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  1. Kinks on Sirius Underground Garage

    Got 'em, added to the list, GMan... I knew this was the right place to come for the answers! I've never been a "hit list" person, so I never gave too much credence to the Kinks. Oh sure, I always knew they were much more than a one hit wonder. Just didn't know where to seek... ...Hearing that tune on the radio today told me, "Babe, there's more to this... You need to find out." SAY before I sign off, I want to say something cool that XM did (never heard from 4 yrs. of Sirius): Arlo Guthrie - The Motorcycle Song. Blow me away! XM got my favor on that! Kelley
  2. "Led Zep's Paul Rodgers"

    Well, that AIN'T gonna happen, Danny. But you knew that. Kelley
  3. Kinks on Sirius Underground Garage

    Thanks, Ira - I wrote them down. Since I got this new Tahoe with a 6 CD changer, I've been crazy for Walmart downloads. I'm having more fun buying and making my own CD's than I am listening to XM. Kelley
  4. "Led Zep's Paul Rodgers"

    Well, there is a line that isn't good to cross. David Lee Roth personally ruined every Van Halen show I ever saw. I also point to Aerosmith as an example: Some of their dependencies got so bad by the late 80's that they stopped touring and putting out new music for a while. After they got cleaned up they got "Back in the Saddle" and I applaud them. I finally got to see them live about 2 1/2 years ago and I was blown away! They entered the floor from the rear, pranced down the aisle carrying a HUGE American flag, hopped up onto the catwalk, and nobody sat down for the rest of the show. What a great night! It was the 2nd best act I've ever seen - right behind the Page & Plant shows of the late 90's. Kelley
  5. Steven Tyler / Led Zep - Huh?

    Tim, I'm going to remain optimistic that tickets won't be that bad. Some of them wil be in the 4 figures, no doubt. I'll be looking to sit in the lower balcony for under $200. Kelley
  6. "Led Zep's Paul Rodgers"

    Daisey, I think that song is okay. I think I'm tainted against it though because Paul Rodgers stayed drunk for that whole tour and I don't have a lot of appreciation for that. Page wasn't in the best of shape himself but he managed. I am always so happy for people when they kick their demons and let their talent shine through again. Kelley
  7. I have Sirius & XM (both with dedicated Zep channels for now!!!). On Sunday mornings I play Sirius' Underground Garage because they have Breakfast with the Beatles now. Honestly, I prefer Sirius which is what I have in the house, but I won't snub my nose at XM since it came with the car. After the Beatles went off this morning, the Garage played a Kinks tune I've never heard before - "I'm Not Like Everybody Else." I LOVED it! Can any of you perhaps steer me to more Kinks I should investigate??? Kelley

    This is very interesting stuff indeed.I'll go to the show regardless, but I sure hope Plant gives in. Kelley
  9. "Led Zep's Paul Rodgers"

    Ira, I caught your meaning. The title of the subject line had me prepared to hear you say Page was going to go out with Rodgers again - Which would not be cool. The Firm was crappy. Not that Paul Rodgers could sing Zep anyway, though Chris Robinson did a great job. But No, I don't think it should happen at all without Plant. I admit I don't know anything about this Kennedy guy (though I liked Creed), but there should be no other frontman under the name Zep than Plant. When Robinson sang Zep, the groups toured as "The Black Crowes with Jimmy Page." The first half of the show was all Crowes tunes and the 2nd half Zep. They did a lot of Physical Graffiti, which, I think Plant was afraid to sing by then. Did they play any at the O2 last Dec.? Page & Plant were FABULOUS in the late 90's (saw that show 3 times) but no Physical Graffiti to speak of. Kelley
  10. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    I'm #140 Kelley
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIC! *Aug 11*

    Enjoy the day and here's to wishing you many, many more! Kelley
  12. Rare Photo of the Week

  13. Free Speech: Not Online

    I'm the new kid so I'll sit this discussion out. Except to say - something only generally relevant - that I co-manage an MSN Board that started as a Prodigy group 16 years ago. Over the years there have been a couple of times when a thread raised the dander on some of the members. But after all this time we are still together as a cohesive group. I can tell you guys are also a cohesive group. You are a very smart and eloquent group too. I enjoy "talking" with you. Kelley
  14. Some Cheer Up Election Laughs

    That is pretty good. Some 20+ years ago I was talking with a few Brit acquaintances who said they thought it was ridiculous that our campaigning goes on for so long. If I remember correctly, their election campaigns are only 5-6 weeks long. While I think the English way is much too short, I agree they have a point that our system drags all this out WAY too much. Kelley