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  1. Reissues?

    Brian: Do you have those RPM two-fers on the Raspberries, or the single discs?? Which packaging is better?? I don't have that David Pack CD - not sure what you mean by 'overly bright.' I also noticed that RPM has a bunch of Leo Sayer reissues with bonus tracks - that's another bad part about Wounded Bird and Collector's Choice Music - it's very difficult if not impossible for either label to get extra material for any WEA release licensed to them. Thanks, Bill
  2. Reissues?

    Brian: OK, I see that - but why would RPM release them as two 2-fers AND individually?? As for One Way, the CD's I have by The Motels and The Brecker Brothers sound fine. Thanks, Bill
  3. Reissues?

    EW: I just double-checked Barnes & Noble's site, the only original CD's in print are Rhino's version of the first EC album(but it lists the wrong picture of the Geffen title), and the Raspberries 'Fresh' as a UK import. Other than those, it's just 'Best Of's. Thanks, Bill
  4. Reissues?

    Saw the note about the Japanese reissues - what will be re-released in the U.S.?? I tried asking Wounded Bird Records about the Raspberries (Capitol won't license anything to them, not sure why), and the remaining EC solo CD's not available in the U.S., but they said 'No,' and didn't give me an exact reason why. But please, no more 'Best Of's - there are enough already!! Thanks, Bill