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  1. Hello Eric & Crew!

    Was recently in Pittsburgh with my wife visiting her daughter and grandkids. I was searching through the stations and landed on 91.3 and heard the last few riffs of a song that I remembered from long ago but have'nt heard in many years. All I heard was the last lyrical cry of "I want to be with you". Just that tiny snippet of that tune sounded so good that I became obsessed with finding out who that was. Here I am Eric, after all these years, you got me! Since returning to Atlanta, I've purchased a greatest hits of the Raspberries and am just so glad you guys are doing so well in life. I'm a product of the south. Born in 1960, spoon fed Allman Brothers and Wet Willie. I have devoured many influences since my youth. I've been listening to Otis Redding a lot lately. The song "Dreams to Remember" has gotten a lot of airtime.... Its been replaced by The Raspberries. "I want to be with you" has to be, IMO, one of the very best contstructed and lyrically sound rock n roll songs of all time! Erics voice is remarkable in this timeless masterpiece. The song is very uplifting and never gets old. Its left me wonderin a lot about Eric and his background. I did not know he was from Cleveland. We can only be thankful that he did'nt end up in a steel mill! What a wonderful gift you are to many of us. Your voice and creativity. You look good and still have that voice. It makes me very happy to see you doing well in life. You're down to earth as well. I notice that most people on here display an avatar of the "young" Eric. Please note I chose the current photo of him. He is a seasoned veteran of all that encompasses a full life. Uniquely American. You warm my heart fella. I'm very proud of you. I would enjoy very much seeing you perform. Thankyou again. S