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  1. Happy Birthday, Bernie!!!!!

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for this site!
  2. Tom Petty dies at 66

    So sad to see another rock icon passing...
  3. Pop Art Live: Reviews

    Thanks for posting these. It's nice to see The Raspberries receive such positive (and well deserved) reviews!
  4. J Geils Died

    Sad... R.I.P.
  5. Al Jarreau dies

    By all accounts he was a really nice guy, and his voice was a beautiful instrument.
  6. Sonny Geraci dies

  7. John Wetton (Asia) dies

    Another talent lost -- sad!
  8. Butch Trucks - R.I.P.

    A talented guy! Sad...
  9. Greg Lake R.I.P.

    Greg Lake, singer, bass player, guitarist, writer for ELP passed this week - 69 years old (cancer).
  10. Classic Tracks: “All By Myself”

    Interesting to hear the details behind that recording -- a great read!
  11. State of the Website

    Thanks for all the hard work. I've really enjoyed this site and continue to share with my old friends from Cleveland.
  12. State of the Website

    What a very nice tribute!
  13. Sounds Of Silence

    If I recall, Mr. McManus (as we knew him back in the early '70s) taught for at least one year at Chanel H.S. before heading to the Navy.
  14. Michael McBride

    As frontman for Target, he was the only vocalist I ever heard cover Long John Baldry's "Don't try to lay no boogie woogie on the king of rock and roll" -- and he really knocked it out of the park!