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  1. Hello

    Welcome LisaMarie.
  2. Blackhawks take it on the chin

    The refereeing was really bad - refs like to know they can have an impact on the outcome of a game. Not the way to go if you're trying to attract new fans to the game. And the Ginger(aka Soupy) was on the ice for the first four Detroit goals. Hawks will win the next one. GO HAWKS!!
  3. Artists Influenced by Raspberries

    I was writing my letter to Rolling Stone about last week's Raspberries R&R HOF VIP concert and had the following question: Who are the major artists that have pointed to the Raspberries as a major influence on their career? I know there are a bunch and it's been mentioned on here before - just want to make sure and get the biggest names. There's The Boss and Axl Rose. Who else? I've heard that Kurt Cobain is one but I don't know for sure. Thank you for your help! __________ BTW, here's some info that may be useful if you are writing a letter: From the R&R HOF's web site, here's what the Nominating Committee is looking for when evaluating potential nominees: 1. There's the 25 year rule of course: "Artists first become eligible 25 years after the release of their first record". 2. "Criteria include the influence and significance of the artist's contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll." Looking good on both counts. There's no specific mention of record sales thresholds or charting (music charts, Billboard etc...) - although it might come into play (deciding factors for some strictly pop-oriented artists, I am sure). Trying to build a strong case. Thanks again.
  4. 'Fly On the Wall'

    It's working now. I had both those pages up. Maybe there was some sort of conflict resulting in the vid not appearing on the second page. Thanks Marvin.
  5. Cleveland Rocks!

    Great review Bernie, thanks. And that sounds like a great evening for the guys. Bravo Raspberries and everyone involved!!
  6. Play On: 2009?

    A 'Play On 2009 - All Access' pass.
  7. 'Fly On the Wall'

    Are those road cases in pics 8 and 9?
  8. Your SECOND favorite male vocalist

    2. Paul Rodgers And not too far behind, in no particular order: Steve Marriott Bob Seger Gary Puckett Huey Lewis Brad Delp
  9. Favorite Female Vocalists

    Belinda Carlisle Carly Simon Sheena Easton Olivia Newton John Cindy Wilson Kate Pierson
  10. Rock Hall Set To Rock!

    Congratulations Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim, the Overdubs and the entire crew - everyone involved with the success of the Raspberries these past few years. You've all played a role in making this happen. Guys, give them a great performance and rock their socks off!!
  11. The Small Faces On "Beat Beat Beat"

    Great powerful sound. Gotta love that bass line.