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  1. Tour?

    I am trying to hold some vacation days open waiting to hear WHERE and WHEN Eric will perform!
  2. From Kay Bryson's Facebook Page

    Y'know, I'm sitting here reading this thread and THIS line jumps out at me... Because for whatever reason, Wally does not come on line and let's his wife do his talking... I know in times past, when or if I have perceived a loved one being slighted or insulted, I am way the hell more over-the-top in my anger than if I feel the same insult directed directly at me... Because she was not actually there, she is writing from a third-person rather than a first-person perspective, and a distortion in Wally's perspective in how things went down can only be magnified and further distorted when a person who is "taking sides" jump into or starts a fracas... I have, as a fan, always wished Raspberries had stuck together longer... but I'm glad for the years and albums we have from Eric as a solo artist as well. Could we have had those had Wally and Eric saw eye-to-eye forever? Maybe... but less likely. I've tried, as a fan of both Eric AND the band, to not take sides. I was happy to see both the new CD from Eric AND a cover story about Raspberries... I wish perhaps Wally might have been portrayed as more positive; and as a former journalism major I know that writers often can slant a story the way they wish. I'd really like to listen to the unedited transcripts of the interview. LOL Of course, who knows, maybe the scribe made Wally MORE positive than he was... OK, I guess I'm more or less rambling now... but after I missed the Raspberries reunions while caring for my Dad, I made a bucket-list item out of seeing the band live.. I guess the good new is that it looks like I'll have to live forever...
  3. I Read Eric's...

    The article at H Post was fantastic! Hope it gets lots of hits and inspires readers to buy the new "Essentials"... spanning your hits and inspiring you to make more!
  4. Autographed "Brand New Year" Contest!

    Looks like we're torn... we all want the best chance to win... but we all want to help Eric, so... I'll be sharing on my Facebook page... LOL
  5. "Brand New Year" Free Download

    We have a pair of stations locally that focus on '80's music and I have shared the link (http://ultimateclassicrock.com/eric-carmen-new-song/) on both of their Facebook pages. Hopefully all of us have or will do the same. Any help we can give in getting this recording airplay can only help improve the chances that Eric will be inspired to, perhaps, record a full album of new memories!
  6. Meri Kirihimete!

    Merry Christmas... all y'all...
  7. Finally…..A job !

    Very happy to hear your good fortune! Merry Christmas!
  8. "Brand New Year" Free Download

    Wonderful! What an incredible holiday gift!
  9. The Essential Eric Carmen

    While we anxiously await the release, it occurs to me that perhaps... just perhaps two things are possible. One is that Eric... re-entering the recording studio for the first time since when?... finds himself bitten by the bug again. As he has stated before, it was always more about creating the music than the travel... Creation is a very addictive event... One song could theoretically lead to a dozen... and that would be a whole new album! Second, the irony of Eric worrying if he could still write something relevant... from the guy who wrote the perfect example of aging (I Can Remember) while still wet behind the years, why now, older and far wiser can he not recapture the spirit of what it means to be young? If anybody can do it, I have no doubt he is the man who can. Maybe he'll re-catch the fever that's rock and roll.
  10. Happy Birthday, Dianed! (11/17)

    Don't get here like I used to, but am thrilled I got to wish Diane a wonderful birthday!
  11. Happy Birthday Eric!

    It's that time off year again... when we get to wish the happiest of birthday's to this site's namesake... the man who's music has meant so much to so many... and brought us together here.... Eric, hope you have a wonderful birthday!
  12. Dave Smalley To Appear On...

    Thanks for that heads' up...
  13. Happy Birthday, Chris Hess ! *june 22*

    Have a happy birthday buddy.
  14. Hamburger And Hot Dog Rolls

    Speaking of out-of-date products... I wonder sometimes why I gag at the thought of milk or meat or bread a day or three past it's date... but will pop an allergy pill four months out of date without batting an eye?
  15. In Hindsight: Raspberries' Side 3 (1973)

