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    You've now provided me with approximately 3/4 of my personal soundtrack this summer. "Nowhere to Hide" was worth every second of the three months that it puprotedly took you to write it. I finally bought those Raspberries Japanese "Mini-Vinyl" import CD's, and, I gotta tell you, they are RAWK!! It's not just your ballads, with their acrobatic chord structues and and instantly classic melodies-you are a genuine riff factory!! You are a musical genius!!; You have the savior faire!; You make today's indie kids look banal by comparison-all of that is worth more than getting the same tie as you did last year. All I can give you is my gratitude, a wish of "Happy Birthday", and ask that the Raspberries play Louisville.
  2. Sunrise

    Damn, I loove "Sunrise." One of but a few songs which instantly makes me happy upon hearing it.
  3. Big Star vs. Raspberries

    A footnote: It still erks me that I wasn't a hip enough 7 year-old to beg my Mom and grandparents to take me to see the Raspberries play King's Island's Timberwolf Ampitheatre in the summer. That would have been an ultimate memory to carry with me!!
  4. Big Star vs. Raspberries

    Creepy-funny!! Sort of pares down those hipster personalities to their respective lowest common denominators. You can like both groups, though. In my head, that ancient comparison/conflict is an "Apples-Oranges" proposition. As a grade schooler, I heard the older kids in my neighborhood play both, and it never occurred to me to compare them. In the end, Eric's music ruled the 1970's, while Big Star did that decadent, self-destructive "Big Star Thing", an update on that time-honored Southern practice of "Losing (their) Religion". Big Star and Raspberries, to me, are two different things. Both gooooooooood.
  5. Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs In Concert

    You'll love their show. Very informal; Matthew being very witty between songs, with Susanna sort of occasionally chiming in like the reticient English major she is. However, it is their harmonies which must be experienced in person to be believed!! They make the Everlys sound like the Shaggs by comparison Seriously, there's something special going on when they sing together.
  6. I can't wait to hear either Todd Rundgren cover, and the Big Star and David Gates songs, but I just am skeptical of anyone being able to successfully cover "Go All The Way," even if it is in a duet between one of my favorite singers and one of my favorite songwriters. I'm a fan of Sid and Susie. I love both of these guys; I love Ming Tea; and I bought the first volume as soon as it was released, but I don't think anyone call pull off GATW like the 'berries.
  7. Rest In Peace: Dan Seals

    This is awful. I love the Southwest F.O.B. album, and, though I'm not much for Country music, his song "Everything That Glitters" is achingly beautiful, the best rodeo song ever written, in my opinion. So sorry.
  8. They also have the funny little video for "Amplifier" on YouTube:
  9. How To Kill An Artist

    Some of us aren't bad people. Some of us don't like greed and unfairness, either.
  10. Peter Case Relief Fund

    Oh, no. You have to see this man onstage with nothing but his street clothes and an old Martin D-28. This is a crime. I'll see what I can do. I love going to his shows.
  11. It's so odd, because I'd never thought I'd be typing this, but all of the Hansons are the real deal. Good songwriters, good singers, making genuine music.
  12. Well, thank you, mamacote and Tony. I'm quite flattered.
  13. Greatest power pop songs of all time.....

    A lot of these aren't power pop; they are just great songs. I love any list which includes "She Don't Care About Time" and "I Am the Cosmos."
  14. They really grow on you fast, too. I got sick of them being recommended to me by record store clerks during that 1991-1995 "Power-Pop Revival" era. For one, I didn't think, at the time, that coincidentally happening to be a fan of both The Raspberries and Big Star necessarily made me a "Power Pop" geek. They were right; I was wrong. The Aunts rule. Too bad for me.
  15. That one's great, too, maybe even the best of the lot. It's a shame that that video's gone.