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  1. The End Of An Era

    Thanks Bernie for all of your hard work and passion in creating and then managing this message board for so many years. What bonded all of us was that special, indescribable euphoria, yes euphoria, we experienced while listening to so much of Eric's music. This message board was so therapeutic (maybe the wrong word) as we realized that so many others were experiencing the same thing. A tip of the hat to you Bernie!
  2. Norman Seeff

    Eric - just saw a 60 minute piece on photographer Norm Seeff. Do you recall whether he filmed your photo session for your first solo album? Thanks!
  3. And more importantly, Eric was part of the clue!
  4. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Happy Birthday Eric! Hope you had a great day.
  5. Promoting Raspberries

    I stopped by Wuxtry Records the other day in Athens, GA. Wuxtry is an iconic used record store that employed members of REM and the B52s in the 80s. Famous place. Anyway, I went to the 70s section and found a "Fresh" album in the "R" section. They were asking $12.00 for it - a decent amount for an album in lousy condition. To further the cause, I'm going to stop by with my Raspberries albums that are collecting dust and GIVE them to Wuxtry to sell as long as they make a separate section for the group. At this point, maybe these small efforts are what's important. Music enthusiasts who visit Athens always end up at Wuxtry. Maybe the magic will hit a student, a middle age dude or someone else.
  6. Promoting Raspberries

    Done - in spades! Owner very receptive, likes Raspberries and now a separate section dedicated to them with several LPs - one, a factory sealed Raspberries Best Featuring Eric Carmen. Next, I'm going to take the "joint in the woods" and Lennon t-shirt pictures to a professional who can retouch them for clarity, blow them up and then I'll try to get Wuxtry to put them in their window with other iconic acts. They will both be black and white and slightly crinkled.
  7. 'Hungry Eyes' Girl

    That's her for sure! My wife and I went to the North Carolina mountains this past weekend to attend my law partner's daughter's wedding. The wedding was in a venue in Highlands where the week before, they had been filming Dirty Dancing 2.
  8. Frank Sinatra Jr. Has Died

    Frank Sinatra Jr. died a little while ago as a result of a heart attack while on tour in Florida. He was 72. I'm so glad I was able to meet him several years ago. He was a very nice man and a musical talent in his own right.
  9. My wife's ancestral home is Barnesville, Georgia. Her father was raised in an antebellum home which we still visit every Christmas. Barnesville, about an hour south of Atlanta has so much inherent history and character that just being there is at times dreamlike, especially on a summer evening. Tomorrow night, Frank Sinatra Jr., along with famed conductor Terry Woodson and his 20 piece band will make an unscheduled stop in Barnsville to do a benefit concert for the Lamar County school system's Fine Arts program. It's billed "Sinatra sings Sinatra". Of course, Anne and I adjusted our schedules and got primo seats! Armed with a CD of Eric's Desperate Fools cut, I will be watching for an opportunity and otherwise lurking in the shadows hoping for a chance to suggest to Mr. Woodson (or Mr. Sinatra) that this is a perfect song for Mr. Sinatra. Even if I am rebuffed with a "scram punk" or the CD finds it way back at me at high velocity, I will still have experienced one of the great moments in my life for having shared the same piece of earth with a Sinatra! Wish me luck.
  10. Worlds Collide - Tomorrow Night

    Bump! I can't believe it's been 5 years. RIP Mr. Sinatra
  11. IWBWY from HBO's "Vinyl"

    Raspberries exposure is great but this is not very good.
  12. Desperate Fools - a totally original, accessible and organic melody that harkens back to a classic prairie song. Eric's best solo effort that solidifies him as a master.
  13. I've always had a fascination, from the time I was very young, with the Empire State Building. I've studied the history of the building and almost everything about it. It's so cool, and kind of magical to know that in 1976, this live performance on WNEW FM was originally transmitted from that station's antenna on the very top of the Empire State Building, far and wide. I remember my brother Steve and I listening to WNEW in 70's late into the night from our Grandparent's homes in Springfield and Berkeley Heights New Jersey. Great station at the time.
  14. Never wanna DO IT...againnnn.

    At least we all agree on Eric's voice and talent. The key here I think is that the love of music, whatever the style, genre or whomever delivers it is the most important thing. If you listen to Cab Calloway, you can hear his influence in Dean Martin's singing style. You can hear Little Richard in Paul McCartney. If you were around Sinatra when he was drinking Jack, he was ok. Catch him when he was drinking Gin, you didn't want to be anywhere near him. Sinatra's last wife Barbara had him on anti-depressants which mellowed him. Perry Como puts me to sleep. Anyway, goodnight.
  15. 'Hungry Eyes' Girl

    I think you are right; and welcome!
  16. 'Hungry Eyes' Girl

    My take a break from work research reveals that in fact it's Sally Steele.
  17. Best instrumental jams?..

    Near the end of Ecstasy when the entire band shuts down except for Eric simultaneously playing bass notes and plucking the treble notes sounding like two guitars. Then Wally joins in with a magnificent lead. That's jammin'!!
  18. Last Hour on Music Choice

    Music Choice has a series of audio channels of different eras and genres on Charter Cable. In the last hour it played GATW on the 70s channel and Hungry Eyes on the 80s with pictures and notes. So cool.
  19. Never wanna DO IT...againnnn.

  20. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Happy Birthday Eric! Hope you had a great day.
  21. Happy Birthday, Raspathens!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! We are all familure with the mega-hit "It's all about the bass". I wonder if Eric has a lawsuit against the writer of that song as it sounds to me like the verse was lifted from the verse in "It Hurts Too Much".

    Only tunes that make money are examined for similarities with other songs. Most artists would rather have a hit first and deal with claims later. After all, hits are rare and a settlement is better than never having a hit in the first place.
  23. The 25 year Eric (CLAPTON) Grudge...

    Ramones, Cars, been there!
  24. What Happened to the Raspberries Rollswagen?

    Jim had the Rock Star look down, for sure; and Ryan's a time traveler, past and future!