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  1. Journey

    You were all correct. Journey was fantastic last night. Had a great time. Neal is absolutely amazing.. unreal. The entire band was wonderful.. If you get a chance to see Journey. Do it! Arnel is very energetic and his voice is awesome. The place was rockin'! We went to a sushi restaurant afterwards, and the band was there having dinner. (What are the chances) I was thinking about going back and thanking them for an awesome show. But then I decided, that they were there to relax, and probably wouldn't want to be bothered. I didn't want to be rude. I must be getting old!!
  2. Bagpipes On "Tonight You're Mine"

    Hi Drupelet, Sorry I am late to this string, but from one Scot to another...... I was 10 in '76 and my family had just moved from Scotland to California. This began my love of AC/DC!!! On another note, there was no opening band for Journey last night, and this song was playing as we walked into the arena in Honolulu. PERFECT!! Aloha Laura
  3. "Clearin' Your Head"

    boopell Funny, I am jealous of your garden, Here in the city it is mostly apartment living. I would love to have the flowers that you do. AnnaR Have a great time in Maui. I've been there many times. Maui is much more relaxing, and there is a lot less traffic than Honolulu. Have a blast!! Aloha Laura
  4. "Clearin' Your Head"

    I remind myself daily to count my blessings, as there are many. GRATITUDE-that's what always clears my head and makes me smile.
  5. Journey

    Thanks Tim- Will do! I never got to see them in the 80's when I was a teenager. I wish I could have seen them with Steve. Or maybe I did- The late 80's are a bit of a blur:)
  6. Journey

    Next week I'm going to see Journey here in Honolulu. Wondering if anyone has seen the band with Arnel as lead singer - any thoughts? I think Neal's guitar work is fantastic!!
  7. The Animal Rescue Site

    New here Lisa and have begun the daily click! Click, click clicking away, added to my favorites! My cat is a rescue.
  8. Paul Sidoti on NZ TV

    Congrats on your success Paul.. My daughter has turned me on to Taylor. You are all very talented. There are few vids up already on YouTube from Sound Relief Sydney. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBNgbIwjQFQ
  9. Michael Jackson / 50 Shows

    I have stuck to the music threads so I don't have to deal with the Catholic debate. Why would you post such a thing under Cruisin Music- Seriously... go to Cartoon World!!