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  1. 3Day weekend

    It is a lovely President's day weekend here the weather is perfect this time of year no mosquitos and clear skies. Both sons are out of town in Buffalo,NY so we have their doggies, it looks like a dalmatian circus We went to the Coconut Grove art show and resisted most of the impulse buys and took a card of the one I liked, I am trying to not impulse buy.......apparently, I'm not good at it. Then picked up dinner and had it out on the deck with a few martooni's. Do you have a three day weekend ? What are you up to ?
  2. Happy Valentines Day

    This is my favorite Valentine of all time ! Happy Birthday to our oldest son.
  3. For Valentine's Day

    Love this
  4. Valentines Greeting, From James

    Happy Valentines Day!
  5. Happy Valentines Day

    That first photo startled me
  6. Sunday evening

    I love that movie !
  7. Sweet vs. Joan Jett "AC/DC"

    Hahhaha Perfect !
  8. Sunday evening

    So sorry, I will be away Sunday evenings watching Walking dead,Victoria and Poldark.... I know how totally schizophrenic my tastes are lately. Dinner on the deck and a glass of wine or two.The mosquitoes are starting to come out I'm completely okay with going in to watch my shows. How about you ,what are you up to tonight?
  9. The High Price of Eric Carmen

    Wow ! I have three Marathon Man books, 1hard cover and 2 soft cover 4 Winter Dreams, two sealed. I gave them a hostess gifts and had one in each car. I can't imagine a reason to sell any of them
  10. it's been a long week

    Thanks She was really kind of funny. Mom was a cardiac nurse. But retired 15-20 years ago As usual she was directing the doctors and nurses what to do. Plus, my sister (her favorite) is the clinical nurse manager. The boss (mom) is being bossed by the bossy-er my sister! I have no idea why I find this so amusing
  11. it's been a long week

    It's been a long week and it's Monday evening . We just got home from a relaxing Caribbean cruise on Jan 30. Totally relaxed and unencumbered. Still on Island Time Then smacked in the face with reality. My Mom in the ER saturday. Early,early Sunday moring....... I don't do early especially on the weekend. Mom received a pacemaker. Tonight she is home a doing well. Sassy,grumpy and complaining! Thank you Lord! Back to normal.
  12. How good did Eric sound?

    Saw the commerical and really didn't notice the football stuff too much
  13. All By Myself - Super Bowl

    I saw it ! We were at a fun party and I think there was some kind of sports game on the TV
  14. What live music should be about

    LOve !!