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  1. Why We Love Marvin

    Hi all, Haven't been on the board in awhile. Wanted to say hi and happy thanksgiving. Lisa
  2. Newest Member: Brooklyn Lisa

    oOPS, think I hit send too soon. I was trying to say that I have a MANHATTAN accent really - not a Brooklyn one so much. Hmmm. Possibly an English accent from listening to soooo much English singers music. Like Rod, Mick and well, Rod and Elton, and well, Rod. Did I say Rod enough?
  3. Newest Member: Brooklyn Lisa

    Oh and I definitely agree with Diane - they just listen wrong, I don't speak wrong.... Besides I really have a MANHATTAN
  4. Newest Member: Brooklyn Lisa

    I really liked the reference to the UN never having it so hard. Way cute.
  5. Newest Member: Brooklyn Lisa

    Thanks to all who responded, commented, wished me well and made me feel very welcome as the newest member on the board. I am off to Virginia Beach for a few days, and don't know how internet accessible I will be, but I will sure try to be and you all will certainly be in my thoughts!
  6. Newest Member: Brooklyn Lisa

    Heah MaryJane, No problem, next time we do the limo thing again! Maybe we won't be so lucky but maybe we WILL! Maybe we will be even luckier!!!! Lisa
  7. Newest Member: Brooklyn Lisa

    Thanks Marvin, I had a great time seeing you again, and all the new friends too. Hello David (aka Louie), Rod, Tommy, (B-Day boy), Mary Jane, Dianne, and everyone else whose names I can't recall and to Mitch too!!! Heah all ya, come to Brooklyn sometime.