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  1. Kurt Cobain 25 years ago

    Sorry for the loss. I never "got" Nirvana but our sons did. Teenage angst thing, I wonder how Cobain would have evolved ?
  2. Wally/Jim/Kyle Vincent

    Looks like potential I can't wait to hear the fruit the this union.
  3. Gilbert o’Sullivan

    Love this
  4. Scott Walker (Walker Bros.) dies

    So sad
  5. Surf guitarist Dick Dale dies

    Perfect response God bless Dick Dales
  6. Maria, by Blondie

    I love Blondie !
  7. Waiting for Spring...

    We don't do Spring here either. A few days we had to wear long sleeves but never turned the heater on this year. But we are closer to the Everglades
  8. I’ve been waiting...

    Love this song
  9. Luke Perry dies at 52

    So Young ,sad,
  10. I'm Through With Love cover

    Very nice !
  11. Eric on Merv

    Eric on Merv Griffin's show I haven't seen this before
  12. The way You look tonight It had better been tonight You'll never find
  13. Happy Birthday, James!!!! 2019

    Happy Birthday James !
  14. South Beach food and wine festival

    I've been to the South Beach food and wine festival many times. In the early years they gave away tickets and it was a small fun event. Now, it was a chore to get them but is was so worth it. All I can say is Wow! it has really grown up. So many celebrity chefs, Giada De Laurentiis,Racheal Ray,Andrew Zimmern,Guy Fieri...is he a chef ?....Tommaso De Simone and Paolo Dorigato....... It was very cool. If you are ever down here while this is going on, I truely hope you join in with the locals.
  15. Peter Tork dies...

    So sad