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  1. McCartney concerts postponed

    Bruce Springsteen once said playing a full concert uses as much energy as playing a full game of basketball. Even basketball players hang up their shoes.
  2. Thanks AnneNR. I didn't know who "Boy meets Girl" was until I downloaded the video. I thought they were another U.K. flavour of the month pop band until I found out George Merrill was a serious songwriter from the USA who has written two top hits for Whitney Houston. Eric must have factored in his musical life. Both are tenors, both are classically trained pianists and both consider themselves popular songwritters. If you fall into those three categories, then eric Carmen is your "Ray Charles".
  3. "Waiting For A Star To Fall" by "Boy Meets Girl". This song MUST have been inspired by Eric Carmen!
  4. Under-Rated Lead Singers

    The Raider's uniform defended our country in 1776. Jan Wenner's hippies wore "silly costumes!The Walker Brothers have always amazed me. The lead singer has the best baritone in rock. You'll have to hear the albums. In northen England they play Walker Bros. all night in the pubs.
  5. Wallygate

  6. From Kay Bryson's Facebook Page

    Wally bryson on his own has really been a big disappointment. His luckiest break in life was meeting Eric Carmen.
  7. What Was It Like?

    There's a saying in the British Army "there's a Sargeant Major's baton in everyone's bag". So true, so true in Rock 'n 'roll as well. Not everyone can be a star, but important for everyone to be a good soldier. Rich Dix
  8. Bi Bi Clive, Bye Bye Happiness?

    Yes, the music business is like the Wrestling business...fixed! Labour had better do what management wants or you don't work.

    To a real mensch, Happy Birthday Bernie!! Love Sid
  10. Cash Box vs. Billboard

    The Cash Box chart was based on 45 rpm sales only but Billboard factored in radio plays as well. Remember, FM radio was progressive during the early 70's and what was left of AM was soft rock. SID
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIC ! *Aug 11*

    Happy 63 Eric! Above all, you are music. It did not abandon you!
  12. Jim Ever Get A Lead Vocal?

    Yes, earlier, at Italian weddings.
  13. Raspberries Finished?

    Eric was the best.
  14. Renaming Raspberries

    The plus side is whenever I spread raspberry jam on my toast I can't help but think.."Please...Gooooo all the wayyyyy"
  15. Renaming Raspberries

    I see a pattern here. The worst name for a great group, in my opinion, was Cyrus Erie. In fact Erie is a horrible name for your lake, it should be changed to Lake Ohio.

    Eh... Brian's the organ grinder...Mike's the monkey.
  17. http://tinyurl.com/6srlnlm Taken late 1966 in London. Neil Aspinall on right. These are previously unreleased photos found recently.
  18. Yes, that's Mal before he got lost in the mail.
  19. Confused on EBay

    Eric looks good in that picture.
  20. Good luck Paul. Just for the record, Beatles American wives-total success, British wives- total failure. Sid
  21. Jazz Chords?

    This reminds me of the time Robbie Robertson gave a young fan his first guitar lesson. "Robbie taught me how to play E A and D the rock chords, I'm not interested in C F and G, the folk chords", LOL Remember,class, one wrong note is a mistake, two wrong notes it's jazz. Sid
  22. Hello Eric and Bernie, I just purchased "Marathon Man" on Smashwords and love it. It's the classic bittersweet story of the music business. " If you love the ballet don't sit in the front row cause it ruins the illusion" comes to mind reading the ups and downs of Eric and the Raspberries. Just one question, how do I find the pictures that came with the book? Can I download them somewhere? Thanks in advance. Sid
  23. Marathon Man Photos

    Love ya!! Sid
  24. Sad news about Glen Campbell

    You're welcome
  25. Sad news about Glen Campbell

    Glen's alcohol consumption didn't help the old brain cell much either.