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  1. "Caroline, No"

    The way Eric repeated the B and A sections of the song after the instrumental section in the middle instead of fading right there as the original does was a stroke of genius IMHO. I don't care for the T.B.S. version either.
  2. Nets/Orlando Game...All By Myself Played

    Just heard it used in a Burger King ad a few minutes ago during the Saints/Rams game!
  3. Do you like modern big band jazz?

    You'll probably like the Alan Baylock Jazz Orchestra. They have 3 CDs out, my favorite is the most recent one: youtube.com/watch?v=9LEOIS4csyw&list=PL7SvX7SEGuNlbLU5JERDy0ziWNc4npLkH The 3rd CD features the great Doc Severinsen as guest soloist on some of the tracks. Be sure to check out I Want To Be Happy. I was Alan's high school band director his senior year of high school back in 1984-85, so naturally I'm really proud of what he has accomplished!
  4. My New CD: "Radio Paradise (Forever 18)

    Great job, Pat! Good songs! I like the Juno in the pictures. I still have my 106, just had it overhauled last summer. Dave
  5. Misheard Lyrics

    For a long time, I too thought it was Beach Boys! Almost makes more sense, IMHO. Regarding the Skynyrd reference at the top of the thread: I thought it was "the smell of death surrounds you".
  6. Wild, Wild Heart

    We were away on Christmas, and I had the iPad with me. For whatever reason, the file would not open, so I missed this too. I was wondering if anyone else with an Apple device had the same trouble.
  7. Demo pick 'em

    Favorite would have to be Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea with Cindy a very close second. Concur with Kirk on the least favorite. I kind of like that dark tone of All Things Must End. I'd love to hear a fully produced version of Temporary Hero with guitars, bass, and drums and the tempo kicked up a few notches.
  8. Top Down Summer (2018)

    Finally got around to A/B'ing the new version with the original CD version. The new ones are really good! I wonder what Tommy could do with the rest of the CD...
  9. The End Of An Era

    Happy Brand New Year, everyone!
  10. My CD of Instrumental Music, Before the Flood

    Thanks for the kind comments, everyone.
  11. My CD of Instrumental Music, Before the Flood

    There's a little thing in the top left corner that gives a drop-down allowing you to pick different tunes. Now you know why I have used that "Phineas and Ferb" thing - my middle name is the same as the cartoon platypus. I think it's kind of pretentious to use my full name, but before I released the CD I checked iTunes for any other people with the same first and last name because they're both common. It turns out that there's already an R&B organ guy, Dave from the Pacific northwest and a guitar guy David working in a similar genre as I am. I couldn't even use Dr. David Lewis (I have a doctorate in music education) because there is a singing dentist by the same name who has a CD with kids' songs about various aspects of a trip to the dentist. And I was in a band called Equinox from the late 70s to mid 80s.
  12. Here's a link to a YouTube page where you can hear the tunes on the CD. It's available in the same ways as Kirk's - cdBaby, iTunes, and streaming services like Spotify (I have a fan in the Philippines - cool). I guess you could say most of it is what some call "new age" music. Three of the tunes are sequenced and the rest were recorded one part at a time on a multitrack tape recorder. It's all keyboards and two of the tracks also have tenor saxophone. Favorite tune on the CD is Dancing in the Candlelight. The list currently leads off with The Hills of Armagh - I took an old Celtic melody called I Leave You in Sadness and harmonized it in a number of ways.
  13. The End Of An Era

    Oh, and here's a little tribute to Hollies65: Heh.
  14. The End Of An Era

    It's so nice to see so many of you come back here one more time! Although I've never posted much, I've always checked in once or twice a week to see there's anything new or interesting. Unlike most of you, I never got into social media sites except for this forum and one on a site regarding roads and maps. I'm still thinking of setting up a FB page to help promote my books (two of them, which are resources for instrumental music education students and novice band directors) and my CD (original instrumental new-ageish music; I'll put a link on the Cruisin' Music page later) - but that probably won't happen. I remember when I was new to the internet and how excited I was finding this site. Even though the forums may be going away, thank goodness the rest will stay in a new format and I'll still keep checking in periodically. Bernie, thank you so much for everything!
  15. Eric's solo rankings

    Les, add Robert Gordon to your list of persons who have covered this song: Whoever posted this video got the name of the song wrong. Gordon reminds me of Roy Orbison in the way he sings this. Dave