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  1. It's Eric's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Eric 🎊🎂🎊 Health and Happiness Always!
  2. Happy New Year!

    This was an awesome surprise to start off 2019...Happy NewYear and thank you Bernie..❤
  3. Happy Anniversary times two!

    Great looking couples..Happy belated Anniversary to you all
  4. Canada's HMV to close

    Oh man...sorry to hear that Matt, but thanks for the heads up...pretty much the only music store left in our city..
  5. Happy Birthday, Bernie!!!!

    Wishing our creative genius much love, luck, health and happiness on this your special day.
  6. Change Of Heart Promo Poster

  7. George Michael R.I.P.

    This one was tough for me..not much eighties music really did it for me, but George Michael had some great songs. Not just his fun little ditzy things...the serious ones like Praying for Time and Teacher..just kill me... Way to talented..to go way to young ...RIP George ...
  8. Eric, A Married Man!

    Sometimes it seems like a forever search...but when we find our true other half...its magic.... May you and Amy have forever magic.....Congrats to you both ... Valorie
  9. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    I remember.....when you told me about Bernie's site dedicated to you and your music Eric...it was only one of the many memories you have provided to me ... so in return may I wish you much music, love, peace and happiness, surrounded by the ones you love always...Happy Birthday Eric , Valorie...
  10. Happy Birthday, Hossy!

    Happy happy Birthday Hossy,,,may your day be filled with love, music and of course baseball
  11. Happy Birthday LobsterLvr!!

    Happy Belated Bday Dave..hope your special day was awesome...
  12. George Martin R.I.P.

    What an amazing life this man lead..what great gifts of music he has left us with...Rip Sir George..:(
  13. Never Say Die!

    I think this song is verrry cool....have it on my ipod and listen to this hidden gem often :)
  14. My mother dies R.I.P.

    My sincere condolences to you and your family Matt...
  15. HBO's Vinyl: Featuring Raspberries!

    Agee its a very 'New York' kinda story..didn't hook me so much,,but will watch at least till episode 3 to see the boys....