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  1. Big Star vs. Raspberries

    "In The Streets" "I Know What I Want" I love slightly wrong song titles! My favourite one though was when my bassist Jim (many years ago) said that one of our songs sounded like that Rolling Stones song "I'm Not Satisfied". Hahaha! That made us laugh for years after!
  2. Let's Pretend: BCR

    The only thing I don't like about the Bay City Rollers version (and I LOVED them when I was little) is that the harmonies are wrong. You'd have thought with Jimmy Ienner producing that they'd at least have got that right. The descending "aa-aa-ahh" harmony goes to a Minor 7th on the 4th bar of the chorus (yes, I am a music geek) that on the Raspberries version, which you can hear very clearly on that video of them in the studio, when Shelly Yakus solos the vocal tracks. I LOVE that part! The Bay City Rollers version goes to the root note instead, which is a bit boring and safe. For the non-technical among you, hehe, it's the clever use of chords and harmonies that make lots of the Raspberries songs & recordings soooo great for me, and so the BCR version misses out by getting one of my favourite parts wrong. Speaking of bad covers of Raspberries songs, there's a cover of Ecstasy on youtube, by The Honeys, which was Marilyn Wilson's (Brian Wilson's wife) band in the 60s. They did an LP in 1983, and it had this cover on it. It's awful. They get loads of the chords wrong, change the structure completely, miss out the intro, squeeze the first two verses together, and make up a load of new lyrics!! Saying that, she does some great growly vocals on a few parts of it, but that doesn't save it. Maan, I don't understand why someone would choose to completely change such a perfect song as Ecstasy in the first place, but there you go.
  3. Dave Smalley has Clout!

    Well, I have the 7" single of Substitute, and I think it's great. So if that's one of their worst songs, then I'd love to hear their LPs! That song was covered by Gloria Gaynor, and it was originally the A-side to the "I Will Survive" single. The single was only flipped cos the b-side (I Will Survive) was getting so much play in the clubs.
  4. Microphones

    I'm not in the Raspberries, haha, but it's something I always swore I'd NEVER EVER DO! But, at one point about 2 years ago I was doing a lot of gigs as a drummer, singing lead vocals, so I made myself a headset mic (using an omni condensor capsule taped to a bent bit of coathanger), and it's fantastic. As Mike McBride has said when asked if he ever sang lead vocals whilst drumming (to paraphrase) "no, cos it's like being tied to a pole". With a mic on a stand it compromises BOTH your singing AND your drumming, and you have to modify both to some degree. With a headset mic you have completely free movement, which helped a LOT with my breathing, as my head and body wasn't having to be twisted sideways to sing anymore.
  5. Amplifier Geek Question For Eric

    Hey Mam I have a Valvetronix too, and although I haven't personally had that cutting-out problem, I have heard that it's due to the headphone socket on the back needing cleaning. Is it gets dirty it starts cutting out the speaker connection. Also, the speaker power selector switch gets dodgy very quickly, and also needs cleaning to avoid it cutting out. The problem with MY Valvetronix is that the left channel doesn't pass guitar audio. There is hiss from the speaker, so the power amp section works, but the guitar signal doesn't come through it. I only found out by accident in a recording session when the mic in front of the "broken" speaker sounded wierd and distant, and I realised it didn't work. The amp still sounds fantastic, and in my recording studio virtually every band that record there end up using it instead of their Marshalls or whatever. I've compared it directly to Vox AC30s and AC15s, and it does compare remarkably well.

    There are various free plugins that you can get for Firefox, if that happens to be the browser that you use, which can download files like that, and videos from sites like YouTube etc.. That's how I downloaded them, without spending any money. I'm sure there are probably similar plugins for other browsers too. ) Jason
  7. that was very interesting. Wrong lyrics, wrong chords at the end, and none of them were really moving or into it, but still I liked it! The harmonies were good. Are there any recordings of any of Eric's bands playing Small Faces songs? Cos I'm sure they'd have rocked out a LOT more than this, and Eric can wail like Marriot.
  8. Eric on the PA system

    My DJ pulled out of the gig that I put on earlier tonight. So, as well as doing the sound engineering, I DJd. I played That's Rock'n'Roll. First time I've got to hear that song over my PA system (6000 watts), and it sounded great! Also, I was wearing my Choir T-shirt, but had my Raspberries tshirt for incase I got to sweaty (too much info, hehe). The middle band (there were 3 bands) were a 3 piece with a singing pianist, and we had a conversation about Eric. He hadn't heard of the Raspberries, so I gave him a brief education and showed him all the LP sleeves.
  9. Haha, I'd read that bit on the board already, haha, oh well. I guess I'll have to wait for more news. The good thing is that it gives me a few weeks to sell a few things on Ebay to try and raise the money. :-)
  10. Aah, thanks Paulie! I already had the site open in another window, so I didn't click the link, not realising it went to anywhere other than the main page. Silly me. Thanks again.
  11. I checked it, but I can't find any info about the additional limited cd/dvd sets.. Where do I look? I've had a month of having to find rediculous amounts of money out of thin air (including an astronomical repair bill for one of the mixing consoles at my recording studio), so I just couldn't find the money to get one of the 300 sets. I'm still upset that I've missed out on the autographs. Oh well. I'm not even sure yet that I can find the money in time for one of these additional 100 sets, but fingers crossed.
  12. She Did It, stripped down

    Damn, I missed this too! Literally the only day I couldn't check the site in years, and this happens. I'm quite upset about it.
  13. Jim/Wally TV Appearance

    wow! cheers for that Bernie! It's so exciting, even though I'm in the UK, to see footage of my fave band on TV only this morning!
  14. 'berries madison square garden show

    It was actually Wally, who had his 4 track recorder setup in the first few rows of the audience, with Jimmy Ienner and Shelly Yakus ready to press record, if I remember rightly from the book.. He was told that he couldn't record cos he didn't have the appropriate permit, and he even offered to buy the permit, but yeah, as pointed out, they wouldn't let him buy the permit! Rediculous!
  15. The New Official Raspberries Website

    I hope I didn't come across as critical of the site by the way, cos it's a great site, and serves the current (& original) band brilliantly. I only really meant to point out that Scott and Mike couldn't really be compared to John (without meaning offence to John), and that fans would naturally be interested in that, but of course accepting completely that the new site is about the current lineup, understandably. That's the thing about forums I suppose; if you're gonna have a forum then you have to let us fans go on and on and on about the people we're fanatical about, which in the case of The Raspberries often means all 6 members from both lineups. Hopefully everyone's at least clear on the history facts though, hehe. Thanks again Eric for taking the time (which must often infuriate you) to deal with us. You're a very patient man.