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  1. 'Fly On the Wall'

    Congrats Guys!!! I just got off the phone with my daughter Tanya (Eric and fans will remember her as the one who designed and circulated the poster before the State Theatrs show in Cleveland.She attended last night's re-union concert in New York city's Radio City Music Hall, of Sir Paul MacCartney and Ringo Starr. Needless to say, she was left breathless. But in spite of that momentus occasion, she couldn't help talking about how blessed she was to meet the "Berries", her daddy's favorite band, in Cleveland in 2007. I still remember all my kids, (also step kids, and lovely wife Christine's) faces as they got to meet Eric, Jim. Dave, and Wally, after listening to their music over all these years. You guys deserve all of the praise thrown in your direction, and I want to thank you once again for the graceful way we were recieved after the show at the State Theatre. Timeless, melodic masterpieces are Raspberries tunes. I'm so glad that they are getting the recognition they deserve!!! Marc P.S. I have not given up on the potential of a Canadian show. Hi Al!
  2. Blackhawks in the Playoffs

    Go Habs Go!!!!!! Marcus
  3. When God speaks to you...

    Hey! Don't paint us all with the same frozen brush! Anyway, Cartmill & Bundles, you guys are hillarious! Honest, and to the point. Refreshing. Sometimes, the louder the protests, the closer you must be to the truth. Keep it coming!
  4. Springsteen Performance

    Just read posts from the other thread. I guess some others heard some of the same off key notes. It's not the end of the world, just a snapshot of this performance which I felt did not live up to the hype, his past performances, or, ultimately his full potential. I too thought the referee thing was corny, and totally out of place. Amateurish is the taste that was left in my mouth. Guess it's hard to totally maximize only a 12 minute window. He'll survive.
  5. Springsteen Performance

    Boring. Totally predictable. Before anyone freaks, I am a fan. Just nothing new in that performance to juice the lizard. Quite a bit of the backing vocals sounded off key to me as well. Win some, lose some
  6. My connection to Obama.....

    Smae kind of priorities north of the border it seems Tony. I'm glad at least you and Hollies are seeing through it.
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JuliaAllByMyself ! *Jan 1*

    Same year Julia!! Way cool to recieve birthday greetings from so far off as well. Makes the globe feel a little smaller! "Fab" to hear from you! Marcus
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JuliaAllByMyself ! *Jan 1*

    Hey! What does one have to do to get recognized here anyway? (ha ha) Happy birthday Julia....... I too am a new years baby. 1st. baby in New Brunswick in 1961 as a matter of fact. Had my first picture on the front page of the paper when I was 12 hours old. Laminated of course! Happy new year everyone! Marcus
  9. 911

    Hi Eric! Almost a year ago to the day. You said to me back stage after the Cleaveland show how you almost included "She Did It" into the set. As that is my favorite song from your solo collection, I was very excited that the song was even considered. Music is what you do best Eric. Stick to your Knitting. These theories are beyond belief in a lot of cases. You are above all of that. By the way, thanks for making my kids and my step kids feel so welcomed in your home town last year.
  10. The Blagojevich effect

    "Change you can Believe in" right......
  11. Sarah Palin

    Darlene, Tony, Hollies. Great to see that not all of my neighbors to the south have missed the obvious bias, sexism, and most of all the hypocrosy of the mainstream media. It's the same thing up here. But look on the bright side. The Obama/Liberal "stepford wives" hypnotic effect is starting to wear off. The more blatant the behaviour (Oprah,The View, Gibson, et al), The more people are snapping out of the spell, and the more true colors of the extreme left agenda are being revealed. Much like the seperatist agenda that has plaqued us for 40+ years in Canada, if you give them enough rope........ You hardly hear a peep from them anymore, as they are self destructing. By the way, just a passing thought on a somewhat related topic. We have universal healthcare here. I know because 40% of my paychecque dissappears every 2 weeks to help finance it. The average wait times for things like M.R.I's here is 8 months to 2 years. The only thing universal about it is that everyone waits! Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. Now go drill off the coast. Marc P.S., Prayers and best wishes to Texas. Time for eveyone to mobilize and do what Americans do best,grt results through ingenuity and teamwork.
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AL KASTON ! *Sept. 11*

    Happy Birthday to one of the hardest working guys in rock & roll! Thanks for all of the goodies Al! So appreciated! Please keep in mind that we are more than willing (up here in Canada) to roll out the red carpoet for the guys! Happy Birthday Al! Enjoy!!!
  13. Bad News....

    Sorry, typing and spelling are apparently not my stregnth. I will do my best to improve. ( or use my spellcheck). Marc
  14. Bad News....

    Well said Trindy! I just saw the video, complete with the brain dead banter of the hosts on cnn headline news, who see much comedy in this. Hard to watch, but since I have been there, I can relate. I'm not proud, but that situation turned my life around! Whatever the reason, let's all remember how accesseible, and accomadating Eric was for his fans in (at least in my case) New York & Cleavland. It's time to let him know that this transends hit records and reunions, and that we will be here for him unconditionally. Do we condone waht happened? Of course not! Come on Eric, it's time. What do you need? Can we help at all? Just name it, someone here will provide. Marc
  15. My Two Cents

    Thanks Ira!!!! I couldn't agree more! Last October I dropped 3 grand to travel, lodge, and experience the Raspberries in New York with my sister from Montreal. Have the events of the last 24 hours made me regret any of that? Not in a million years! I'm certain that Eric feels for his fans, and what we are thinking given recent events. All I know is that there is something deeper here, and we, as a community, need to grab on to it, and let Eric know that none of us are immune, and that we are grateful for all that he has allowed us to enjoy. Despite our anger and dissapointment, we have an opportunity to help him, and let him know that we are here along side of him to help him continue to occupy his rightful place in "Raspberrie land", no strings attached. That doesn't mean that we condone any drinking and driving situation.But that we are willing to use this situation to bring out the best in Eric. And who knows.....anyone else who needs to hear.... Marcus Marcus