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  1. Can I get a witness?

    Whew! I had to stop 2 paragraphs in...not much of a reader, unless of course my favorite writer is being inspired. Skittles!!!
  2. Just here to be all nostalgic for a bit

  3. Hamburger And Hot Dog Rolls

    Expiration dates LOL
  4. I'm exhausted after reading pat and paulie's posts. time for a nap laterz
  5. Raspberries Fantasy Football

    Am I too late to do this? I really love watching y'all do this for years. I'm out of the closet and ready to rock and roll!
  6. Dave Smalley To Appear On...

    OH em gee! Blackhawk Pat...we made friends on myspace one time. LOL I remember you Mr.
  7. Happy Birthday Eric!

    Better late than never right? Love your music Eric and your shampoo set...eh,,,not so much.
  8. Oh my...list them in order of preference and then give a longwinded blowhard speech about why I put each one where and whatnot? mmmmmmmK
  9. 1,000,000th Hit on EricCarmen.com

    It truly is incredible for a site like this to survive and even thrive. I've enjoyed lurking around all these years
  10. Beware of Your Avatar!

    Mine has served me well over the years.
  11. Facebook & Twitter!

    Technology ain't it grand!
  12. Posts Against the Current

    Well it's certainly not like the good ol days lol
  13. *Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 ~ Oldies & Novelties*

    Miss Sugar Babi? Tell me again how they get the bubbles in there?
  14. *Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 ~ Oldies & Novelties*

    Perhaps I can bring my appreciation of music or the fine arts to everything I encounter today.
  15. *Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 ~ Oldies & Novelties*

    Oh my goodness, so many new people and so much has happened! It's nice to meet you too Miss HT from Mo. Miss Sugar? I'm really too nervous to see Mr. James Sir...*wandering towards the Wurlitzer*