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  1. We're Not Alone...

    Eric´s twitter postings are a windfall for the spread of great music (his music) ....to the masses. It´s all good. James
  2. Claustrophobia...Help...Anybody out there?

    Ok, Lew....for the return trip, from my experiences flying, a couple pieces of advice: 1. Hold your pee, stay in your seat...and DON´T walk down the aisle to use the bathroom. If you´re anything like me, chicks in the aisle seats will take advantage and pinch your butt as you walk to the bathroom in the back of the plane. Last time I used the bathroom during a flight, I returned home with finger hickies all over my butt!!! Man. 2. If a stewardess is walking down the aisle, and bumps you with her hip,....in my case it always means she´s trying to get my attention, in your case it likely means she´s overweight and can´t help but hitting you (and the other passengers sitting in the aisle seats).. with her hips. When this happens to you, you should be kind and neighborly, and recommend to the overweight stewardess that she lay off the food a little, and burn more calories. I´m know she´ll appreciate your unselfish neighborly advice to her. 3. If you have a window seat and your plane gets hijacked to Ecuador, you will fly past my home on the beach here In Panamá. To spot me, look for a mushroom cloud ascending to the skies (I ate White Castle hamburgers last night)...and you´ll know you´re flying over me. Please be friendly and wave, and I´ll wave back. Anyway Lew, that´s it for now. I´ll add some stuff if anything comes to mind. : ) Hope you´re having a great time! James
  3. Happy Birthday, Bernie 2020!!!

    Happy Birthday Bernie! James
  4. Claustrophobia...Help...Anybody out there?

    Lew, concentrate on the positive, ie Sophie Marceau may be on your flight, and while walking down the aisle, to go to the bathromm, she coild have a wardrobe malfunction...right as she's passing your seat!!!.....oh man!!....I want to be on that plane!! : ) P.S. You will be fine, man, have a great trip!!
  5. Neil Peart (RUSH) dies

    I´m in my office posting this, 98.9 local radio station playing on the radio in the adjacent room where my employees work...playing wall to wall RUSH songs right now, I´m sure in honor of Neil Peart. RIP Neil, you were the MAN. James
  6. Wiiliam Shatner 1974 tour bus tour

    I followed him on twitter for a month or so, about a year or so ago, he was direct and brutal with his tweets, and very sharp tongued, ......in a good way, and to my liking actually.
  7. Who is the biggest jerk in music?

    ...but I do!!!!!!
  8. Who is the biggest jerk in music?

    The Eagles gave Felder equal ownership in the band, and its earnings before he´d ever done a thing. The Eagles had become big with their first 2 albums. Felder played on "On the Border" (3rd album) but wasn´t officially a member, until "One of these Nights" (4th album). In effect, he was gifted a lottery win by Frey and Henley. They made the Eagles big, Felder latched on for free, in effect. I read his book, and I´m a fan of Felder´s, but come frickin on! For Felder to cry victim is insane. He received more generosity (From Frey and Henley) than than practically any human has received since the caveman. To cry victim, and to get traction is nuts. James
  9. EC profile question...

    Lew, you´re a great American. : ) Please carry-on...
  10. Jackie Deshannon´s...

    Here´s another one from 1966 that really good, captures the 60s sound real well, and written by Warren Zevon!
  11. Jackie Deshannon´s...

    ..."Splendor in the grass". Nice little melodic 60s pop gem. She wrote it. They say she wrote it after watching the movie. She´s talented. I wasn´t aware of some of the good songs she wrote, including "Betty Davis Eyes" I believe The Birds are backing her up on this song.
  12. Heart attack

    California didn´t pay its internet bill??...maybe? Get out of there Kirk, come on down to Panamá!!
  13. Neil Peart (RUSH) dies

    PS Matt, the reports I just read stated he died of brain cancer. One source said he has been fighting it for 3 1/2 years.
  14. Neil Peart (RUSH) dies

    My favorite drummer and also my favorite lyricist of all time. They quit touring a couple years back, they didn´t mention Neil was sick, but they did say he was the most adamant of the 3 about not touring anymore. Maybe this was the reason? It´s pretty crushing, hopefully he´s banging the drums up there already, and we´ll get to hear him again one day. RIP Mr. Neil, you were a rock & roll warrior. James
  15. Returnees

    All hail....the one true Batman has returned to Ec.com. ´nuff said.