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    Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)
  1. Eric's solo rankings

    Les, add Robert Gordon to your list of persons who have covered this song: Whoever posted this video got the name of the song wrong. Gordon reminds me of Roy Orbison in the way he sings this. Dave
  2. Eric's solo rankings

    Even though I ranked them, I love all six. But Boats, Arista, TYM - they're all so damn good in their own way and it's hard to pick one over the other.If TYM had two more songs (and didn't have such awful cover art - the record label really screwed him over with that, IMHO), I would probably put that one first for sure. Why not have included a cover like "Tin Soldier" by Small Faces and maybe a re-working of one of his Raspberries tunes or some yet-unreleased song to fill out the LP.
  3. Eric's solo rankings

    6. Winter Dreams 5. Geffen 4. Change of Heart Can't make up my mind on the remaining 3.
  4. Marathon Man book

    I have the pdf version from Smashwords. Matt, I think you'll enjoy reading it. Dave
  5. Janey Clewer "Only Time Will Tell"

    Didn't the two of them do the version of Almost Paradise on the Winter Dreams album?
  6. Helloooooo... Is Anybody Out There?

  7. The Rock Stops Here...

    I have that 45!
  8. Happy New Year Everyone!

    It's a brand new year!
  9. Santa Bernie

    Matthew, did you wait too long to look for them like I did? I didn't get back home until 9:40 PM and they were gone by then... I'm still glad the other folks in the forum got the hear the presents! I'm also thankful that Bernie still puts them up!
  10. Happy 13th anniversary of the Raspberries reunion

    10th anniversary of the State Theater gig was a day or two ago. In the hotel elevator before the concert, the elevator stopped and in walked Dave with his lady friend and his bass. Of course, I had to tell him we were on our way to the show - he smiled and shook my hand and talked to us. So cool.
  11. Eric's Tweets

    Craig is so right. My mom passed 5 1/2 years ago. Still not over it.
  12. I Wanna Take Forever Tonight cover by ME!!!

    Naeko, that was wonderful. Thank you!
  13. The Infamous Sweet vs. Eric Carmen War!

    Oh, those were fun times! - and I got that "Give Us A Wank" post on that first page, one of my best...
  14. Bachelor In (Almost) Paradise

    I was flipping through the channels earlier this evening and saw the opening for a lame looking show that I didn't know existed called Bachelor in Paradise. They were using a version of Almost Paradise as the theme music. I thought, Good, more royalties for Eric. Then I changed the channel again.
  15. Eric'c B-day card

    Not quite everyone, Bernie - I have so far resisted FB, etc. (A colleague of mine refers to it as "the evil book of faces"!) But you're right, it's not like it used to be. If it weren't for the message board and this site, I probably wouldn't know about the new live set coming out soon. Eric, if you're watching, happy birthday wishes to you. Can't wait for the new CDs to come in the mail! Dave