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  1. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Haven't been here in quite a while, but wanted to wish Eric a Happy Birthday, Sherry

    Wow, thanks everyone, I haven't been here in a while, we just moved and things have been a bit hectic! Thanks again!
  3. To Bernie-Our Chairman Of The Board

    Here, here! Thanks Bernie, and Happy New Year!
  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It's 2010

    Back at you, Kiwi! Happy New Year to all! Peace! Sherry
  5. prayers please

    Sending prayers your way, Shelley. Sherry
  6. Five Years Ago

    Yes please, more shows!!!!
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TO ME !! *Nov 17*

    Have a wonderful birthday Diane, and thanks for all you do for this board! Sherry

    Happy Birthday, Barb! Sherry
  9. Taylor Swift Also Honors Her Bandmates....

    A class act indeed! Congrats to Taylor and to Paul!
  10. The Three "E"s - 1/3 Eric, 1/3 Elvis, 1/3 Eddie

    Cameron, you've grown since I've seen you! Great costume, dude! Remember me, I'm the lady with the crayons! Sherry
  11. It's OK to believe in the California dream again

    Well, you can't beat the weather, that's for sure!
  12. Home for Christmas

    My family and I will be going home to Cleveland for Christmas, it's official! Wouldn't this be a great time for a Raspberries renion? Come on guys, how 'bout it? (Thanks for coming out here to LA in 2007, by the way!) Sherry
  13. Home for Christmas

    Thanks for getting me to the right place, Tim! Also thanks for the info! I'll look into that! Sherry
  14. Home for Christmas

    Oops, I put this in the wrong forum, sorry!
  15. Home for Christmas

    Would anyone in the Cleveland area group from EC.com be interested in getting together in Cleveland between Dec.22 and Dec. 29? I know this is a busy time of year, but I thought I'd throw it out there! Sherry
  16. Backstage at the Bandstand

    Thanks Bernie, wonderful pictures! Sherry
  17. Taylor Swift Concert at Quicken Loans Arena

    Thanks for the review, Eric! My 13 year old niece from Cleveland went last night also. I sent her the article about Paul. What an exciting night that must have been! Hurrah for Paul! And Steve, my niece loves his hair, too!!! Sherry
  18. Paul Sidoti Article in Plain Dealer

    Thanks for posting this OK, and congrats to Paul!! How great is this!!
  19. More than "Just" A Birthday...

    Congratulations Paulie to you and your beautiful bride. This may be a silly question, but who is that in your avatar picture, I always thought that was you?
  20. I Spoke to LEW BUNDLES and...

    Come back soon Lew, I miss stalking you! Sher
  21. Los Angeles Fires

    Thanks for your thoughts and concern Kiwi and Muzza! The fires once again are not affecting this area except for some smoke and ash. We are very fortunate. Sherry
  22. Every Few Days...

    My family and I are hoping to visit family in Cleveland this year for Christmas, so how 'bout it guys (Eric, Wally, Jim, Dave,) I think we're due for another homecoming reunion concert!
  23. Another surgery for my niece

    Last year many of you sent prayers and good wishes for my niece, Kayla when she had brain surgery. Well tomorrow she goes in again for surgery for a tethered spinal cord. If I could ask again, for your prayers, or if you prefer, good thoughts for her, her parents sure appreciated all your good wishes last time. Thank you in advance. Sherry
  24. Another surgery for my niece

    thank you!
  25. Your favorite opening of an Eric Carmen tune !

    Sunrise, GATW, Tonight, I Wanna Be with You, I Can Remember