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  1. Cool Discussion...GATW vs. IWBWY

    I like "Take it or leave it" a bunch, but think the production was too conservative, and so kept the song from reaching its full potential.
  2. Cool Discussion...GATW vs. IWBWY

    For me, the Lemme Out climax of "No Hard Feelings" is the hardest rockin, most electric 2 minutes of music in rock & roll history.
  3. Cool Discussion...GATW vs. IWBWY

    "All for love" is fantastic, maybe one of the most underrated songs ever...it oozes with talent and beauty. But "Sleep with me" I have to choose here.
  4. Good Review of Fresh

    Thanks Lew. Pretty good review, though "IRFTL" is a good song...don´t agree with him here...., but in the end, reviewers overthink stuff, IMHO....for me the songs are good - great, I love listening to them, and that´s what´s principally important. James
  5. I´ve played it a lot too. Probably in the end, it´s my favorite song of all time. But I have to economize on listens now because I can feel that soon I´ll have overplayed it and it will lose its salt, as has happened to me on many great songs of the past, overplayed by radio, or overplayed on my record player. James
  6. I'm in love..

    Nice clip Susy, now I 'm thinking that on my way back to the 1930s and 1920s, I may have to make a 1978 pit stop at the Rocky Horror production, and check out Susan Sarandon when the director had her dressed to optimally allow the male audience to enjoy a "nice return on her assets". : )
  7. Eric...Hypothetical Question

    Didn't get Eric including "Junior's Farm" as worthy of being considered junk. JF to me is in PM's top 5. Re Lost in the shuffle, I like it ok, but it's a little hollow and screechy.....I think it has more potential, if it had been produced differently. PS overall, I like Mac's solo stuff more than his Beatles stuff, and I think overall his solo career has been pretty amazing. James
  8. I'm in love..

    If I interpret your post correctly, Kirk is a dog, Lew is a non player, Tiberius hung out on Capri doing weird stuff, Caligula got a lot of chicks, but none willingly....and Spock looks like Ric Ocasek. Anyway, back to time travel, you know,, if I start daydreaming during my travel, and miss my stop, I may end up traveling back to the 1920s!..., and nesting up with Mary Pickford and Clara Bow. I could really dig IT, GIRL (get it ?) ...and it would be a mistake I could live with. AND....Given chicks always like to bitch at us males, these 2 actresses are especially attractive to me because according to the films I´ve seen them in, neither ever talks! Hot chicks who don´t talk, what a deal !!! ..................
  9. I'm in love..

    Thanks Susie, as Kirk is the ec expert here, you are the maestra of all things art and culture. And you also have good judgment, ie declaring that I have exquisite taste in stuff, cuz I do. But truth is, like most males, I too am a dog. For instance, earlier in the year I was in love with Susan Heyward, later Mary Astor.... and now Miss Hedy. I am afraid that if I find a time machine, and travel back in time, these 3 (and probably Vivian Leigh, Olivia de Havilland and some others) ...will get in a scrap over who gets to andar con James. I want to go back in time, but I dont want to mess up the romantic history of Hollywood. Things can be way too complicated sometimes. Any advice from Lew, or any of the other dogs...I mean SAGES...Here on ec.com would be appreciated.
  10. I'm in love..

    ...with Hedy Lamarr. It's true. Been watching movies from the 30s and 40, some starring her. But there's a problem. She was born in 1914 and died some years ago. So if anyone finds a time machine for sale, on e-bay, amazon...it doesn't matter where, please let me know. That's about it for me. . Any exciting new happenings in you guys' lives?
  11. Ringo 2020!

    Agree with what LC said about "Photograph"....for me along with "My Sweet Lord" and "What is life"...the best solo Beatles hits of them all. And I love "You're 16".......so great. James
  12. Great comments on Scott McCarl CD

    That´s a great one, loved it on first listen. Better than his writing contributions to the "Starting Over" album, IMHO.
  13. Great comments on Scott McCarl CD

    Wasn´t really familiar with it, but just read the reviews and they are stellar. I WANT THIS CD....but it´s going for $60 on amazon. Too much for this boy. Will put it on my cd waiting list. Thanks for the heads up Lew! James
  14. Knock Knock, Who’s There?

    Tell your professor chick friend that The James Harem has one slot open for an old chick (over 19), but she´ll have to apply, and the vetting process is difficult. Tell her if she wants a head start, she´ll practice her curtsy, her toenail clipping while not getting in the way of the tv, and her beer fetching speed. Ok, that´s about it, please carry-on : )
  15. Jennifer Nettles

    Recently bought her 2nd solo album from 2016, wall to wall strong songs. Really great. She´s not only as smokin as a female comes, she´s really a great artist. She writes or co-writes her own stuff. This one she wrote herself: