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  1. Cyrus Erie Song

    OKAY, I certainly do not want any controversy but, Eric did mention this song so here it is.
  2. Cyrus Erie Song

    Eric, Thank you for responding to my message. It was NEVER my intention to dredge up bad memories however, no matter how anyone blew a good thing by altering your original intention for a nice song your words and talent rise above the bad arraingment by the money hungry producers of the past. Memories are something that never fade. I saw your show in Cleveland in December and by far it was the best show that I ever saw. If I have offended you I am very sorry however, Cyrus Erie was my past and my memories that I will always cherish. I moved from Cleveland prior to the Raspberries however, you were the guiding factor in my musical taste. Thank you for the memories past and present. I sincerely hope you are not done for I look forward to establishing more memories with any new more material you may provide. You have a God given talent, please let us all share it!!!
  3. Cyrus Erie Song

    Haven't heard this one for a long time. For those of you who have never heard it, take a listen...It's a pretty good song.
  4. RaspberriesOnline Store?

    Has anyone ordered anything from the raspberriesonline store? I would like to get a concert poster and was wondering if they follow through on the orders etc.
  5. Priceless

    One Round trip ticket Phoenix to Cleveland: $310 Two days at hotel: $180 Two days rental car: $54 Raspberries Live at the State Theater: PRICELESS!!! What can I say other than WOW!!! I have never seen a better show than I did on Friday evening and I have seen a lot of shows in the Theater District in the past (Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Who, The Beach Boys, etc.). A big thanks to everyone involved in the production of this show!!! Also a big thanks to the crowd who made this event even more memorable with their enthusiasm.
  6. 2 Tickets For Sales

    Are these tickets still available???
  7. My Dad

    Thank you all for your kind messanges. You are all very good people...I don't know what else to say other than you are in my thoughts.
  8. My Dad

    Thank you Kathy, your message meant a lot to me
  9. My Dad

    On May 4th my dad passed away at the age of 81. A month prior to his passing, I had the honor of having him stay with me at my house in Phoenix Arizona for three weeks. One night we were talking about the old times in Cleveland (we were both raised in Cleveland). I put the Raspberries GATW video on and said "Dad...this was a Cleveland band. He watched this and said what a good song and band they were. A very good memory for the best man I ever met in my life. Thanks for listening
  10. Happy Birthday Eric!

    Here I am in Phoenix, Arizona. The local paper, The Arizona Republic, always has a small section where they announce celebrity birthdays. Well, there it was today "Eric Carmen, Singer, 57".
  11. Let's Pretend

    I got the DVD on EBAY a while age. It features the Raspberries durung the 70's.
  12. Let's Pretend

    Thank you for the kind words Kathy Lee. You are correct in your assessment of his lyrics.
  13. Let's Pretend

    Hello everyone. I have only posted once or twice but I think this is interesting. I was involved in a relationship recently and awhile ago it went south. Well as luck would have it I got a second chance at this relationship. During the separation, I watched a DVD of the Raspberries (I think that most of you probabaly have this) and I watched the recording of "Let's Pretend". Well...plagarism being what it is, I emailed her and said "If I had a chance to make one wish and know it would come true, I'd start all over with you". Well that put it over the top and we are both very happy today. Thanks Eric and thank you all for listening.
  14. Hi All

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. I knew it was not a mistake to post here. To Raspberries4ever. Do you remember Cyrus Erie's cover of "Please Mr. Postman". I still cannot hear that song without thinking of that band. Again, thank you all for the welcome. I will post more memories in the future.
  15. Hi All

    I have been a frequent visitor to this board however, this is my first post. So here it goes. First of all, I must say that I am proud of the fact that I was born and raised in the Cleveland area and graduated high school in 1970 (Shaker Heights) but I did graduate one year too late. Now I know there are some of you (or maybe not) that would assume that "69" was a better year. In fact is was. My older brother graduated in that year and had the pleasure of having Cyrus Erie play at their graduation. Choir was a great band but Cyrus Erie was the best. I distinctly remember when Michael McBride would take over lead singing duties to cover a variety of Rolling Stones songs. The first time I saw this (I believe it was at the Agora)I wondered who would play the drums. Eric Carmen slid behind the drum kit and rocked. After seeing Eric play the guitar and piano, I thought there was no way he could drum however he proved me wrong. I became a totally committed fan after that and followed his progress. Anyway Eric, thanks for all the great memories. Stan Arthur (a frequent poster on the Berries board) was gracious enough to send me a copy of the VH-1 Classic "Hanging With The Raspberries". Time has not dulled the excellence of these musicians but rather enhanced it. Enough for now. I hope to share more memories with you folks in the future. Thanks for listening