself Played

    Various Spanish versions are played down here pretty regularly. Heard it yesterday in fact.
  5. Nets/Orlando Game...All By Myself Played

    Maybe an opposing player was shooting a technical foul shot?
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bernie!!!

    Happy Birthday Bernie!!
  7. This one goes out to Bernie...

    I remember buying it. I'd seen the 45 of (maybe it was She did it" ) in the store , and I looked at the B side out of curiosity and what did I find, but for me new Eric Carmen material!!! I was fired up! I took it home and listened, and I loved the song, but it always had the B side stigma for me. It didn't deserve the stigma, but I couldn't shake it especially given that (at the time) Eric had decided not to put it on the "Boats....." album. That was the mind of James back in the day. Fortunately I've since overcome my B-side phobia. : )
  8. My Most Amazing DJ gig...

    They say Viagra is expensive. Most dudes down here in Panama don't have the incomes you guys have in the U.S. so it's difficult for them. But capitalism is again coming to the rescue. I'm thinking of developing a discount product, one that works even BETTER than viagra, and is accessible to the masses. I'm gonna get it in the drug stores down here, and make a ton of money. For those interested, here's a link to the prototype: https://www.google.com/search?q=photo+of+hillary&client=tablet-android-samsung&prmd=inv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi8yJjPjfXfAhVD11kKHd8YBmEQ_AUoAXoECAwQAQ&biw=1280&bih=800#imgrc=l1bOsnffsqudkM:
  9. I'd pay to see that. The guy is good. James
  10. Eagles' Sweet 16 (IMHO)

    "New Kid..." loses nothing of its studio version genius in this great live version. Sign of a great group who puts out great organic music. P.S. Frey makes the finals for the best male voice of the era. James
  11. Lew and Bernie settle out of court...

    Can't wait for February's!! ...and, pssst, LEW, you should call it "The new LEW review (coming right at you). For the name suggestion, I'll accept royalties in cash, or pictures of Lewisa dressed up like a librarian.
  12. My Most Amazing DJ gig...

    I was with you, Lew, beleiving everything, until the part about Pope Francis and Andie. That's when I realized it was just a story. There's no way, in the real world, that Papa Francis wouldn't have cracked a boner at the sight of Andie. Not possible. No way. Never. Nunca. : ) Please carry-on...
  13. Misheard Lyrics

    When Eric's COH album came out, my sister Dee Dee was 11 years old. I remember playing "Hey Deanie" for her, and telling her that Eric was singing "Hey DEE DEE won't you come out tonight.........". : )
  14. My Interview With Eric...Part 3

    (chanting)......LEW LEW LEW
  15. Pick 10

    Prior to the live albums, "I'm a Rocker" was in the bottom 50% of my ranking of the Raspberries catalog. But as you can see in my above list, I rank the live version close to the top. The live version is them at their rockin very best. So great. James