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  1. Cyrus Erie

    Joe V. played with Jay Ferguson many times and Jay did a lot of guest spots on Walsh's albums with Joe V. Joe has a complete discography on his site listed above. He has a new solo album out and has been touring with CSN during the past year. Still has time for tons of side projects. The guy is a veritable energizer bunny. Did I mention our sons were in cub scouts together? Nothing funnier than two rockers sitting in the back of a cub scout meeting with all the den moms!
  2. Cyrus Erie

    What the others have posted is correct. Cyrus Erie West was what used to be the North Ridgeville Hullabaloo. Having grown up in nearby Olmsted Falls, that was one of my hang outs, before and after it was renamed in honor of the band. Another hangout was the Chesterland Hullabaloo, that never became Cyrus Erie East, and I was there the night Hendrix was reported dead. I was helping a friend roadie for the band after an announcement was made about Hendrix's death, the bass player broke out in an impromptu rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. It was one of those I 'remember when' moments, I guess. Didn't hurt that someone with a little too many recreational substances happened to walk through the plate glass window in the entrance. First heard Cyrus Erie at the Boston Mills Ski Resort and was hooked. Their rendition of the Spencer Davis Group's "Gimme Some Lovin" was spot on. I followed the group from that point on. There was even some rumors that they were going to be the house band at Cyrus Erie West but that never materialized. I remember finding the Cyrus Erie single and the Quick single on the jukebox at E.T.I. in Cleveland where I was going to school. It was then that the Rasberries appeared on the scene but I got drafted and lost contact with the group. Ended up in Canton in the music scene down here and ran into some of the remnants of the group that was often confused with The Choir, The Chylds, notably Joe Vitale. We still run into each other once in a while. Although they never had the notoriety that the Choir did, Joe probably ended up with the better creds having worked with so many artists it makes your head spin. I was on his MySpace site last night and who did I find in his list of friends, but Eric Carmen. Cule!