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  1. Jim Steinman dies at 73

    A monster talent, even if he´d done nothing but write the album "Bat out of Hell". RIP man.
  2. Bessieboo...?

    I always picture Bessieboo as the Madrina of Miami, on the beach, surrounded by a bunch of Svens who carry her around in her litter, and wave palm branches to keep her cool. I won´t mention what happens after the sun goes down. : ) PS Bessieboo, get your butt back here!!!! : )
  3. songwriter Barry Mason dies

    Strong version is Beagle's Craig!!...now I'm gonna have to look them up as I've never heard of them.
  4. songwriter Barry Mason dies

    About 1995 I ran an office in Chicago for the company I worked for. There were about 13 employees and all the desks were positioned in several rows of 3 out in the main room. My desk as the manager was in the back, center ..and my #2 man sat to my right. We worked hard and the atmosphere between all of us was more akin to the comradery of a football team than a finance office. I was about 35 at the time, and my #2 man Rob was only about 24...he was a big Italian dude, had played football in college, he was a great guy, full of life. Anyway we were working on a Saturday afternoon, just the two of us....when "Love Grows" came on the radio. Rob had never heard it, so I told him to listen close while I turned the volume up. He stopped working to listen to the song...throughout the song his head was bopping stronger and stronger as the song progressed ........until over the last 30 seconds he was fist pumping to the song with a smile bigger than a quarter moon. Pure joy he felt. It's maybe hard to explain, but it was one of the cooler memories of my life. Music matters
  5. songwriter Barry Mason dies

    Yeah, "Love Grows" when it's all said and done, for me, is the greatest pure pop song of them all. RIP, and thank you, Señor Barry. James
  6. Wally and Eric visit Fantasy Island (fiction)...

    Lew called Susie "Sue". For that, Susie did rue. So she got Lew back anew, By referring to him as ""Lou". James, 2021
  7. Wally and Eric visit Fantasy Island (fiction)...

    I remember that episode. The other story line involved a group of girl friends - Barbie Benton, Charo, Cheryl Ladd ..and Hillary - arriving together on the island to participate in a beer fetching contest.....where the winner was to win immediate entry into The James Harem. ..... ...or maybe that was an episode of Survivor??......I get confused sometimes. : ( Anyway.....good stuff Lew!!!!...I thoroughly enjoyed it. James
  8. My Cat & Eric

    My dog Cato cries when he hears "Shannon" by Henry Gross.
  9. Burton Cummings solo / Guess Who...

    This performance puts this song a bunch higher on my above list. Man:
  10. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    Pretty strong version!... and the fan's knew it.
  11. I agree. Sean´s version does some things for me, that are better than Eric´s version, like breathing more, being more organic and natural..and allowing a little "good chaos" in. It´s a good tune. But it´s also a little too teeny bop (I´m not against teeny bop but here I am)....I think he should have sung the song with a slightly more masculine voice, but he "Seaned" it a little too much, for me. Overall I´ll take Eric Carmen´s version over Sean´s version, so I´d have to say Sean´s is not the Shangri-la version we´re looking for. But I´m glad he recorded it, high-five to him for that. James
  12. When I hear the version that would be "Hey Deanie´s" potential realized, I think more of something like Edison LIghthouse ´s "Love Grows", or even another Tony Burrows sung tune, "Beach Baby". More sunshine, more upbeatedness, with a more powerful and uplifting wall of sound. Or something like that. But a crispier, rockier, edgier harder version with Wally hitting that guitar riff would be AWESOME also!...I hadn´t thought of that type of version. But it´s a great idea. James
  13. I think "Hey Deanie" also has not seen its best version recorded yet. To me the song has the potential to be a "song of the decade" type. Just needs the right group and right production vision. It´s like it hasn´t fully flowered yet. I love Eric´s version, just think there´s a better band and producer out there to marry up with the song to bring it to a full flowering. PS My list stays the same. A wall to wall very enjoyable album to listen to. My 3rd favorite behind the first 2 albums, although one side of me knows "TYM" is a higher quality album with more heavy hitting great songs. James
  14. The Greatest Opening...

    Don´t know, LC, but Bernie´s posts here make the thread. Some of the best posts ever here.
  15. Fine performance by Ronnie Montrose with Sammy Hagar

    Some pretty strong raw rock & roll, early 70s style. Zero b.s. ..just straight forward organic hard rock. Never heard it before today, but love it. I was a big fan of heavier rock & roll back in the day, but Montrose and some other bands flew under my radar. Good call Vinnie.