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  1. Happy Birthday Eric!

    Hola Eric Carmen, soy de venezuela, te deseo un Feliz Cumpleaños, no soy ni pertenezco al mundo de la musica, de hecho no se nada de eso, sin embargo, debo agradecer que gente como tu exista en ella, porque inspiras a muchos y estimulas a otros a través de las letras de tus canciones, quizas un dia pueda estrechar tu mano y darte las gracias, si no es asi igual me encanto haberlo soñado, Bye Con mucho cariño desde Venezuela Angela
  2. Make me lose control

    I just can say i love the song and love Eric also
  3. Let's Pretend

    You too Kia
  4. Let's Pretend

    Thnx again Gord and Ibigirl, so I would like to know if eric has stoped to sing and if he has some shows, where can I go to see him, well im in venezuela now, maybe i can be in usa not so soon, but illbe there and i would like to know about it, Im just wondering how many songs he performed and were I can find his music and lyrisc so that way I wilol have something to ask or say here... XD
  5. Let's Pretend

    thnx for ur welcome, i appreciatte, now i feel shy hehehehehe, well im trying to find more information about the eric's songs and hope you can help me, i know you will be an important support for that, thnx again guys see you MUAHHHHHHHHH
  6. Let's Pretend

    well, i dont know what im doing here after my registration, im venezuelan always have loved the eric carmen's songs, and just wanted to know more about him because here in vemezuela i just could find twice music, and im simply loved all the songs i have heard from him, maybe the language limitations but its ok for me, i just hope he has many things to give to the human beings who likes life,love and his songs ;-D Bye