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  1. Pravda...oh the irony...nails it regarding Obama

    That was very disturbing. I feel sometimes like we've been thrown into the pool with our hands tied behind our back. Nancy
  2. Hey Deanie!

    I loved her in West Side Story!!! She was gorgeous and a great actress as well. Her death was such a shame at 42..... Nancy
  3. American Idol Redux

    This is a really great show tonight!! Jason Mraz, Rod Stewart, Carlos Santana and Keith Urban were just amazing. My poor cat's ears were twitching during one of those awards though-the girl that Simon said sounded like a cat going off the Empire State Building!!! GO KRIS!!!!!!! Nancy
  4. Favorite British Invasion Songs

    Better Things-Kinks Words-Bee Gees Concrete and Clay-Unit 4 Plus 2 We Gotta Get outta This Place-Animals The Kids are Alright-Who I think I lost my avatar
  5. "Go All The Way" From Don Kirshner

    OMG I could watch that endlessly! Eric's voice gives me chills Thanks
  6. Long-forgotten Top 40 Songs

    I didn't realize it was them back in 1971, but I recently heard Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling by the Fortunes on WCBS!!! Love that one.
  7. Your 5 greatest concerts.....

    I'm new, so hi everyone!! Ok, Elvis Nassau Colisseum 1973 Beatles Forest Hills TS 1964 Faces Capitol Theatre Port Chester NY 1972 Bruuuuce Giants Stadium 8/85 Bon Jovi Boardwalk Hall 2/03 Rick Springfield Playland Rye 8/04 Nancy