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    Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)
  1. Eric's Tweets

    Craig is so right. My mom passed 5 1/2 years ago. Still not over it.
  2. I Wanna Take Forever Tonight cover by ME!!!

    Naeko, that was wonderful. Thank you!
  3. The Infamous Sweet vs. Eric Carmen War!

    Oh, those were fun times! - and I got that "Give Us A Wank" post on that first page, one of my best...
  4. Bachelor In (Almost) Paradise

    I was flipping through the channels earlier this evening and saw the opening for a lame looking show that I didn't know existed called Bachelor in Paradise. They were using a version of Almost Paradise as the theme music. I thought, Good, more royalties for Eric. Then I changed the channel again.
  5. Eric'c B-day card

    Not quite everyone, Bernie - I have so far resisted FB, etc. (A colleague of mine refers to it as "the evil book of faces"!) But you're right, it's not like it used to be. If it weren't for the message board and this site, I probably wouldn't know about the new live set coming out soon. Eric, if you're watching, happy birthday wishes to you. Can't wait for the new CDs to come in the mail! Dave
  6. Raspberries - Pop Art Live

    I just pre-ordered the CDs too, and yes, I also still have the 1st LP and sticker as well as all of the other LPs. Can't wait!
  7. Happy 45th Anniversary "Go All The Way"

    Thanks for the post, Naeko! GATW remains one of the greatest singles of all time. Eric has said in his live intro to "Overnight Sensation" about how he would have his transistor radio in bed with him in his youth, waiting for his favorite bands to come on. Nine or so years later, that was me with the transistor radio - waiting for GATW or IWBWY to come on, over either WDAD out of Indiana, PA or WCRO out of Johnstown.
  8. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Happy birthday, Professor Carmen!
  9. Eric Carmen Interview on Fox 8 - 11/19 @ 10PM

    In case you missed it: http://fox8.com/2015/11/19/taking-a-trip-down-the-gold-and-platinum-record-lane-with-eric-carmen/
  10. ERIC CARMEN BIRTHDAY LIVE in Japan 2015 by Hiroyuki Izuta

    That guy is really good. Thanks, Naeko!
  11. Kanye-The Greatest Living Rockstar On The Planet

    Pretender: My vote is D on this question. Not even greatest current organized noise guy IMHO. Batman: Disagree with the beautiful wife thing. Yeah, he has a wife for now. Beautiful, no. Yuck. Can't understand why anybody cares about those people. But that's just me, I guess.
  12. A Rather Cool Coincidence!

    ​Terri, Heaven Can Wait is on the Change of Heart album. Check it out, you'll love it.
  13. Eric in Birdman

    Craig, the verse melody on that song was borrowed from Tchaikovsky. Not sure, but I think it's from the 2nd movement of the 5th symphony.
  14. Choose a song for Eric Carmen to sing

    Tin Soldier by the Small Faces.
  15. Raspberries on "Deep Tracks"

    Little Steven's Underground Garage is a good channel for Raspberries. You'll hear them there more often than on any other channel IMO.