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  1. Eric? I was wondering if there were any connection between the two Brian Wilson songs "I Went To Sleep" from 20/20 or "Busy Doin' Nothing" from Friends and "Last Night"? The first thing that struck me when I heard that song was - this guy has been listening to Friends!
  2. Raspberries: Refreshed

    In october 2000 Wally Bryson, Scott McCarl, Dave Smalley, Brian Barham and Jesse Benenati released an EP as The Raspberries, called 'Refreshed' on Legendstar. This EP has been excluded from every offical discography of the band that I've seen, and there has never been any mention of this (failed) reunion in recent TV - interviews I've seen either. It officially seems like nothing happened between the break-up in 1976 and the reunion with Eric Carmen in 2004. It's like it has been removed from history. Why?
  3. Cyrus Erie

    Did Cyrus Erie and Quick record anything much, and will it ever be released, you know like The Choir?