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  1. Ginger Baker dies

    Sad... He was an iconic drummer.
  2. Happy Father's Day

    Yes, thanks!
  3. Thank You Santa Bernie!!!

    Yes. Thanks, Bernie!
  4. The End Of An Era

    Thank you, Bernie!
  5. Geoff Emerick dies at 72

    Sad. He contributed to some great recordings of so many timeless songs.
  6. Burt Reynolds died

    Sad... I thought his movie,"The End", with Dom DeLuise was one of the funniest movies of the 1970s.
  7. John McCain dies

    John McCain had integrity. He treated people with respect, regardless of party or point of view. He understood and demonstrated the principles of public service! He will be missed.
  8. Top Down Summer (2018)

    Both tunes sound GREAT! Thanks!!!
  9. John Miles does ABM

    A REALLY nice cover! Thanks for posting.
  10. Eric autographed "Starting Over"

    Such a great album -- and so sad it never had the commercial success that was deserved!
  11. Happy Birthday, Bernie!!!!!

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for this site!
  12. Tom Petty dies at 66

    So sad to see another rock icon passing...