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  1. 7 Minutes With Eric Carmen

    Fantastic Interview! Wish it was longer, but even seven minutes with Eric makes me feel like I'm in..."Seventh Heaven" !
  2. From Kay Bryson's Facebook Page

    Mine either, Beth...I was only 11! Now, 1984 might have been a different story...
  3. Does anyone who bought "The Essential..."...

    I love it all, Eric! When I received my package, containing "The Essential Eric Carmen", in the mail...I felt like a "kid in a candy shop", tearing it open. Then, when I opened the CD case, and slipped out the booklet, I was taken back to my childhood once again, reminiscent of what it was like to tear open a box of Cracker Jacks, how I would dig my hand deeply inside the box, and that thrilling moment when I peered into the palm of my hand, on those lucky instances when I discovered the best prize ever tucked inside! The photography speaks for itself...rarely have I ever seen a bad photo of you! I especially love the photo on the inside flap of the cover, and the one further in the booklet, on the page where there are quotes from Courtney Love, and Slash (I posted that shot in the gallery here, after I saw it included in the Houston Press article)! I also liked the cover photograph, and how it was selected from the same photo shoot as the cover of "Marathon Man". I read that Bernie picked the photo of you, with the collar folded down on one side, because of the imperfection, whereas the cover photo for "The Essential..." is pretty much perfect...Just like the entire package of "The Essential Eric Carmen"! One of my favorite things about the book, "Marathon Man", is the section in the back, titled, "Musical Rorschach", where you commented on practically every song you had ever written (up to that point). Imagine my delight, as I began thumbing through the booklet in "The Essential...", only to discover more of the same intimate touch, as I started to read the comments from you. numbering every track, taking the listener inside your mindset when writing each individual song, along with stories and snippets of your career at that particular point in time. To me, it added so much to the pleasure of listening to the discs, to be able to read your entries, while simultaneously listening to every sublime track! Another part of the booklet and back inside cover lining on the case that I adore, are the photos of your handwritten lyrics. Just as I was intrigued looking at your handwritten lyrics, and "scratch outs", in the "BOATS Blog", to my favorite song of all time, "Boats Against The Current", I loved seeing how other songs, such as, "Tonight" and "I Wanna Be With You", evolved into the finished gems they are. It was also so neat to see excerpts and quotes from so many diverse and talented artists in the booklet, mutual fans of yours, who have been influenced by you and your music through the years. I really feel like the overall attention to detail of the add-ons...From the photography, to the booklet, its commentary, and liner notes... Come together to make the entire package cohesively combine, and take the total experience of listening to "The Essential Eric Carmen", to a whole new level! Thanks so much for giving us listeners so many delightful, unexpected bonuses!
  4. "Run Away" & another soundalike?

    I'll have to agree, Matt, there is an uncanny resemblance at the beginning of the two songs. Not sure if you were referring to who might have been influenced by the other's song, but, I'm thinking it may be the other way around. According to the liner notes, Eric's, "Runaway" was written by 1976, and released on the 1977 "Boats Against The Current" album. Without seeing the credits on the Pablo Cruise album, according to Wikipedia, writing credits to the song, "Runnin" are given to band members, David Jenkins and Cory Lenos, but doesn't state when the song was written. We do know the album, "World's Away", was released in 1978...After Eric's "Boats Against The Current" album.. They say, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery', and it appears in this case, if we compare the names of the two songs, in addition to the sound of the music at the beginning on both of the songs...This might very well be true!
  5. Waking Up Singing

    Welcome, Cheryl! I'm from Kentucky. It's great to hear your wonderful "Eric story"...And, to have a fellow Southern girl who has rediscovered her love and appreciation for Eri's great music! Elle
  6. ...And Today's Houston Press...

    Fantastic article, Eric! Bernie's already posted it, including some replies, in the, "That's Rock 'N' Roll" forum...
  7. ...And Today's Houston Press...

    Now THAT'S a well-written review! While I'm grateful of all of the attention from the media outlets currently being given to Eric, I have to give kudos to Bob Ruggiero, for giving us a concise, yet comprehensive article, providing readers with an engaging retrospective of Eric's career to date. As a fan, I find refreshing affirmation in a reviewer who has the ability to provide valid, "essential" , information...All, in a condensed "snapshot", of the artist(s) or group, in review. And, while I recognize the difference in an interview-based article review, versus a completely subjective musical review, this Houston Press interview has accomplished the goals of a great article, IMO...Giving the reader a glimpse into the "magic" that makes up the real, Eric Carmen. Speaking of "snapshots", the photos in the article (minus the "Tonight You're Mine" album cover )...Like this one of Eric, in 1976 , don't hurt to garner the attention of current and prospective female fans of all ages!
  8. Hello from London, Ontario Canada

    Welcome, Teresa! You're so right! First, Eric's sublime music gets into your head...Then, it gets into your heart !
  9. SO true, James! Many thanks to Dave ( LobsterLvr), for starting the thread, "Renaming the Raspberries", and to Duane, for "spurring" Eric's memory enough to entice him to start this thread, and share these amazingly detailed recounts of his career! I've told Eric many times he needs to write a book...With his effortless and enthralling writing abilities, Eric could easily add "Best Selling Author", to his list of impressive achievements!
  10. Got Milk? ads

    I'll have to admit, I'll miss those milk moustaches...It was a truly genius campaign! Here's the new, "Milk Life" commercial...Bravo, Bernie!
  11. Kirk, May I be so bold and edit that comment to, "HOT DAMN!!" ? Can't wait!
  12. David Foster...digs Blackhawk Pat!..

    WOOP! WOOP! We all know David Foster is a genius songwriter and producer...But who knew he had such good taste? Yay,Pat...It's a great song!
  13. Congrats to Bernie

    Congratulations, Bernie! We are so fortunate to be blessed with such a creative genius here. So, in your honor, I'm bringing back my personal "Got Milk?" campaign...
  14. "Brand New Year" Free Download

    Thank you so much, Santa Eric! I've been listening to it over and over. It's beautiful, and as always, your lyrics never disappoint. Plus, it's a ballad. And, we all know how much I love your ballads! What a sweet Christmas surprise! Hope you and your family have a very special holiday and New Year. I have a feeling I know what song I'll be listening to around the stroke of midnight this New Year's Eve...It might even be the start of a lovely "New" tradition! Thanks again, Eric!
  15. Coming Very Soon...

    You always were a teaser , Eric...And an excellent one at that! I loved it, and can't wait to hear "Brand New Year" in it's entirety!