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  1. All By Myself .... AGAIN!

    I was on the Raspberries site, and as I scrolled down, I saw a quote from Rick Springfield, which immediately caught my attention....so I read on and when I saw Paul Stanley......My jaw dropped....But I've always thought of him as the smart one of the group anyhow! Great clip!! Nite ya'll!! Ronda
  2. Make Me Lose Control

    Thanks guys!! They really do sound GREAT!! Ronda
  3. Make Me Lose Control

    Who did the backup vocals on this song? They are superior!!
  4. Super Delegates....

    So, even if she gets the thumbs up from some of the hold out super delegates, she can't win? I know a lot of people are calling for her to "drop out", but I think that would be a mistake. So, does she see what's happens in Pa., and depending on the results, does she "drop out" then? Man, I've always been very glad that there are people out there who are willing to go through what all the nominees are going through to run our country.....cause I know I wouldn't be up the job!! I'd have quit before it got started good!! LOL!!
  5. Super Delegates....

    Very well put Steeler Fan.....Looks like your state is probably gonna hold the key to a lot of this in just a few weeks. I guess in my own personal opinion, I feel like if you are from a state that backed a certain nominee, that the people are saying, "this is who we want".....and to go against it....well, just seems "not right" I guess. Ronda
  6. Super Delegates....

    Richardson is going to back Obama, although his state backed Hillary.....Bad move for him? Should these Supers back the nominee the voters have chosen? My opinion, I think if the people in the state have spoken, then the leaders should be listening to the people. That's what we elect them for....to serve us. What do you all think? Ronda
  7. Dick Cheney interview with ABC's Martha Raddatz on Iraq

    You know, McCain has the right idea.....get as far away from Bush and Cheney as possible!! I was already NOT impressed.....but this just backs up what most were already thinking! AMEN LC!! AMEN!! Two part question here.......how do those serving in Iraq/in other parts of the world vote in the November election? Did they get to vote in the primaries? Ronda
  8. Obama's Speech

    Margaux!! LOL!!! I watched the speech this morning, and I've been seeing reruns (clips) on it on CNN, and I'm sure they'll continue w/that for the next several days!! Maybe Youtube is running it already? Ronda
  9. Obama's Speech

    I've been watching straw polls, and just generally watching what's going on since these video clips have emerged. I watched Obama's speech today and don't know if I feel any different or not, although I think he did cover some topics that might have once been "taboo"........ but the polls I've been watching have him falling behind....Especially polls where McCain is included. Did anyone else watch the speech, and if so, what did you think? Ronda
  10. Athlete's Good Deed Virtually Ignored

    That absolutely makes my heart soar!! And it's true, if he would have gotten busted for drugs..etc. it woulda been all over the news!! Would be nice to see the evening news covered with stories like this!! Ronda
  11. Top ten shows of the 70s......

    I think everything was better in the 70's!! I wish they would bring back variety shows...NOT reality tv....Carol Burnett...Andy Williams at Christmas time...The Muppet Show (thank you bessieboo!!).....Thanks God for TV LAND!!! Ronda

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!!! Although we don't have what you call "gangs" in our fair lil town, I've found that a lot of gang members from larger cities are "passin through" with their "wares"...and they don't think twice about usin' a gun!! Several years ago a fellow from Chicago made his way here (he was wanted for attempted murder)....and before he left here he'd killed a store owner....everyone here knew him well, and thought a lot of him. So no matter where you live...there's always that danger!! Ronda
  13. I'm really, really POed because...

    LC...your list covers most of what I could b!@#$ about....but add these... My Braves are struggling....could it be lack of PITCHING???? hhmmm???? And, (this is a biggy) RUDE TEENAGERS!!! Are woodsheds still available or even legal????? And last.....It's 2a.m. and I CAN"T SLEEP!!! LOL
  14. Test your Elvis knowledge QUIZ

    Ok sterling.....I failed MISERABLY!!!
  15. Barry Bonds...Fair of Foul?

    I watched ESPN last night....it showed the milestone homers for Bonds....I watched carefully to see if I could see a "bulking" up...like suddenly...I noticed that he got "gutty" somewhere around homerun 500-600... He was a SKINNY thing when he started. I do think it's a milestone to be celebrated....and I pray it's not tarnished by doping. Hanks success will never be matched IMO....but records will be broken. And until it can be 100% proven that he is guilty...then he's innocent...right? Very confusing....and sports ain't what they used to be!! I coached my sons team for a season....lil league...and all you asked of them was their best and that they be good sports....just didn't happen with some kids....because the parents weren't exactly setting the greatest examples...and later on, the coaches would pull a kid if he missed a ball...or dropped the ball....my son was fed up with it...he quit...and I wanted him to quit. Ronda