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  1. Not many U.K. Success’

    I'd like to see his chart successes from Japan.
  2. Cool site of songs by Dave Smalley that have been covered

    I'm surprised that some country group that prominently features 3- and 4-part harmonies hasn't covered Should I Wait.
  3. A well respected rock critic grades the Berries Lps...

    Me neither.
  4. Claustrophobia...Help...Anybody out there?

    Lew, have you considered full-spectrum CBD oil? I've been experimenting with it for a couple months and it seems to help.
  5. Klaatu Cover

    Wow! Thanks for posting this impressive cover version. Coincidentally, I've been listening to the first two Klaatu albums a lot over the last couple months, especially the orchestral version of Hope.
  6. It's Eric's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday, Professor Carmen!
  7. Raspberries and EC album covers

    Best: Side 3 and Boats Worst: Yes, I know it did not exist when this thread initially started, but I would like to nominate the cover of Pop Art for worst 'berries cover. Also have to rate the cover of TYM as worst.
  8. clown does "Vehicle"

    Wow! Ol' Puddles can really sing! Don't know why, but I really like Peterik's purple hair too. Thanks for posting that link!
  9. Demo pick 'em

    Euclid Beach Band version of I Need You:
  10. Ides talking "Vehicle" on Antenna TV

    Peterik was also involved in songwriting and vocals on the 3rd and final Chase album, Pure Music (my favorite of the three).
  11. Rumor Mill

    So did All You Old Dudes carry the news? Inquiring minds want to know.
  12. Eric's "Magic Piano"

  13. The Journey of Natty Gann

    Lew, "Wild, Wild Heart" is the song you are thinking of!
  14. "Caroline, No"

    The way Eric repeated the B and A sections of the song after the instrumental section in the middle instead of fading right there as the original does was a stroke of genius IMHO. I don't care for the T.B.S. version either.
  15. Nets/Orlando Game...All By Myself Played

    Just heard it used in a Burger King ad a few minutes ago during the Saints/Rams game!