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  1. "Cruisin Music", to me, is the most underrated Raspberries song. It's got a melody that could come out of only a genius song writer......it's a perfect pop/rock gem. So good that it'd be the signature song of 98% of the artists out there. James
  2. I LOVE the album "Change of Heart". All songs score very good - great with the exception of "End of the world" which is just good. IMHO
  3. These guys were..

    ....talented. I liked their song "Afternoon Delight"....but they have better ones. Great vocals, vocal arrangements and strong song writing. I missed the boat with them back in the day. Anyway, this is a good one:
  4. Starting Over... A New Album Collection

    No, I grew up mostly in the 70s.....didn't like the Beatles enough to dig back in time to explore their music in depth. I prefer Paul Mac solo to the Beatles. I've bought 4 or 5 Beatles albums recently...added Abby today. Hope I passed the Inquisition? :-)
  5. As cool an album cover / package as I've seen....may have to buy it for that reason only.
  6. More Debate from fan’s about Eric...

    James, the Duke of Ec.com? :-)
  7. Starting Over... A New Album Collection

    Never owned Abby Road, just ordered it spurred by you guys' lists. Also ordered "Straight Up".... want more Badfinger in my collection....and if it sucks I know I can sqeeze a refund out of Lew. :-)
  8. Starting Over... A New Album Collection

    1. "Eric Carmen", 1st album 2. "Maincourse", BeeGees 3. "2112", RUSH 4. "You get what you play for", REO Speedwagon 5. "Side 3", Raspberries
  9. P.S. good thread, should have got more play!
  10. "Change of Heart" - A+ ....the duds he was wearing were the coolest ever. "Boats....." - A+ ....what LC said above. "Raspberries", "Eric Carmen Arista", "Side 3" - A "BTLY", "Starting Over" - B "Fresh" - C- ....didn't work at all for me on a couple levels. "Geffen" - D+ .... the cig was a cheap idea "Tonight You're Mine" - D-
  11. Another notch...

    I did the same, and you are correct, of course. But my sense is that many many artists (maybe a majority) from the 60s and 70s are in the same boat. Groupies (often under 18) swarmed them during post concert parties, during drug/alcohol infested situations...the culture allowed that stuff to go on to a high degree, so many many artists indulged with under age females. Some wrote about it in songs, not penitently. I think it was a rampant thing. No excuse for what he did (though there was no intercourse) ....but some perspective is helpful. Main point: It´s been 50 years, the guy from what I´ve read has confronted what he did honestly, and has been a doer of good since then. But the mob has no grace, empathy, understanding of human frailness nor will it ever cheer the redemption of a human being. James
  12. Another notch...

    Our culture, in 2019, is devoid of grace, forgiveness, empathy and the understanding that humans are very fallible beings. In the end, we are lacking the love we once had. James
  13. Another notch...

    ....in the belt of the mob: https://pagesix.com/2019/07/04/peter-yarrow-of-peter-paul-and-mary-pulled-from-festival-for-1970-conviction/amp/
  14. Gilbert o’Sullivan

    Have a good time Lew, and let us know how it was!!
  15. Wonderful song, best from that one of Eric Carmen´s lesser (but still good) albums. Anyway, what came to mind is that I´ve never heard a more perfect song for a movie theme. Nevaaaaa! James