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  1. Backstage At The Greek

    Wow !!
  2. 20 Years of Eric Carmen.com - Day 11

    It's beautiful
  3. it's a hot one

    Yes, We are so happy to be in upstate NY in the summer. Our youngest son couldn't come this year, he said it's been "hotter than the hinges of hell" in south Florida. This week we are heading down to Virginia for a wedding, it's going to be hot there.
  4. it's a hot one

    Welcome to summer ! We are heading our northern Adirondack home. Spoty connections up there, God bless . I will do my best to keep in touch.
  5. Happy Father's Day

  6. Leon Redbone

    Sadly, we lost Leon Redbone
  7. Tim Conway

    RIP Tim! Thanks for the laughter.
  8. Songs I forgot that I loved

  9. Peggy March "I Will Follow Him" interview

    Sweet song of that time
  10. Kurt Cobain 25 years ago

    Sorry for the loss. I never "got" Nirvana but our sons did. Teenage angst thing, I wonder how Cobain would have evolved ?
  11. Wally/Jim/Kyle Vincent

    Looks like potential I can't wait to hear the fruit the this union.
  12. Gilbert o’Sullivan

    Love this
  13. Scott Walker (Walker Bros.) dies

    So sad