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  1. 20 Years of EricCarmen.com

    Happy 20th!
  2. Eric, A Married Man!

    Congratulations on the marriage-- (-what amazingly nice posts)! Wishing you two every happiness!
  3. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Happy Birthday, Eric!
  4. Happy Birthday Cynthiaalma!

    Happy Birthday!
  5. Eric wear the coat

    That's a really nice picture. A classic.
  6. Eric Carmen Goes All The Way

    That's an interesting interview and article.
  7. Boats' Secret Weapon: David Wintour

    Amazing. Musician's work.
  8. PLAY ON! Power Pop Heroes

    The book includes a forward by Eric Carmen. That is a nice writing credit.
  9. Paul Revere Dies at 76

    I did too. From the top picture, it looks to me like Mark Lindsey is the guy on the end of the top row, right--from the hair and face! Isn't he 1/2 Cherokee Native American? That would leave Paul Revere the guy in the bottom front row center in the hat with the moustache. Is that it? I'm only guessing.
  10. Prayer request for Muzza.

    Please get well soon!
  11. Request for A Raspberries Encore!

    I would think that perhaps both the Raspberries and Eric Carmen would merit nomination or induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I would wonder how the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would decide to include the artists; either as a band or a solo act. I wouldn't think that the Raspberries would be overlooked as a rock band or that Eric Carmen would be perceived as a balladeer.
  12. awesome mix

    "Awesome" is a new adage. It is young. Young people may take notice of the title.
  13. Were Raspberries ever on American Bandstand??

    Thanks for transcribing the American Bandstand interview! Three times guests on AB--the broadcasts must have been classics.
  14. Robert Downey, Jr.: "GOTG Best Marvel Movie"

    One of the best actors ever thinks this is a Marvel movie to see. That's a recommendation, for certain.