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  1. Todd Rundgren Utopia

    Saw this some time ago. Really good:
  2. Todd Rundgren Utopia

    When we do threads on the best pure pop songs, "I saw the light" should be one that's up there. A perfect pop song. James
  3. Maria, by Blondie

    Somehow I completely missed this one, had never heard it till this evening when a station here in Panama played it. It was the lead single from their comeback album in 1999. It is a gem. For me way better than any of the 70s or 80s hits they had.
  4. Please, James!!!

    Lew, here´s a new release from me, James. I hope it inspires you as it inspired me as I wrote it. Anyway, here it is: I ate a White Castle hamburger last night. In fact I ate eighteen. This morning my condo complex was evacuated, Not a resident now can be seen. Hark! the building gas detector´s needle, Rose and rose and rose, As my escaping fellow residents, Fled desperately holding their nose. Behold! The Fire Chief discovered, The source was my abode. I´ve now been banned from Panamá, To me someday they´ll write an ode. So I packed my bags, grabbed my dog, ..and ventured toward the west. Wondering where I´d rest my head, When I bumped into a large Latina breast. TO BE CONTINUED
  5. Please, James!!!

    HEYYYYY...wait a doggone minute! This thread is supposed to be centered on ME!....not Kirk!! Though to his credit, Señor Kirk is right about the place holder thing. :-)
  6. Craig, Birthday Boy

    Happy Birthday man! James
  7. I´m in that...

    Clara called me. She said when she read my poem, she could smell the testosterone burning off the computer screen. My face is still red. She also mentioned that she wasnt fooled by Lew trying to pass his poem off as mine, because all she could smell coming off the computer screen from Lew's poem was a sweaty chin.......4 of them. Clara then went into hungry-sultry-sexy voice mode, whispering to me that my poem motivated her to go out and get her 1st tattoo....... on her boobs! TO BE CONTINUED
  8. I´m in that...

    Pretty much how I would have reviewed the poem. She did a good job. BTW, I see Clara as being hot, even librarian level hot. I'll probably dream about her tonight. I hope she doesnt yell at me in my dream Chicks love to yell at guys like me, and most all guys for that matter. Anyway, thanks Lew!
  9. Waiting for Spring...

    When I lived up in the tundra we call the U.S., I always felt March 1 was a break through day, psychologically, for me, we´ve turned the corner and are heading for Spring. The 2nd milestone was April 1, at least in Chicago it was then I´d notice buds forming on bushes and trees, and I´d get kind of a natural high seeing those buds. Now? Shorts, t-shirt 24/365 :-) P.S. beautiful photo Susie, here in Panamá we don´t get to enjoy the Spring, I love our weather here, but I miss Spring and Fall, for sure. James
  10. I´m in that...

    Line 4 correction for my student Señor Lew: "as those penned by Kirk". Welcome. P.S. like those Eric Carmen covers on youtube that many scoff at, Kirk and Lew deserve credit for at least trying to emulate James.
  11. I´m in that...

    For those of you who I know will be inquiring, I think the key to my poems being of such quality, is that I write about real life issues faced by myself, and I´m sure by others also. There´s a certain genuineness about the poems, and I think the reader gets and appreciates that. Anyway, I´m glad to share. What is talent if it isn´t shared with others? Answer: Nothing, really. Anyway, I´m glad to see Susie and Lew and Kirk making an effort to be creative, like me. The world needs more art. I just hope they are patient, as getting to the level I´ve finally achieved takes work and time. But the good thing is the journey is fun. Anyway.... :-)
  12. I´m in that...

    ....period of life that, they say, represents a window of pretty intense creativity. My stuff keeps getting better and better. For those who question this, here is just one example: Roses are red, I eat White Castles. The resulting fruits can be, Quite embarrassing hassles. Behold!..I overheard, My laundry lady conveying to her friends, That James´ ´wares have skid marks, My red face will never end. Hark! Whatever happened, to laundry lady - client privilege? Of Peewee Herman, now James, The gossipers will take advantage. James, 2019
  13. New Avatar

    Hi Lew, it´s me James. Just wanted to ask who the dude is you dumped Tunes for? Thanks in advance, I´ll hang up and listen. James
  14. Strange knock on my door last night...

    Pssssst, Lew, it´s me, James!!!!!.....I´m contacting you to warn you that you probably shouldn´t let Lewisa in. Don´t do it, DON´T LET HER IN!! The problem is I don´t think she´s dealing straight with you, Lew. You see, yesterday, while she was plucking one of my 3 chest hairs, Lewisa explained to me that she´d just accepted a bet, a high stakes bet,.......... long story short - she´s gonna win a bunch of money if she can take a selfie with a male who has 7 chins!! Oh lands. So immediately upon giving me a "heads up", Lewisa knew what she had to do to win that bet, even if it was worse than jumping into a grease trap. She manned up, and bee-lined for your house, Lew. As she set off I heard her mutter: "LEW is FINALLY going to be able to pay me back for all those jumper cables I had to spring for while he and I were together". :-( TO BE CONTINUED....

    Reading Lew, Is better than taking a pill, Can't wait to read, The issue in April. James, 2019