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  1. Yep, twas/is me, Marvin. Sorry 'bout that. Don't you KNOW who I THINK I used to BE?! The interview went well. I told them that 'Boats' was the first song I ever sang in a studio and that I recently found the old cassette mix. It's dreadful, but cute I suppose. This really is a great pop radio show. I heard all this new stuff that I want. He also played Ken Sharp, Candy, Rubinoos, and 2 cuts off my new album, which always makes me nervous to hear. I keep thinking I'm going to miss a note or it's going to skip or something. But radio does make everything sound better...ahh, compression.
  2. Just ended...sorry. Took me too long to find my password for this board! It was the version with the big bgs on it. Ken Sharp being played in a second. I'm doing an interview here at 12:30ET. GREAT pop show out of Eugene, Oregon. kv

    Just dropping in to say thanks to you guys for the kind b-day wishes. So....thanks. kv (currently hugging a frozen tree)
  4. michael vick:part two

    Tony: >>Boy, it's a good thing that cows, pigs and chickens have boring personalities, because what do you think we do to them before we wolf them down between a bun?...<< Thanks for the common sense, TC. If Vick had only eaten the dogs, I suppose all would have been forgiven.
  5. Clive Davis

    Having been signed and 'unsigned' by at last count FIVE major labels, I have a bit of insight on this topic. The Candy album cover was dreadful. We hated it, fought it, and lost. We voted on the single being "Weekend Boy", my pop ears told me that was the best breakout hit. They had focus groups, (no lie--paid focus groups with headphones on!) report back that agreed. Yet they went with 'Fun'. Made no diff because the label signed us mainly because KISS was up for renegotiation and we shared management..(that's a whole book in itself); as soon as the album was done and KISS was resigned, our A&R guy was canned, as was the album. On Hollywood we all agreed that 'Wake Me Up' was the best single choice to break the album. It did pretty well. When it came time for a followup, my soon to be x-manager and I pushed hard for "Arianne"; the label wanted "Wasn't Supposed To Happen", (which was 'Wake' sideways), because Fall was coming and all the big stars were coming with ballads, so radio would be in need of an uptempo song. In retrospect, I wish we had gone along with them on that one. We won the battle and lost the war. Since the label was ho-hum on that single, they barely worked it and it pooped. Don't even get me started on the photo and video shoots--all nightmares where I disagreed with just about everything. I remember thinking to mysel while sitting in the editing bay, "I'm sorry, Mr. Video editing guy, did YOU write this song? Are we trying to convey MY song or YOUR vision of my song?" Problem is, if you shut up and tow the company line, you'll never get what you want, yet if you don't play along, you'll be toast--also not getting what you want. Bottom line: Invest the advances wisely kv
  6. Avril sued by Rubinoos

    Unless it was under a pen name at the age of 15, I don't believe Dr. Luke was involved in The Party album as a cowriter or producer. However there *are* a couple other individuals connecting the 2 albums. This was no similar intro chord progression paying homage (Rubinoos' "Tonight"), Avril's entire chorus/hook was either coincidental or blatant--both lose in court. "Yeah Yeah Yeah" or "Hey Hey You You" wouldn't stand up, but add 'she loves you' or 'I wanna be your girlfriend/boyfriend', respectively and it's a rip. As I said, Tommy's gonna be cashing a large paycheck.
  7. Avril sued by Rubinoos

    Influence is one thing, paying homage, even borrowing a lick or a lyric here or there is just a part of pop music. Every hit song from the 60's and 70's is a part of every one of my songs. However, nicking a significant unique portion to create your own new song is just ripping off an artist. That's not to say even that can't be unintentional. The tough thing with these suits is proving access. In this particular case...well, let's just say Tommy's gonna be rich.
  8. The Worst Song...Ever.

    oops, forgot one biggie: Any standard sung by Rod Stewart
  9. The Worst Song...Ever.

    This must be why I have no gold records on my wall... I like: Ebony & Ivory Moonlight Feels Right Anything by Rupert Holmes Afternoon Delight Ben Feelings Never Been To Me Can't Fight This Feeling Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast (love this tune!) But maybe there's hope cuz on my worst of list: Anything by Styx Anything by Seger Anything by Grateful Dead Anything by Kiss (except Beth) Anything by the Doobies Anything by J.Geils Anything by War Lola Louie Louie Don't Worry Be Happy Celebration (agg!) Honey Pie We Didn't Start The Fire (but The Stranger LP is GOD!) Cars (the song..although the band don't do it for me either) Electric Avenue Start Me Up
  10. 1st record you bought?

    1st record: "Let's Stay Together" by Isaac Hayes (not Al Green's) 1st concert ticket bought: Earth, Wind, & Fire at the Oakland Coliseum Arena
  11. Euclid Beach Band

    LOVE Euclid Beach Band. That dude can hit some ridiculously high notes. "Karen" is a great track. You can hear EC's bgs on at least one tune.
  12. Gary Phillips R.I.P

    When I first started sneaking into Bay Area clubs (the BEST fake I.D. guy in the world was down on University Ave!), I'd see Gary making the scene whenever he wasn't on stage with the Rubinoos or other bands. He was always so full of life. I went and checked out the tribute photos and remember seeing some of those people in the shots at the Mabuhay, The Stone, X's, The Keystones, etc. Sure, I was in a stroller, but still...
  13. Richard Marx Blog

    Another RM story. We shared the same engineer on our respective albums in the early 90's, Bill Drescher. So, Bill would work with me during the day, and Richard at night. One night I tagged along and sat there for the final mix of "Take This Heart" at a studio in Burbank. Richard had the playback so loud that my hair was literally blowing, but man did that song sound great. Pure pop. I had always heard rotten things about him, but we had many friends in common, mostly players, and he was a cool cat to me. Then he had to ruin it all by stealing my hair appliance.
  14. Richard Marx Blog

    Richard Marx once stole my straightening iron.