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  1. Another great free article

    “The Wackers” - 1972 was so innocent 😇
  2. Should I Wait cover

    He did a great job - really spotlighting the guitar work in this tune. However, I’ve always thought the harmonies in the chorus made the song soar.
  3. Please Let Me Come Back Home by Raspberries

    Maybe Im totally wrong but I seem to remember Eric referencing Jim singing like Elvis. I don’t think Eric could, in those days go so low and the tone isn’t like Wally’s or Dave’s. Could it be....Jim?
  4. Please Let Me Come Back Home by Raspberries

    Maybe it’s obvious to others but which Raspberry dipped down into the Elvis voice?
  5. About 20 minutes ago, the DJ on 70’s on 7 quoted GATW lyrics and challenged the listeners to id the song. “I come alive when she does all those things to me” was the clue. Then of course, it was played in all of its splendor.
  6. Happy Birthday, Bernie 2020!!!

    Happy birthday Bernie - hope your day was great!
  7. N.Y. Times Lukewarm Review

    And then, two “doers”, Aaron Copeland and Leonard Bernstein pointed out to the world that the Beatles were actually quite good.
  8. Erics House up for Sale

    His home is well staged. Several fireplaces.
  9. Raspathens roaming the halls...Nice to see the “old time posters slowly returning...

  10. Ringo’s 30th All-Star Anniversary Tour

    It was great to see Eric, especially in this setting. I micro-analyzed the video when I first saw it, then later concluded that everything about it was just cool.
  11. The End Of An Era

    Thanks Bernie for all of your hard work and passion in creating and then managing this message board for so many years. What bonded all of us was that special, indescribable euphoria, yes euphoria, we experienced while listening to so much of Eric's music. This message board was so therapeutic (maybe the wrong word) as we realized that so many others were experiencing the same thing. A tip of the hat to you Bernie!
  12. Norman Seeff

    Eric - just saw a 60 minute piece on photographer Norm Seeff. Do you recall whether he filmed your photo session for your first solo album? Thanks!
  13. And more importantly, Eric was part of the clue!
  14. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Happy Birthday Eric! Hope you had a great day.
  15. Promoting Raspberries

    Done - in spades! Owner very receptive, likes Raspberries and now a separate section dedicated to them with several LPs - one, a factory sealed Raspberries Best Featuring Eric Carmen. Next, I'm going to take the "joint in the woods" and Lennon t-shirt pictures to a professional who can retouch them for clarity, blow them up and then I'll try to get Wuxtry to put them in their window with other iconic acts. They will both be black and white and slightly crinkled.