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  1. Puddles Pity Party

    I assume some of you must have seen the brilliant Puddles Pity Party singing All By Myself on America's Got Talent this week? In case you missed it, here 'tis:
  2. EC Birthday Anniversary Live in Japan 2013

    Ah. Thanks for the clarification, Kirk. I'd be severely dumbfounded, not only as a fan, but from an entrepreneurial sense, to discover that EC was performing and not making the shows available commercially. Phew!
  3. EC Birthday Anniversary Live in Japan 2013

    I'm not clear about this. Are these live performances in Japan by Eric? or are they tribute shows by other artists?
  4. Hey, Bernie?

    I had heard he owned or built amusement parks, too. Smart guy.
  5. Overnight Sensation (Hit record) Version?

    Thanks, Matt. I usually don't grab all the Greatest Hits releases. I'll have to find this one.
  6. On the original vinyl release of the Starting Over album, the song "Overnight Sensation (Hit record)" ended with a faint little snippet of "Go All The Way". None of the CD versions that I own of this album have that coda. They all fade out. Does anyone know if that original version was ever released on CD? Thanks!
  7. ...singing ABM on the Daily Show? Ha!
  8. Just reporting: I saw The Beach Boys at the Santa Barbara Bowl last night and during the set break they played Let's Pretend over the house system. BTW, if you haven't yet, get Beach Boys tickets RIGHT NOW. You won't be sorry!
  9. Rock Super Session

    With no knowledge of this tour at the time, I spoke to Carmine about working with Eric. This was in 2008. It was just the two of us speaking casually—there was nobody else around and we were just hanging out. Anyway he smiled to himself for a moment and said how much he "really liked working with him." I don't remember much else in the way of details, unfortunately. Like I said, I didn't know about this tour at all back then. I thought we were only talking about "Tonight You're Mine." I got no sense of bitterness from him about it and I didn't get the impression he was just being careful in his speaking. Carmine's cool—the man, the mustache, the legend!
  10. Bladerunner

    I was just in Tehachapi last month! I think it's the largest windmill array in the world? Is that right? Anyway, simply amazing to look out over the rolling hills and see thousands of windmills of all different sizes spinning away. They looked like some kind of giant sunflowers in the breeze. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I77IrHEV2vk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gu3EyzOYpGY
  11. R.I.P....

    Just from what I remember—and I admit that I haven't kept up on my Knack trivia—I thought the big complaint the music press had was that The Knack's management simply bought them the Carnegie Hall gig as an extreme promotional move to connect the band with Beatles-size success. That is, they were not yet such a popular band that it "justified" the prestige of a Carnegie Hall performance. (And, of course, when many folks think of rock music in Carnegie Hall they naturally think of the Beatles.) If that is how it all went down, I can see how the rock press might perceive it as presumptuous & crassly ambitious. That type of thing never went over well with writers who "believe in the 'true spirit of Rock and Roll.'" Whatever they thought that meant...
  12. http://cgi.ebay.com/ERIC-CARMEN-QUADRAPH...12#ht_711wt_941 I just found this. I never knew that this album had been mixed in quad! I never owned a quad system, but I've been fascinated with surround sound. Considering the lush arrangements, it would be amazing to hear in 5.1 Surround DVD audio. The chances of that happening are pretty slim... Does anyone here own this? Please tell us about it! PS: Eric, were you in on the quad mix?
  13. We Are The World - 2010 update

    Yeah, I won't buy a charity single for Haitian relief until they come up with something better than the spectacular, genius, zeitgeist of "We Are The World." Is that why people bought it 25 years ago? Because it was such a great tune? I don't think that was the point.
  14. Brief History of the Mellotron

    Back before Cheap Trick was born, Rick Nielsen was, himself, the first and sole Mellotron dealer/lessor in the entire USA. I'm not sure what years he had the exclusive contract, but it's very probable that the Raspberries had to rent their Mellotron directly from Rick. Just a fun fact.
  15. RNR Hall Of Fame Nominees

    On the other hand, the 'berries don't have a pitbull like Gene Simmons calling Jan at home and at the office every day...