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  1. *Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 ~ Oldies & Novelties*

    Maybe Baby! 21. Days of Wine and Roses, Song 22. Days of Wine and Roses, Movie 23. Eight Days a Week 24. It Takes Two, Song 25. It Takes Two, Movie 26. Tea for Two, Song 27. Tea for Two, Movie 28. Three on a Match 29. Around the World (in 80 Days) Song 30. Around the World (in 80 Days) Movie
  2. *Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 ~ Oldies & Novelties*

    11. See You in September 12. Wildwood Days 13. Five O'Clock World 14. Manic Monday 15. Blue Monday 16. If It's Tuesday It Must Be Belgium 17. Three Coins In A Fountain 18. Ash Wednesday 19. Any Wednesday 20. Sunday in New York
  3. *Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 ~ Oldies & Novelties*

    1. Midnight at the Oasis 2. Rock Around the Clock 3. Monday, Monday 4. Rainy Days and Mondays 5. Tuesday Weld 6. Wednesday from the Addams Family 7. 1999 8. 1812 Overature 9. Saturday Night Fever 10. Ten Little Indians Bessie, you lovely lady, don't you be listening to that evil redhead about spending my buddy Keith's hard earned cash. Kitten, you need to stop trying to corrupt these beautiful ladies and stop picking on these hard working gentlemen who do nothing but try to make life easier for you and all the other ladies here.
  4. *Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 ~ Oldies & Novelties*

    No worries guys, just wait til she tries to use that bogus credit card.
  5. *Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 ~ Oldies & Novelties*

    Aha, I've posted this message twice before. Let's see if it makes it through this time, or if evil forces are still at work. Did I hear someone mention Party? New Year Party? Is that where all the lovliest ladies on the board dress up in some amazing clothes and entice us all evening? Sugar, you cannot take down the mistletoe before the party, I think that must be illegal, right guys? Oh and Muzza, Keith said that Sugar was planning on raiding your stashes here, so guess what I'm bringing with me? Let me give you a hint. It comes in silver and some other cool colors and designs and is extremely sticky and is excellent for keeping track of out of control Soda Shoppe owners. I understand that Kiwi has been fundamental in releasing her of late. Ah, sweet Kiwi, we must dance.....we must chat.....we must sit and have a lovely cup of tea. I think over there in the back corner table would be nice....away from the crowds as it were. But first my men and I must TALK. Lots of lovely ladies here since I last made an appearance, we may need extra supplies. Keith, Muzza, let us sojourne into the night for some strategy. Drinks and dinner are on me. Drew
  6. *Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 ~ Oldies & Novelties*

    Where's the redhead? Service......I demand service! How are you suppose to get something to eat and drink here if no one is around to wait on you? Where's that cute blond waitress, Blu? Kiwi, how nice to meet you finally. Have you seen Sugar? I'm so pleased that you've signed up to be my first student here in the Soda Shoppe. I'm looking forward to our first lesson. Now I must run as I have another student who awaits, but I'll try to get back in later.
  7. *Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 ~ Oldies & Novelties*

    Hey Mark, how's it going? Alright, let's see what we got here. 1. "Plan 9 From Outer Space" 2. "Rocky Horror" 3. "Grease II" (I know, but it still sucked) 4. "Extreme Makeover" 5. "Platoon" (Too much foul language)
  8. *Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 ~ Oldies & Novelties*

    As a matter of fact I do, so I'll be back later. Better get used to having me around a lot babe, I plan on being a regular here. I might even decide to give some dance lessons to any of the willing ladies that would like them. Free of charge of course. Dancing with so many lovely ladies will be payment enough. Of course, if you want a sping around the floor, it's gonna cost you big time. I'll be back and catch you later (I'll wear my haz-mat suit, just for you.)
  9. *Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 ~ Oldies & Novelties*

    Hey Mark, buddy, is she always this cranky around here? I remember when she used to be a lovely, sweet-tempered little thing. I think she was three at the time.
  10. *Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 ~ Oldies & Novelties*

    Now I remember what I've missed about you not being here for so long........NOTHING!!!
  11. *Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 ~ Oldies & Novelties*

    Sounds to me like they saved his life, not to mention his feet by spiriting him out of your clutches.
  12. *Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 ~ Oldies & Novelties*

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall asking YOU to dance with ME! I've danced with you before don't forget, and my feet still haven't healed.
  13. *Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 ~ Oldies & Novelties*

    I'm not touching that one with a ten foot dance pole. LOL So how come no one else seemed to lose their dates? Hmmm?
  14. *Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 ~ Oldies & Novelties*

    Don't start with me! I've been busy working. So what have you been up to besides losing your Prom date?
  15. *Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 ~ Oldies & Novelties*

    Where are all the fine ladies? I want to dance and for that I need a lovely lady.