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  1. New York

    Hello again everyone Bonsoir Lew, comment vas tu? I used to say my favorite song was Lets Pretend but since NeW York I am really leaning towards I can remember.All by Myself brought tears to my eyes as that is the album I went through my teens with. Boats against the current, was my album. By the way Marcus we never shared headphones I would sneak them when you werent around as I did your Lps or I would have to run really fast!Love you too! Hope everyone is well. What is everyone doing for Halloween? Suzie I am really looking forward to seeing those pictures especially the one of me and eric. Au revoir et a bientot Francine
  2. Hello From New York

    Hello Everyone Sorry it took me so long to long on to the site. I have no life since I went back to school part time. The raspberries music keeps me sane! A great big thanks go out to Marcus my big brother for a weekend I'll NEVER forget!A great big thank you to suzie for making my dream come true. I never thought I would get to meet eric after so many years of going gaga over him.I cant wait to see the picture we took together! Hello to everyone from new york, new jersey, boston and london. I'm sorry I cant remember everyone. Hi barbara and hubby, maggie and thanks again to the kindness of new jersey girl who made sure I got my flatbread( sans champignons) To eric c'etait vraiment une reve a te raconte! Francine