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  1. Voice Lessons

    On the mechanics of vocal production, in case anyone is still interested -- the diaphragm is used only for breath control, to sustain a line or project the sound. The quality of the voice is determined by the quality of the resonance chambers, that is, the sinuses, the mouth cavity and the open throat. You can actually tell quite a lot about a singing voice from a speaking voice -- just add an 'ear' and musicality.
  2. Reaching Out

    Having lost more than one relative (including my beloved 101-year-old grandmother, last year) to a broken hip, I know how hard it is, and also know that replacement surgery is an excellent sign of your mother's health. And every week after surgery is another milestone. Record your memories of your uncle before they dim, and urge your mother to do the same -- those we have loved do truly live on through our celebration of their moment. Thoughts, prayers and best to you all. Your speaking about your uncle to strangers is a sure sign that he was remarkable and worth remembering.
  3. Raspberries in Los Angeles

    The only thing that could make it better would be seeing the video montage -- as an "EXTRA" on the DVD!
  4. Eric's Quote On VH1

    Reminds of a ridiculous program I tuned in as the menu description made it sound so intriguing. Called "UnMetal Moments." Absolutely hilarious, these supposed experts (including aging porn stars and the like) castigated monster ballads, Kip Winger (because he had been a professional dancer before his various groups), any band that came from Europe, Nelson (their father had been a teen idol -very unmetal- and they were notoriously drug-free -most unmetal) . . . you see the point.
  5. Raspberries in Los Angeles

    I remember feeling like the Rose Queen -- no amount of parade horse droppings (the weather, the video, the body slamming idiot, the feedback, etc.) could tug at the corners of my smile. If you'd asked me that night, I'd have told you I'd be smiling for the rest of my life. I feel it now.
  6. Writing/Performing

    I remember an impressive record of co-authorship of songs in the 'Berries and beyond, and only ever remember hearing of the pleasures of these shared creative experiences from the parties involved. So what's with the petty voyeurism? What happens within a marriage or any other partnership is something only the partners really know. And it really isn't anyone else's business. Besides, I doubt that any of these particular folks have shared their most intimate relationship details with someone of the vast sensitivity and understanding of TC.
  7. "Surfer Girl"

    Nothing failed about it, Marv -- I knew exactly what you meant, and started humming along.
  8. Harmony-Laden Songs

    Glad Eric mentioned Simon and Garfunkel and that someone finally offered the Everlys.
  9. The "News Media Bias'" Present Again

    I guess we don't see the same network news, because, except for their smiles on election night, I'm always horrified at how slantedly conservative it is. And please tell me, how are smiles slanted? How is joy slanted? Were Cronkite's tears after announcing JFK's assassination slanted? Just a little question for you Paulie: how could the Republicans possibly announce a cure for cancer when their idea of science is Genesis?
  10. I´M VERY HAPPY TODAY!!!!!!!!

    As a proud MoveOn volunteer (logged 40 hours just this month!), I say thee Yea! Nancy Pelosi, and Yea, Carmen and Cozmik! It's great to be alive today!
  11. Bush's New Motto for Iraq

    Thank you, Carmen, from a proud Californian!
  12. "..I'm not in it for the money..

    Marvin and Raspberrywine have managed to sum up the current music situation so concisely and accurately -- get together and write an op-ed or open letter or something, send it to Billboard, Rolling Stone, anyone who will listen.
  13. "..I'm not in it for the money..

    Amen to that!
  14. Membership Ratings

    Please don't see this as a criticism, suggestion or anything other than a plea from the heart -- How does one rid oneself of the dreaded epithet "Junior Member?" I just turned 50, so it can't possibly be in reference to my age.
  15. Picture this at Severance Hall.....

    He didn't "lift" the verse. I don't suppose it occurred to you that he wrote music himself.