    Like many of you, I think this is/was the album where Raspberries really came into their own. It is a rock-tragedy that this lineup did not proceed further to find out if they might have had the longevity and success of an Eagles or a Rolling Stones. I had gotten hooked on the band mostly due to their radio hits and had not gotten my first Berries LP until shortly before Side 3 came out. It would not be until after I got Starting Over that I was able to go back and fill in with Side 3 and of course the first album. Listening to the albums it became clear that something was different in Side 3. Part of that is likely the friction that was going on at the time. Success had not found them as it likely should have and this album was in a sense them shaking themselves of the "Beatle-esque" image and also recognizing that their "forte" was the power-pop that they are now recognized as "grandfathers" of... I never fully got why Tonight failed as a single... it was and is a great song. It still plays well after more years than I care to remember. LOL To the point though; how do I rank the songs.It's a tough call, there are some I can listen to over and over and others that I listen to less often. For as much as I was puzzled by the failure of Tonight, I only rank it 5th because... on vinyl I would listen to Side 2 of Side 3 (side 5?) over and over and over... My List: 1. Ecstasy - As many have thought, it would have been the logical follow up to Tonight... if Tonight had been a hit. There was little wonder why Capitol chose to go with a different tune for the follow up. It's sad that they didn't take that chance to give Dave his first single... I think Should I Wait would have had the kind of success that the Eagles did with Lyin' Eyes and for that reason... 2. Should I Wait - Dave's best work for the band and still one off my favorite songs to sing along to. I liked Dave's earlier stuff, don't get me wrong. Rock & Roll Mama is one of my favorite tracks off the first album and he and Eric penned a gem in "Drivin' Around"... (Still think the Tampa Bay Rays should adopt "Long hot days, we'll be catchin' the Rays...") But I digress... Should I Wait might have even been a rare "crossover" hit, I still wonder today why some up and coming country singer hasn't dusted it off... 3. Money Down - I guess I'm a sucker for attitude, and Wally hit a home run with this one. I can never forget back in the early '80's... a good friend of mine owned a used record store next to my book store and we'd often spend time at each others place when no customers werer around... one day Mike, who knew I was a huge 'Berries fan pulled Side 3 off the shelf and played Money Down. The customers in his store stopped what they were doing and turned to him... "Who is THAT?" one of the asked. He smiled and motioned to me... When I told them it was Raspberries the guy could not believe it... "If I knew they played like that..." How often do we hear that when we introduce fans to the band? 4. I'm A Rocker - I learned to like this song. First time I heard it I was not impressed but the more I played it the more I liked it. And then... when the band performed it for the Live On Sunset Strip CD... I realized just how great a song it was. I'm not sure that the music fans at the time got past the name Raspberries... or their initial albums, but if I were to play one side of one album to convince someone of the quality of the band, it would be these four songs en masse. 5. Tonight - Just a great "power-pop" song... great beat, wanton lyrics... good all the way around. It captured the feel of the bands previous big hits without sounding like a copy... at least to me... Please tell me why it never cracked the Top 10? 6. Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak - Another solid piece of work from Dave, it's one that I'd love to have heard live. The fadeout at the end seemed like it could have been expanded to show off some of the guys musicianship in a live show. I would have liked to seen what Dave might have brought to the table for a fourth album... (Sort of ironic since my favorite Raspberries album IS Starting Over... ) 7. On The Beach - I never loved this song but I never hated it. As a youngster I thought the sound of the gulls was just weird (and I'm from Daytona Beach originally, so I know about gulls in the background... LOL) I think maybe the idea of "I want to "woo" you..." might have rung better if Eric had been honest... "I want to f*ck you tonight on the beach..." (Yeah, I know... you can't say f*ck... but then he did for Starting Over just a year later! ) 8. Makin' It Easy - Dave sort of told it like it was with that song I'd think. I can imagine the bevvy of beauties who would line up to get a shot at spending a night with one off the band... and then taking a shot at "hooking" him... Good song, still in the A- range... and now for my only grade below that.. 9. Last Dance - Not sure why, but this is my least favorite song from the album... B-/C+ in relation to music in general... Maybe it was that Money Down scored so high and I like "badass Wally" so much better... Wally's romantic songs just never grab me but this one (and Party's Over from Starting Over... AND "Golden Rule" from the Sittin' Ducks CD) leap out at me... THAT"s the Wally I want writing and performing... THAT's the Wally I'd pay to hear... Even the appearance on that Bill Bixby special couldn't save this song for me... All in all though, Side 3 was a great album. Underappreciatd even by Raspberries fans and doubly so by the general public...