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  1. Coming To Dallas?

    Okay Eric, back in May I asked if there were plans to come to the House of Blues in Dallas and you said Hmmmmm Dallas would be nice in Autumn. Well it's autumn here and I'm waiting. Were you just teasing me? Of course, if you do come I will be the first one there. Seeing you AND meeting you in July 2006 was euphoric. I need another boost. Come on down. You'll have a good time.
  2. Coming Down South?

    Let's also get great seats!!!
  3. Coming Down South?

    I was fortunate to see you in Cleveland at the Scene Pavillion in July 06. I was that crazy tall girl who kept yelling your name before your sound check until you came over to my friend and I and posed for a few pictures. (Something I waited 30 years for!) Do you have any plans of coming to Texas in the near future? I will be in the Akron area at the end of this month. Any plans of popping in any clubs in the Cleveland area?? Just so you know, I teach third grade and my students now go home and burn your songs on their ipods etc. The picture I have of you and me is my screensaver and the students , of course like anything I like. Here is a new generation of kids who like your music. I'm trying to steer them away from "Do Yo Chain Hang Low" and turn them onto REAL music!!