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  1. Marathon Man: Remastered

    Looking forward to it!
  2. Overnight Sensation: The Story of the Raspberries

    The book is amazing....It even contains a copy of the very first Raspberries article I ever read!! I also love the selections of sheet music. Back in the day I could go to my local music store and find the sheet music for the latest songs. Pretty cool to see Tonight and Overnight Sensation in the book. It's a great compilation of interviews, articles, pics and well..yes....some text does require the magnifying glass. lol For me, it's the big, heavy duty coke bottle/thick magnifying glass!!! These days I can't see much without the ole contacts or glasses......BUMP!!! oopS! Sue...aka Mr. Magoo I'm very much looking forward to the new edition MM, too.
  3. I just received my copy of OVERNIGHT SENSATION: THE STORY OF THE RASPBERRIES by Ken Sharp and I'm so excited! It's (raspberry) JAMMED full of cool pics, photos, info and even sheet music! I wanted to post this and let you know how happy I am (what can I say, the Raspberries make me happy!) and I am now going to go sit down and check out the book properly! lol I'm very honored to have this book in my library! I know I sound like a geek, but music is in my blood and I'm very passionate about the bands I love! I can't wait to order more from Raspberries online! Sue
  4. Merv Griffin

    OMG, I used to do that!! I'd have to *shush* everyone in the room so I could get a clean tape without any talking. Adjusting the volume so the tape would come out sounding good was a gamble, but wow, those days were fun. I even have some old reel to reel tapes before I got my first casette player! Those were a pain to thread..... Old? Who "moi?" lol
  5. Merv Griffin

    AWESOME pic!! Eric does look happy! LOL Sadiis, don't feel bad, I can't remember much these days..my one little pathetic remaining brain celll is sputtering...LOL But it IS because we were way too young then. I agree! haha! Those were such great days and the pic sure cheered me up today!!
  6. Your Most Prized Raspberries Possession

    Yes, please feel free, I'd love to see that pic, too!
  7. Your Most Prized Raspberries Possession

    Wow, thanks! And drooling I am!!!
  8. Your Most Prized Raspberries Possession

    *pause while I wipe the drool away* Wow, you guys! I'm loving this thread! You have some amazing collectibles!
  9. Your Most Prized Raspberries Possession

    All the original LP's. And a few vintage articles from rock magazines that I saved. For current items, I'd have to say the Japanese mini albums. How did you guys get the guitar strings???? Do they put random cool stuff in those packages? Time to rob a bank!!! LOL Or win the lottery...lol I'm a bit out of touch due to a bad bout with CFS...and so I haven't been teaching until I get out of this and go back into remission, so I can't buy all that I want, which is REALLY frustrating! But I'll catch up......!! Cool about the guitar strings....especially for a diehard fan and guitarist! I'm like a kid in a candy store here!