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    Down In The Boondocks - Billy Joe Royal April Love - Pat Boone Venus - Frankie Avalon Ebb Tide - The Righteous Brothers

    Do concert videos released on VHS and DVD count?
  3. Do you have a My Space?

    Guess I'll throw in my own 2 1/2 cents (inflation y'know ;-) http://www.myspace.com/kitmeister
  4. Nice To Be Here...I Hope!

    WOW!! This is too cool! What a nice, warm reception here. Honestly didn't expect this, but I do very humbly thank you all! IF Eric does remember me and way back when it will blow me away. When we all went our own seperate ways it was just the way it was back then, but now I find myself reaching out a bit just to retouch a bit of it all. Being widowed here alone after losing my wife a year and a half ago I ended up with maybe too much time on my hands....hahahaha....and found Eric again....maybe. If a single girl ever comes along who understands me, the music back then....I think I'll keep her....maybe ;-) Thank you so much everyone for the warm welcome!
  5. Nice To Be Here...I Hope!

    I won't go into any great lengths talking about myself here unless or until asked. First of all I truely need to extend my heartfelt sympathies to Eric and family. Even though I can't know your feelings, I lost my wife not long ago and loss is loss and we all hurt differently and do our best to remember what we learned from those who left us and use that to become a better someone so we can do likewise with those we will leave behind. Eric HAS to remember me!? If this ever reaches his eyes maybe he will reflect a bit wayyy back to the late 60's, North Ridgeville, Ohio, The Hullaballoo Scene..oooops....Cyrus Erie West I was the guy who had his acoustic 12-string there all the time and would play during the main act setting up and tearing down. We all hung out most of the time at The Agora or somebody's party out in Shaker Heights, or on the Square downtown (remember using the phones for free and getting conference calls????)...hahahaha....what fun we had. I use to hang with a guy we all knew as "Mohair Sam" (Jim Hass) who, last I knew, was really into his Baptist church and a computer programmer in Richland Hills. I went on to play with a few bands around Cleveland but hardly got to mix much more with Eric and his crew. Just had to jump in, wish Eric and family my very brightest blessings and much more success! Kit